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Anyone having trouble with the season pass? just payed £11.99 for it and its not downloading, i tried a different season pass like borderlands 2 and it went to the download screen which it said 100kb, but for this does not do any think, :(

it works with a license,so it doesnt need to 'download' a season pass.just download all the seperate dlc for free now


will that season pass add more levels and trophies or is it just characters?

trophies have been added for the dlc

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I know this is a super ancient thread but I just got 100% on the ps3 version and I had a question that a google search didn't resolve for me. If I purchase the ps4 version of this game will the ps3 season pass grant me access to the dlc on the ps4 version as well? That's how the dlc for LittleBigPlanet 3 worked but that game may have been an exception.

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