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Error in a 100% Club


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I've noticed there's currently an error with CoD: AW PS4 100% Club, and by extension the person currently in first place on it. https://psnprofiles.com/100-club/3078-Call-of-Duty-Advanced-Warfare


If you check the trophy list of the person that is currently shown with the fastest completion time in it, the site is actually not showing they have earned a fair few of the trophies for some reason, as well as saying that their platinum doesn't actually have a timestamp associated with it, which for some reason gives a platinum time of under 6 hours. But, if you look at their profile on one of the other trophy sites it shows proper time stamps for all the trophies as well as a completion time of about a week. 


Now, the reason I brought this up in a thread as opposed to reporting it is because I don't believe this is an attempt at cheating, but rather an error in the site database or recognition of the person's timestamps. To me it looks somewhat similar to the issue where trophies show as hidden on here after updating even if they aren't, though that is normally fixed by updating again after earning more trophies this person has earned more since the last trophy on AW but it hasn't fixed the trophy issue. 


Just wanted to bring this to attention and inquire about the possibility of it being fixed, for obvious reasons. ;)

Edit: Noticed that it is now fixed. Thanks for that (if it was someone on here that fixed it) and this thread can be closed if it is not needed now.

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