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What are your Personal Top 12 Games from NA's IGC line-up, for the entire Year of 2014?


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1 Very Important thing needs to be Said:

"Do not!"...I Repeat "Do not! Flood this thread with the usual IGC Posts we are more then Familiar with Seeing Monthly, Stick to the Topic @ Hand"...."Thank you!!".


Anyway I wanted to make A Thread Reflecting on the games/titles inducted in the North American Instant Game Collection for us(NA/Anyone I guess) PS Plus Subscribers this entire 2014 year, and since we are about to learn the final(December) Line-up of the year later...I decided to Open this thread where each of us can share our "top 12 IGC Games" List.


How you construct/order your list is entirely up to you, but 2 key things play a factor here:

  1. It can be a game you Really enjoyed Playing.
  2. It can be a game you are Really glad getting.


I quite Honestly Am going to Edit in My own list tomorrow here, when I learn the Final 4 titles; so like wise "Don't feel like you have to submit/post a complete list right now, You can easily always return to edit @ anytime desired".


Why 12, you might ask? Well because there are 12 months in 1 year, and I'm sure you can Make A List of 12 titles from the 70 inducted to the IGC this Year.


So to reflect/remind you on this IGC Year, I'm going to post all the Games We've received this entire Year below in the inducted Order Starting From January.



01. DmC: Devil May Cry(PS3) January 7, 2014
02. Don't Starve(PS4) January 7, 2014
03. BioShock Infinite(PS3) January 14, 2014
04. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons(PS3January 21, 2014
05. Smart As...(Vita) January 28, 2014
06. Metro: Last Light(PS3) February 4, 2014
07. Outlast(PS4) February 4, 2014
08. Payday 2(PS3) February 11, 2014
09. Remember Me(PS3) February 18, 2014
10. Street Fighter X Tekken(Vita) February 18, 2014
11. ModNation Racers: Road Trip(Vita) February 25, 2014
12. Tomb Raider(PS3) March 4, 2014
13. Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition(PS4) March 4, 2014
14. Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut(PS3 & Vita cross-buy) March 13, 2014
15. Thomas Was Alone(PS3 & Vita cross-buy) March 18, 2014
16. Unit 13(Vita) March 18, 2014
17. Batman: Arkham City (PS3) April 1, 2014
18. Mercenary Kings(PS4) April 1, 2014
19. Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark(PS3 & Vita cross-buy) April 8, 2014
20. Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse(PS3) April 15, 2014
21. PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD(Vita) April 22, 2014
22. Velocity Ultra(Vita) April 29, 2014
23. Pro Evolution Soccer 2014(PS3) May 6, 2014
24. Stick It to the Man!(PS4) May 6, 2014
25. Skullgirls: Encore(PS3) May 13, 2014
26. Puppeteer(PS3) May 20, 2014
27. Surge Deluxe(Vita) May 20, 2014
28. Limbo(Vita) May 27, 2014
29. NBA 2K14(PS3) June 3, 2014
30. PixelJunk Shooter: Ultimate (PS4 & Vita cross-buy) June 3, 2014
31. Trine 2: Complete Story(PS4) June 3, 2014
32. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time(PS3 & Vita cross-buy) June 10, 2014
33. Terraria(Vita) June 17, 2014
34. Mutant Mudds Deluxe(PS3 & Vita cross-buy) June 24, 2014
35. Dead Space 3(PS3) July 1, 2014
36. Muramasa Rebirth(Vita) July 1, 2014
37. Doki-Doki Universe (PS3, 4, and Vita cross-buy) July 1, 2014
38. Strider(PS4) July 1, 2014
39. TowerFall: Ascension(PS4) July 1, 2014
40. Vessel(PS3) July 1, 2014
41. Crysis 3(PS3) August 5, 2014
42. Metrico(Vita) August 5, 2014
43. Dragon's Crown(PS3 & Vita cross-buy) August 5, 2014
44. Fez(PS3, 4, and Vita cross-buy) August 5, 2014
45. Road Not Taken(PS4) August 5, 2014
46. Proteus(PS3 & Vita cross-buy) August 5, 2014
47. Hoard(PS3) September 2, 2014
48. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale(PS3 & Vita cross-buy) September 2, 2014
49. Joe Danger(Vita) September 2, 2014
50. Sportsfriends(PS3 & PS4 cross-buy) September 2, 2014
51. Velocity 2X(PS4 & Vita cross-buy) September 2, 2014
52. TxK(Vita) September 2, 2014
53. Batman: Arkham Asylum(PS3) October 7, 2014
54. Dust: An Elysian Tail(PS4) October 7, 2014
55. Pix the Cat(PS4 & Vita cross-buy) October 7, 2014
56. Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara(PS3) October 7, 2014
57. Rainbow Moon(PS3 & Vita cross-buy) October 7, 2014
58. Spelunky(PS3, 4, and Vita cross-buy) October 7, 2014
59. Escape Plan(PS4 & Vita cross-buy) November 4, 2014
60. SteamWorld Dig(PS4 & Vita cross-buy) November 4, 2014
61. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth(PS4 & Vita cross-buy) November 4, 2014
62. Frozen Synapse Prime(PS3) November 4, 2014
63. Luftrausers (PS3 & Vita cross-buy) November 4, 2014
63. The Hungry Horde(Vita) November 4, 2014
65. Injustice: Gods Among Us – Ultimate Edition(PS4) December 2, 2014
66. Secret Ponchos(PS4) December 2, 2014
67. Hitman HD Trilogy(PS3) December 2, 2014
68. Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut(PS3December 2, 2014
69.  Final Horizon(VitaDecember 2, 2014
70. Titan Attacks!(VitaDecember 2, 2014


My Top 12

Note: For My List I've only added the games I got through IGC, since a lot of these titles "I've already purchased through Sales or Release, and I'm not including them".


1. Skullgirls: Encore

Really Loved this game, the mechanics were very simple to learn. It's Honestly the only IGC title I've felt pretty bad getting for free.

2. Strider
This is a game I really wanted to get, but because its "a Title I wanted to experience @ its best"; choose to hold the purchase till i got a PS4. Except much to my fortune, It was added to the IGC this year. "This is honestly 1 of the titles I can't wait to try on the PS4".
3. Dragon's Crown
This is a game I really started getting into, once I understood the Dungeon Crawler mechanics. I spend so much time on it leveling up 3 of my Favorite characters(The Fighter, Elf, and Sorceress), that I even went to a Gaming Session to help others for a chance to keep playing it after I got a lot of the Trophies that Needed an online Party(I did all the Difficulty Ancient Dragon & Tower required Trophies by myself before doing this).
4. Dust: An Elysian Tail
I was heavily interested in this game once I first saw it.
It showed me impressive mechanics, and from what I've heard has a nice story(Another title I can't wait to try for PS4).
5. Remember Me
I've heard many great things from this game, so I'm looking forward to trying it when my "games to play Next" opens up.
6. Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse
This is a very Short & simple(yet creative) remake IMO.
It was very fun to play, that I decided to try a Speed Run(%100 Trophies) for my main account(This Account).
Even while I was practicing for my run, I didn't find it so frustrating @ all; since the gameplay was pretty well organized. 
7. Muramasa Rebirth
Wasn't so interested in this game @ First, but once I Played Dragon's Crown & Heard people's thoughts of this game..."I decided to get the Title". 
So I look forward to trying this game out, when I have A Vita & money to buy it's DLC.
8. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
Never played the Sly games when they were being released in the PS2, but it was this game that made me purchase the Sly Collection after I Completed it.
I found the game very interesting in both Mechanics & Story.
I liked playing Sly's ancestors(offering their exclusive abilities), while getting into all the characters' personalities.
I liked how they showcased each of the 3 main characters' worth, even giving them all their own story villain during the final Episodes.
9. Hitman HD Trilogy
Never played A Hitman game, but getting this Collection feels like a good starting point for the Series.
10. Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara
I got a huge Dragon's Crown Thought vibe playing this game, that I even wondered if Dragon's Crown was the sequel to this game.
Once I learned how each character played found it simple to get by.
11. Vessel
Once I understood the game's Puzzle mechanics(Such as how each form or liquid & Seed Works) found the game really easy & Creative(except it still has shitty Ladder mechanics that were my only Frustrations, due to me speed running the game only to get screwed over for 15 min straight "off him not hanging on to the ladders when i jump to the next 1")
12. Rainbow Moon
Wasn't interested in this game since i first saw how much DLC it had(Making me wonder if it was one of those "you need DLC to keep playing the Game" kind of title)...then saw how people reacted to it being on the IGC, and made me re-think it a bit.

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I think I downloaded more than 12 games but I haven't gotten the chance to play all of them. 


1. BioShock Infinite 

I disliked it at first but now it has become one of my favorite games from PS Plus. 


2. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (Sly 4)

This game got me into the Sly games. 


3. Dragon's Crown

Great RPG and definitely had a ton of fun with it.


4. Limbo 

Not quite the game I thought it would be. I love the art style of this game and the puzzles are interesting. 


5. Payday 2

Nice co-op game and fun to play with friends. 


6. Unit 13

A decent PS Vita game. 


7. DmC Devil May Cry

I didn't enjoy this one as much I would liked to. 

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1- BioShock Infinite

2- DmC: Devil May Cry

3- Tomb Raider

4- Thomas Was Alone

5- Batman: Arkham City

6- Street Fighter X Tekken

7- Limbo

8- Strider

9- Fez

10- Dragon's Crown

11- Spelunky

12- PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale


With the exception of the first 4 games, I preferred last year's library.

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1. Bioshock Infinite - I had already played it on PC, but I never went for the achievements. So, playing it again while going for the trophies made the game a bit more interesting. Especially playing it on 1999 Mode.


2. Remember Me - When they first started advertising this game, and then when the demo featured an out of context scene where you force someone into suicide, I was pretty against it. Once it came up on PS+ though, I thought I should give it a fair shot. I'm glad I did, because the advertising made the game out to be something it wasn't. I actually ended up really enjoying it.


3. Skullgirls: Encore - This is another game I already had on PC, but never went for the achievements. I absolutely love this game though, and playing it for the trophies was great.


4. Castle of Illusion - Another game I had on Pc that I played again for the trophies, because it's that fun. Unfortunately, I lost my file when my old PS3 died, because it hadn't been uploaded to the cloud yet, so I was never able to get 100%.

5 Dragon's Crown - I got this game on Vita at launch, and was never able to get into it. Then it came to PS+, and I was able to give it a shot on PS3. The larger screen and PS3 controller made an enormous difference. I ended up finishing the plat on the PS3 version.



That's it for my list though. Many of the games I would have liked, I already owned (Arkham games, Muramasa, PSASBR, Tomb Raider, SFxT), so there just wasn't much for me this year. I played more than on this list though, because I generally like to give games a chance, and I still think that it was a good idea to have PS+, but these are the only ones I can say I really enjoyed.

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From them I'd say only


  • Tomb Raider
  • Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse
  • Skullgirls: Encore
  • Muramasa Rebirth
  • Strider
  • Dragon's Crown
  • Dust: An Elysian Tail


And of those listed above the only title PS+ actually provided me with due to me having already purchased the rest was Dust: An Elysian Tail the problem is there hasn't been anything much on PS+ that has interested me or if it has I usually already own it.

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1. Velocity 2X- The sequel to my favorite shmup and indie game. The fast paced gameplay returned in this game and they even added platforming sections. I enjoyed every minute of this game doods


2. Velocity Ultra- As I mentioned above my favorite shmup and indie game. I loved the fast paced gameplay and the challenge of getting Perfect medals on all 50 levels doods


3. Muramasa Rebirth- Played the original on Wii a few years back and loved it so I was excited when it not only was ported to the Vita but was put on the IGC. I thought this game was perfect on the vita and I enjoyed it even more than I did before


4. Surge Deluxe- This was developed by the same company that developed the Velocity series so I had to give this a try and I was not disappointed. Just as fast paced as the Velocity games and it was very addictive


5.Dragon's Crown- Bought this game at launch for the Vita but didn't actually go for the plat until it was on the IGC. Kind of glad that happened since I was able to play with more people which made this great experience even better


6.Puppeteer- A very charming game that I greatly enjoyed. I liked the scenery, the characters, and the unique gameplay


7. Castle of Illusion- This game was a lot of fun, a great platformer. I also liked that they included the original game too doods.


8. Sly Cooper Thieve in Time- Bought this for PS3 at launch and loved it so when it came to the IGC over a year later I decided to go for the stack and platinum the vita version as well. With the exception of some slowdown at times this was a nice port and an enjoyable experience.


Now my list ends here since I have yet to play a lot of the plus games from this year. There are some games I finished before they came to plus that definitely would have made the list if I had played them when they came to plus doods (Rainbow Moon, Tomb Raider, and the Arkham Games)

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  1 - Bioshock Infinite. A really good surprise, I played only Bioshock 2 before then, so...I really did not play Bioshock at all xD

  2 - DmC. I prefer "white-haired" Dante, but that reboot was really good.

  3 - Puppeteer. I usually don't like sidescrolling 2D platformers, but it was awesome. Japan Studio rules xD

  4 - Payday 2. Since I play a lot with friends from my town, it was really nice planning a robbery in front of a couple of beers xD

  5 - TxK. I've recently read "Player One" from Ernest Cline, I was really excited about a Tempest remake :-)

  6 - Thomas was alone. Really good storytelling, I love minimalist games.

  7 - The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. I'm still in those dungeons, trying to escape my final fate xD

  8 - The Hungry Horde. Damn good arcade game, pretty luck based, still awesome.

  9 - Spelunky. Offline coop multiplayer is gooooooood.

10 - Velocity Ultra. I thought it would suck, but it was a good surprise to me.

11 - Velocity 2X. Sequels are good, even if I hated those level parts out of the ship.

12 - Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. Never played a Sly title before, made me buy the original trilogy :-D

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