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Thoughts on the trophies?

Aranea Highwind

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CQC FTW looks like a total nightmare. How many playthroughs do you need to go through to get the platinum? Ridiculous.


If you actually know what you're doing and if you're not a newb you can do everything in 3 full playtroughs. It's harder, but doable. And before anyone says anything, remember you can save the game before you decide who do you want and don't want to save, just get one and reload to get the rest, no need to play the whole game again.


I'll end up doing it in different playtrhoughs anyway, this is by far the best RE game ever released, and I rather replay this one over and over again then play trough another RE4 kind of game.

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Looks easy enough. RE games usually look way too hard when you play it for the 1st time, you don't know what's coming, when it's coming or what to use against it, but after you finish and know exactly what's going to happen then you can pretty much run through every single enemy until you get to a boss, by that point you'll be full of ammo since you ignored all other enemies and it'll be a piece of cake.


Also, this game looks way too good to be avoided, IMO the graphics look better than what we have in RE6, i'm definitely going to buy it but probably not day one. I'm glad most trophies are "separated" meaning i can do my knife-only run without worrying about dying or finishing the game in under 3 hours. I'll probably keep playing after the  :platinum: just so i can unlock all costumes, special weapons, etc...  :holy:

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the no save trophy, i hate those one set runs :lol:  put me dam nervous 

Yeah, me too. I haven't played gamecube version, however the trophies looks kind of similar to those from Resident Evil 5, so I guess it won't be difficult. I'm also glad there is no trophy for finishing the game in 3 hours without saving.

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the last bronze trophy gave me the most trouble.  instead of "visit", you must fully explore every area.  took a bit to realize it was a mistranslation.  https://card.psnprofiles.com/1/Sefiroth.png


Let me guess, not only do you have to go to each area but you also have to get every item on them too in order for them to appear all green on the map instead of black/red right?

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