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In Hushed Whispers - can't continue(?) - Spoilers


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So, I'm run into a small snag. I'm ready to "defeat Alexius" but I have no potions, 0/8. My main is down to 1/5th of their health and two of my allies have less than half their health. Does anyone know any way to replenish my potions while inside the castle? I remember seeing those smaller box crates you could replenish your supplies at but I haven't seen any more than the ones I already used.


Anyone think I'll have to load a save from outside the castle to do some grinding? Hmm... It would be wicked if the potions replenished after "continuing" from the defeated screen.



Well, I manage to go back to a point where I had 6 potions but by the time I get to the point of fighting him, I'm usually down to two. I've manage to get past his first Fade Rift battle but I die at the second one. This is frustrating.. Hmm.. My methods against him aren't working. I'm using Sera, Dorian and Cassandra.

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At the fight against Alexius you have to use the areas where you can fight and cast faster, i think they were yellow. The spots which slow you down (green) are good for your tanks to get lower damage because the enemy is also slowed down and your casters and ranged dds can kill them with their faster speed from distance. 

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