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2014 Goals - Accomplished or Nay?


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So, just noticed that there is only 30 days to go before the year ends, so, I am just wondering if your 2014 goals set earlier this year has been accomplished or not…


Here’s mine so far:



  • Reach <50k in in World Rank 
  • All Sly Cooper Games Plat
  • Another Ultra Rare Plat


Still ongoing (AKA almost near to impossible to accomplish TBH)


  • Reach Level 25

o   ~_~ heh… barely made it to 20…

  • 90% Completion Rate

o   Almost made it to 85%, might be possible I think with willpower and less procrastination

  • A Fighting Game Plat

o   Heh… thought I could cheat and go with TTT, couldn’t find a copy.. :P

  • All GoW Games Plat

o   Heh… couldn’t bring myself to start GoWIII, didn’t even have a copy of Ascencion :P

  • All FFXIII Games Plat

o   Another possible to accomplish… still have one month to go for the last game to plat

  • Finish Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies

o   Another possible to accomplish… if the game would just stop lulling me to sleep whenever I play it.. heh.. barely finished Episode 2 in 1 month


o   Heh… also next to impossible…


‘bout you?

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From my Checklist :)https://psnprofiles.com/forums/topic/6284-dr-mayus-prescription-for-perfection/


Goals for 2014

GOAL-8000 trophies-Achieved July 12th

Stretch Goal-9000 trophies

Jan 2nd 6967

Feb 17th 7065

March 18th 7259

April 15th 7454

May 12th 7760

June 14th 7843

July 14th 8039

August 16th 8183

September 17th 8031

October 16th 8436

November 30th 8563


GOAL-70% Completion

Jan 2nd 65.9%

Feb 17th 66.37%

March 18th 67.06%

April 15th 66.95%

May 12th 67.57%

June 14th 67.23%

July 14th 67.55%

August 16th 67.87%

September 16th 67.85%

October 16th 68.11%

November 30th 68.68%


GOAL-150 platinums

Jan 2nd 119

Feb 17th 121

March 18th 126

April 15th 128

May 12th 133

June 14th 134

July 14th 139

August 16th 142

September 16th 144

October 16th 146

November 30th 148


GOAL-Level 35-Achieved July 14th

Stretch Goal-Level 40

Jan 2nd 32.1

Feb 17th 32.36

March 18th 32.97

April 15th 33.40

May 12th 34.17

June 14th 34.37%

July 14th 35.01%

August 16th 35.40%

September 16th 35.75%

October 16th 36.03%

November 30th 37.39%


GOAL-The whole Alphabet complete

Jan 2nd Need O, Q, X, Y and Z

Feb 17th Need O, Q, X, Y and Z

March 18th Need Q, X, Y and Z

April 15th Need X, Y and Z

May 12th Need X and Z

June 14th Need X and Z

July 14th Need X and Z

August 16th Need X and Z

September 16th Need Z

October 16th Need Z

November 30th Need Z

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  1. Get the Star Ocean platinum
  2. Get my 1st Disgaea plat (Disgaea D2)

Not Accomplished


  1. Platinum the KH 1.5 collection before KH 2.5 is released (didnt platinum either and with 2 days to go I can safely say I failed this goal)
  2. Platinum Tales of Symphonia Chronicles (Platinumed Symphonia, still need Dawn of the New World)
  3. Platinum one of the Soul games (Dark Souls, Demon Souls, or Dark Souls 2. Havent even started a single one yet)
  4. Break my previous record of platinums in a year (Record is 29, currently at 28 plats this year)


So yeah.....haven't really done that well with my goals this year doods

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What about Blazblue: CS Extend? You already have the most troublesome trophies, so why not

-grinding in Abyss Mode with and using all characters... meh... barely beat 999 with my Noel ~_~

-3 most frustrating combo to make ~_~

-MP trophies...

-and lastly.. got it from IGC > deleted > didn't used PS+ save cloud so have to start from scratch ~_~

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My goals for 2014 are:

  • Get 100th:platinum:. Got 105 so far
  • Get 5000 trophies. Have 5232
  • Achieve an average completion rate of at least 90%. 91.88%
  • Get to the top 100 of the Dutch Leaderboard. I'm #102
  • Get 100 100% completed games. Have exactly 100 so far

Still 30 days left to get to #100.

Well being in Tamer's Trophy comp should help you get past 102 :)


  1. Platinum the KH 1.5 collection before KH 2.5 is released (didnt platinum either and with 2 days to go I can safely say I failed this goal)

Come on 9 playthroughs in 2 days. You can do it :highfive:

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Thanks to Precision's trophy league, my goals were demolished.


1. Get to trophy level 16 (Just reached 18)

2. Get to 20 platinums (Got my 33rd yesterday)

3. Get 100 golds (Now at 111)

4. Get 400 silver (Now at 496)

5. Get 2000 bronze (Now at 2303)

6. Reach the top 100,000 world rank (Now at 58,117)

7. Get 2,500 total trophies (Now at 2,943)


Since I finished my last goal in October, I made some new ones, some of which I already finished.


1. Get to trophy level 18 (Done a few days ago)

2. Get 33 platinums (Finished yesterday)

3. Get to 2 trophies per day (Now at 2.05)

4. Reach 60% completion (Now at 58.83%)

5. 3,000 total trophies (Now at 2,943)


Two goals to go!

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Well, here are mine...i set my bar pretty low but i think i've done fairly good so far. Extra goal was to reach top 50 in my country but since i've been very lazy this year im pretty sure i won't make it -_- So i'll stick with my regular goals for now.


Goals for 2014:                
Reach PSN Level 26                                                                        
Earn 50 Platinums---Stretch Goal: 60 Platinums
200 Games Played 


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Yay! another thread by Dumbo-Jeieem!


Here is mine, copied from my About Me;

And by looking at my achievements, i think i'm pretty proud almost completing all 2014 goals and some Extras... xD


2014 Goals (along with Extras) 

Have a completion rate of 65% (Almost near it...)

Get to PSN level 14 (Yay almost near it too)

Platinum KHFM

Get 16 Platinums

Get 30 (or more) games to Rank S, A or B


Score my 1,337th trophy (Meh, only 100 and some trophies left)

Platinum one of the KH 2.5 HD remix games in less than a month. (Don't think i'll do this....)

Register 50 total games played

Get 100 gold trophies, 200 silver trophies and 900 bronze trophies.

Overall completion rate is 75% or more (Yeah....I don't think so)

Get 18 platinums, Ultimate edition is 20 Platinums

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Goals Accomplished

  • Reached level 15 or higher
  • Earned more than 15 platinums 




The only goal that I haven't accomplished yet would be clearing half my backlog of games. And that's definitely the hardest one to accomplish since I kept buying new games thus making the backlog even longer now. 

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I posted my goals in December and have exceeded all bar one.


75 platinums

5000 trophies

level 25

50% completion rate

top 200 country rank

push all Rank E games to D or better (there's still time...isn't there?!?)


Overall, not a bad result for a casual year of gaming. I could have done far better - 100 plats looked within reach at one point, but I took a few months off gaming to concentrate on work. Maybe next year...

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Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get one... yet.


My goals were:

Hit Level 20 - Done

Get 30 100% - Done

Hit 60% completion - Not done...


I had just started trophy hunting, and I severely underestimated how difficult it would be to raise my percentage. I've been getting only about 0.01% per 15 points all year. I was able to more than double it though, so I'd still say it's a good accomplishment.

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To be quite honest, I can't even remember if I had a goal; having started my new job back in March/April, I've been almost too busy to ever get around to play anything. Luckily, however, it seems like I actually accomplished quite a bit.

So having hit lvl 25, being two Far Cry 4 trophies away from my 50th platinum trophy, and finally going over the 40% completion rate, I'd consider that a success.


Guess it's time I start looking for a concrete goal for next year. xD

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Goals I have left are:


Komplete 5 Shmups = 1/5

Unlock all Trials related trophies from all my Fighting games = 8/10 (UMvC3 PS3 & Vita left)

Reach 85% completion = 78.88% at the moment


I think I kan do it ^_^


UMVC3 trials are my favorite and very easy to me. I got 500/500 of the missions on the ps3 and 480/480 on the vita. If you need any advice just ask. I'll try to reply as soon as I can.  :D

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  • 2 weeks later...

Life goals accomplished:

  • Bought a car
  • Finished college... I think, exam results aren't out yet :|


Gaming goals accomplished:

  • I don't recall setting any (maybe I did set some but totally forgot about it) :P
  • Oh wait I did, bought a PS4 (my PS3 happened to die sometime after purchasing the PS4)
  • FFX plat :D 
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