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Dead or Alive 5


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Source - http://www.shoptonew...-for-september/ + http://www.shoptonew...ead-or-alive-5/ + http://www.joystiq.com/2012/03/06/coming-soon-to-xbox-live-defenders-of-ardania-doa5-demo-more/

Dead or Alive 5 should release September this year.

DoA5 will also have Fighters from Virtual Fighters (Haven't been confirm, if they are part of the game or DLC)

Update: Looks like a demo will hit on March 19 2012.

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Update: Team Ninja's Dead or Alive 5 director Yohei Niibori said that the game will have varied breast movements based on both the character and the costume, different outfits will have different level of see-thru transparency as well. He also revealed that the collaboration with Virtal Fighter was already in place from early stages of development, the VF team provides modeling, motion and gameplay info to the dev team in Team Ninja.

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I've always been a huge fan of the Dead or Alive series and it was a massive disappointment when I learned DoA 4 was a 360 exclusive. However, this one looks to be even better than the last and will probably be my favorite yet. I love the fast paced fighting and different zones within each level, so I'm eagerly awaiting the demo to hit the PSN so I get try it out. I think this will be my 2nd fighting game on the PS3.


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