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Looking for a Playstation 4 USB Hub...


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Has anyone in the forums purchased a USB hub for the PS4? To my awareness, Playstation does not sell any PS brand versions of them, but I have seen several different types in stores and online. I am looking to add a USB hub to my gaming arsenal to increase my overall gaming experience by better managing my accessories.



So, I am just wondering if anyone has any experience with them and could give me some suggestions on what to buy. All reviews I've seen online have been fairly recent, so they are not as reliable in my opinion.



Thank you.

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I have two different USB Hubs (one powered and one non-powered) which both work perfectly on my PS4, Both are just cheap $5-$10 Hubs that I got from a Bargain Bin at my local Tech Store.


I have seen some people on the internet complain that some non-powered hubs will not work however.

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I've had one of these for a fair few months and it works great, I'd send the link to the actual purchase page but it's on EB Australia and if you click it it will take you to GameStop, anyway https://content.ebgames.com.au/website/images/detail/204420_detail.jpg


It's 20 bucks here but I got it for around 15, it plugs into the PS4's USB so in giving you 3 and taking 1 you end up with 4 available. Only downside, if you use the sleep function to turn your PS4 off as you sleep, the light will stay on and may keep you up.


Actually, also, if you want to charge your Vita on it, it's really weird. Plugging a Vita into a PS3 will make it connect and not charge, which is fine, but since you can't connect it to a PS4 you just plug in and charge, interestingly, plugging in to the USB hub with a Vita (Both fat and slim) will make it try to connect endlessly and not charge.

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