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Misdirection trophy


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Hi everyone!
I spend more than hour and I still didn't get this trophy (in FC3 was very easier). Maybe in this topic someone finally solve my problem how to get this trophy.. Guide just says to distract 15 enemies, I think I distract more than 15 but I got only 5 outpost in my game and 4 missions to end this game so I wanna do this trophy before finishing the game..


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From what I've read, the enemy has to go over to where you throw the rock and then walk back to his post for it to count as him being distracted. This trophy took me awhile too but once i waited instead of killing them immediately, it popped. 

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Can I just go to the enemies outpost , throw a rock and just walk away to the other outpost and do the same? ( I dunno if this will count)

I went to an outpost and did it to the same enemy over and over. I'd throw another rock once he returned to his post, and he'd get distracted again. try to find an enemy by themselves, that's away from the group. And yes I think your method would work, as long as at least one enemy got distracted. 

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