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Speedrun Savepoint Timestamps

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I know it is very useful for anyone going for the 2 hours speedrun trophy to know approximately what times they should have at the various save spots, so I thought I'd make a thread and people can post their times here...


I did my speedrun in second playthrough, because then the 2 player option is available and it can save you a lot of headache. You can control Yorda, and most of the time you just want her to stand still when taking control of her or to make her start climbing a ladder faster. At the sewer I also made her run a little bit, which made that part super easy, and I could get it right in about every second try without much practice. I also saved a lot of time on the water tower because I made her stand still instead of having to lift her up etc after you throw the bomb.


  1. Old Bridge: 00:05:17
  2. Crane: 00:10:46
  3. Main Gate: 00:14:24
  4. Graveyard: 00:16:37
  5. Windmill: 00:23:14 (no fighting)
  6. Stone Pillar: 00:29:15 (used two player trick, not hit switch yet, only taken out enemies)
  7. Stone Pillar: 00:30:14 (fixed the switch, but was very slow)
  8. East Arena: 00:36:05 (first time here, wasn't particularly fast getting there and used two player trick)
  9. East Arena: 00:39:01 (after picking up sword, I used two player trick again to get up ladder)
  10. East Arena: 00:43:24 (leaving, without sword)
  11. Waterfall: 00:55:48 (leaving, picked up sword at top of staircase, practiced the waterwheel, didn't pick up secret weapon, did waste like 10 seconds for no good reason)
  12. Gondola: 00:58:27 (because I don't want to do more replaying than actually needed)
  13. Water Tower: 01:02:07 (terrible run from Gondola, probably lost 20 secs, but who cares?)
  14. West Idol Stairs: 01:09:24 (some minor mess up, but nothing that cost me a lot of time, I also picked up the stick, did use two player trick to save time)
  15. Main Gate: 01:19:55 (absolute terrible run, could have been better by many minutes, but who cares, it leaves me with 40 mins for last part)
  16. Not sure about ending, but I did time myself somewhat... I did die against last boss once, and I went for the watermelon ending. The fight against the dark creatures went okay, not good though. The timer was around 36 minutes from my last save point, so I guess I made it with like 4 minutes to go, which is fine. I took my time with the last level anyways, and did that long chunk in 2 attempts (first attempt I fell down during the jumping on ropes in the water part because I followed a guide that did some great jump from the rope that I wasn't able to). :)
As you can see, I saved a lot, and I think two good short runs are better than one decent long one. You'd often have to waste a lot of time InRL practicing if you were to save more time skipping save points, because it will take you so much time replaying to perfection etc. If you can keep yourself around the times I got, then you are fine. 1:20 at main gate is great, and I could have made it there from the last checkpoint 1-2 minutes faster. Yet I took my time on last stretch, did only okay against the dark creatures near the end, died against last boss and picked up the watermelon with several minutes left.
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My Timestamps so far are :

  1. Old Bridge: 00:05:10
  2. Crane: 00:10:30
  3. Main Gate: 00:14:01
  4. Graveyard: 00:16:20
  5. Windmill: 00:23:18 (without fighting, but fell off the windmill once)
  6. Stone Pillar: 00:29:26 ( hit switch and taken out enemies)
  7. East Arena: 00:35:22 (upon arrival)
  8. East Arena: 00:42:26 (departure, without sword)
  9. Waterfall 57:55 (picked up sword at top of staircase, didn't pick up secret weapon and also didn´t practice waterwheel and waste some time because of it )
  10. Gondola: 01:00:48 
  11. Water Tower: 01:04:18
  12. West Idol Stairs: 01:11:25 (didn't pick up the stick until this savepoint)
  13. Main Gate: 01:21:28

When using Bombs I jumped towards the torch and light them...

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I enjoyed my first playthrough: 05:20:00

2nd Playthrough+Shining Sword+Watermelon ending (solo)

1. Main Gate: 00:13:27

2. Windmill: 00:23:22

3. East Arena: 00:40:40 (section done)

4. Waterfall 57:25 (+Secret weapon, yes I saved with it ;) )

5. Water Tower: 01:02:43 (on the rest of the game I just ran through)

6. West Idol Stairs: 01:09:54 (and messed up much)

7. Main Gate: 01:21:40 (that could be much better -6min)

Can't save after 2nd playtrough.

Last part could be by me: ~01:57:00

Sometimes I wanted to improve my time but thought it is waste of time. My main Goal was just under 2 hours so I compared my times with others to be sure I get it :)

Between I watched a speedrun video with ~01:30:00


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Working through this now. I'll update as I go.


I seem to skip about every other save. Unless I find I have trouble with a small section, then. I'll take a couple seconds and made an extra one if it isn't too far away.

I have major trouble with the East Arena. I can occasionally get her up the ladder without being grabbed but I always seem to get an additional enemy spawn just before I can pick up the sword. If I grab it first Yorda is outside the cage and I die, so I have to run and grab her and drag her inside the cage area. Then I grab sword, cut first two ropes, grab Yorda, cut the 3rd rope, grab Yorda, and leave the room. :/ I lost at least an extra minute here dealing with extra enemies. I was about 2 min ahead of schedule though so I'm keeping the run.


Wonder of wonders, Yorda actually ran from enemies in the graveyard successfully. She was nowhere to be seen when I pushed the block down, and I hadn't gotten the notification that she'd been grabbed. I yelled and then pushed the block. Just as I got it in position she came running up and we left without getting hassled. I didn't have the greatest run through the sewer part, but with an extra 30 seconds I just went with it.


1. Crane - 10:17

2. Graveyard - 14:59

3. Stone pillar(done with switch and enemies) - 28:37

4. East Arena arrive - 33:22

5. East Arena leave (no sword) - 41:28

6. Waterfall - 55:27 (I'll get the sword from this save when I finish the game) made the waterwheel jump first go on my first attempt at the segment, but I forgot to push the block until the water stopped running, probably costing 20-30 seconds. Still doing OK though.

7. Water Tower - 1:01:03

8. West Idol Stairs - 1:08:21

9. Main Gate - 1:20:56 Yorda got snatched in three different rooms but I figure I'd run it out and see what my time was. Seems about on part, so I'll keep going.

Started a timer at this point.

10. Queens sword +11 min - 1:31:56

11. Finished shadow fight. +16:40 - 1:37:36

12. Killed queen +20:57 - 1:41:53 I really took my time on this fight. Always attacked right after she did and made sure to get to cover and see the sword before moving. Could've probably shaved 30-60 seconds but I'm doing the no death run here too.

13. Picked up melon +32:10 - 1:53:06

14. The end +33:48 - 1:54:14


Something I wasn't sure of. The watermelon ending probably adds about 1 minute total, so it's not a big deal at all. The cuts scene is only about 10 extra seconds. Carrying the melon is what adds the time.

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Wonder of wonders, Yorda actually ran from enemies in the graveyard successfully. She was nowhere to be seen when I pushed the block down and I hadn't gotten the notification that she'd preen grabbed. I yelled and the pushed the block. Just as I got it in position she came running up and we left without getting hassled. I didn't have the greatest run through the sewer part, but with an extra 30 seconds I just went with it.


Secret trick, that will save you a lot of hassle and headache. During NG+ (second playthrough), you can control Yorda with a second controller! :D


Long story:


If you are in your second playthrough, you can use a second controller to have more control over Yorda. I didn't use it for the graveyard part though. What I did there was leave her on the left side above the staircase (held her hand to there from the save point, so she wouldn't follow me down), from there I ran down moved the stone in the position left of the entrance. Then I went over to the other side where the other button is to the end of the stair case there, and from there I yelled at Yorda to come. When Yorda walks on the path below the staircase near the bench, the dark creatures will appear, so as soon as she gets to you, walk her over to the button and drop her off there while you get through the door as soon as possible. If done correctly, and you're a bit lucky, the dark creatures wont take her, and you can make your way to the top and drop down the box. When you drop down the box, hurry up and place it. She will be kidnapped, and the camera will annoy you while you place the box. If done fast enough you can run up, grab the girl and run down through the open door with her. Now you can run up to where the box was and through the door with the girl waiting safely on you inside the house. When you get to the chain that drops down when you grab onto it, move the chain back and forth so you can jump onto the other side where if you are fast enough with climbing up you can yell on her before the video of the dark creatures appearing and she will try to climb up to you while that movie plays. She fumbled when I did so, spent way too much time, but in my experience, if you do this perfectly after jumping to the other side, this seems to be what normally happens and she will be able to climb up to you without the dark creatures pushing you or attacking her successfully. Run against the door and you've got to the wind mill. There's a save point above, takes a lot of extra time to save at it, but the next part is just as annoying, so it's worth the few extra 20-30 seconds it takes to save there and run back.


In the next part, you will want to place the girl behind the chain, between the two blocks there... She is very likely to just wander off, which is unfortunate, as the dark creatures will then take her when they appear. To save yourself a lot of trouble, just go into the options menu (needs to be second playthrough) and turn on two players, with a second PS3 controller turned on of course. Now you can safely climb the chain knowing she will stay where she is. The dark creatures appear, you don't have much time, run to the hole in the ground so you get to the sewer part. Run over to the button on the right side and stand on it. The gate to the where the girl and the dark creatures are should now open. After standing on the button and while waiting for the gate to open, you should change controller and control the girl so she runs through the gate. Take her through all the way over to where you are, and if the dark creatures follow, make sure she is in the water. If the dark creatures attacks her in the water, they die, and that's actually preferable. Take control of the boy again and jump on the button on the left side and quickly go out through the door before it closes. Yorda doesn't need to stand on the button, if you are fast enough you can jump on it and get out (intended by developers so you could get out alone). Once you get out, climb the pipe, jump over to the other side and turn off 2 player. Get over to the hole, stay on the side furthest away from the pipe and ask for her to come over to you so you will sit down and offer your hand out to her, so you can lift her up by your hand. Then quickly run up the small path in the corner, where you at first climbed up the chain, and activate the stone to kill the dark creatures.


In this part, the 2 player option made it so much easier for me.  :)


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Secret trick, that will save you a lot of hassle and headache. During NG+ (second playthrough), you can control Yorda with a second controller! :D


Long story:

LOL, yep. I read that already. You've posted it in about three different places. :D

I'll probably use it for the long ladders later, but I'm at least giving each area a shot before cheesing it.


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LOL, yep. I read that already. You've posted it in about three different places. :D

I'll probably use it for the long ladders later, but I'm at least giving each area a shot before cheesing it.


Yeah, but you seemed to have issues with that part. It's not like it can be said too few times! :P It is very useful when you're around the water tower I think it is. Not too long after where you can get the secret weapon. Basically a rather open area where there's plenty of space to fall down all around you and you gotta pick up some bomb to throw at something. Make sure Yorda stays behind when you go grab this one bomb, else she will go down and she will need your help back up and it's like 30 seconds wasted. lol


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Man, this speedrun is testing my patience. I was following a video guide and did most of the things right, a few extra seconds here and there but overall I thought I was fine. Until I got to tthe main gate at 1:29:30. I still gave it a try and of course it wasn't enough. Thanks God I saved in the West Idol Stairs, so I replayed that part and managed to deduct 2:00, for a new time of 1:27:16. I had huge hopes since I didn't need to go for the watermelon ending (did it during my failed attempt) which would reduce around 1:00, but unfortunately no trophy.


I don't wanna start over, so I'll probably will try again from the main gate with a timer next to me and see what happens. Stay tunned.


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I did it!!!! I rushed as much a I could, didn't do it perfectly but I did it! It's weird since I was pretty sure I went over the 2:00:00 mark, when I started moving Ico during the beach part I only had 1:49 left, and ran out of time before I reached her, but probably since I spent all my day trying to get it my PS3 just threw the trophy haha.


A big thank you to all the community for the guides and your times, they really helped.


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I made it! My final save was 1:51:47

  1. Old Bridge: 00:05:17
  2. Crane: 00:10:21
  3. Main Gate: 00:13:27
  4. Graveyard: 00:16:06
  5. Windmill: 00:22:57 (I had tried around 50 times)
  6. Stone Pillar: 00:28:30 
  7. East Arena: 00:33:54 
  8. East Arena: 00:41:32 
  9. Waterfall: 00:55:29 (failed jump 4-5 times at waterwheel)
  10. Gondola: 00:58:10 
  11. Water Tower: 01:01:10 
  12. West Idol Stairs: 01:08:27 
  13. Main Gate: 01:18:39
  14. Ending without watermelon (1st run) : 1:51:47

I have followed these two video guide.


Good luck! :)


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Wow this game sucked.  I used a really good guide on YouTube where he did it in 1:40. Unfortunately I did it on my 2nd playthrough so not sure my final time.  

Old bridge 05:45

Crane 13 or so.  Had to overwrite it with my final checkpoint

Graveyard 17:32

Windmill 24:59

Stone pillar 31:12

East arena 47:18. Just had 2 torches to go before exiting.  Quite slow up until this point.  

Waterfall 1:02:09 On the exit.  Got the piston jump first pop but made a hash of the water wheel jump.  Probably 10 tries. 

Water tower 1:07:59

West idol stairs 1:14:54. Just on entry, after cutting the doors. 

Main gate 1:26:06. 

Everything went smooth after the main gate except the shadow fight.  Felt like I was running around doing nothing.  From when you stab the witch till the games end takes 11 minutes so keep that in mind.  


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phew, that was a tough speedrun, hardest ive done for sure. i know this is an old topic, but it helped me a lot on my speedrun so i figured i would add my times. i took a slightly more "slow and steady" approach so i could make sure i got things right, and i saved a lot more than most people do.


   Old Bridge - 5:01

   Crane - 10:14

   Main Gate - 13:53

   Graveyard - 16:26

   Windmill - 22:45

   Stone Pillar 29:23

   East Arena start - 35:08

   East Arena finish - 42:33

   Waterfall start - 49:34 (used this save for shining sword, and used that opportunity to practice piston jump and water wheel)

   Waterfall finish - 57:01

   Gondola - 1:00:00

   Water Tower - 1:03:27

   West Idol Stairs - 1:10:58

   Main Gate - 1:21:23 (here i started a timer)

   Final - 1:58:30 ish (with watermelon)


pretty much everything that could go wrong after the main gate did, resulting in a terrible time, but i made it. good luck.


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Just got the plat! I have to say this was extremely frustrating at times due to the clunky controls. Anyways, here are my times


Old Bridge - 05:21

Crane - 12:00

Graveyard - 16:44

Stone Pillar - 30:56 (Didn't skip the sewer fight)

East Arena (enter) - 36:36

East Arena (exit) - 44:29

Waterfall (enter) - 52:30

Waterfall (exit) - 59:XX (Overwritten save file. Got both jumps within 3-4 tries IIRC)

Water Tower - 1:05:20

West Idol Stairs - 1:12:36

Main Gate - 1:22:43

    Queens Sword - +14:31 (Fell down into the sea at the very end of the big platforming section, lost over 2:30 because of this -.-)

    Finished Shadow Fight - +20:02

    Queen Kill - +23:07 

Sandy Beach - 1:56:55


I had to retry the final part so many times due shitty aiming at the cage jumps just after losing Yorda. Almost gave up because of this seemingly easy part (I was also going for the no death run)

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I just did it as well! I was too stupid to realise that I wasn't actually on NG+ untill I got to the graveyard to try to control yorda...only to realise that I didn't have the option cause I pressed New game in the titlescreen instead of continue my completed save file... -_- So yeah the graveyard drove me nuts without the ability to control her but after 20 ish tries I finally got lucky and pulled it off. Rest of the run went pretty well. Here are my times:


Old Bridge - 5:19

Crane - 10:33

graveyard - 16:43

Windmill - 21:50 (As I said, took me around 20 tries to finally get yorda into the building, thank god that I managed to do the second "fight" inside and the windmill in one go or I would have lost it)

Stone pillar - 28:33 (Didn't skip the sewer fight)

East arena (exit) - 42:21 (lost some time with the fights but oh well...)

Waterfall (exit) - 56:52 (couple retries as well, mostly to practise the timing on the fight on the brigde and to practise the jumps, took me 3 piston jumps and 1 waterwheel jump during my final attempt)

Water tower- 1:01:18

West  idol stairs - 1:08:40 

Main gate - 1:23:21 (Seems like I lost a lot of time during the west reflector section compared to the other times here, I guess I tackled it the wrong way but I really didn't feel like replaying that section, 36 min for the final part seemed fine)

End (no watermelon) - 1:57:24 (2 retries, fell of a hanging cage on the first attempt and  jumped into the sea during the cliff section on the second attempt, third and final attempt wasn't perfect either, fell of the turning wheels but luckily not all the way down and the shadow fight felt like 30 minutes on its own, the queen fight did go perfectly though, which might have saved me in the end)


Pretty close in the end, but even with some minor misakes during the final part I still had 2:36 min left to spare so as long as you're under 26 min at the main gate you should be fine, even 27-28 min seems possible but then you have to do the final part without mistakes which can be quite challenging. 





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I hated this trophy! 10 hours for platinum, yeah right! This took me 10 hours alone.


I was a little slower than most at most checkpoints, so just to give other slowpokes some hope. :)


  1. Crane - 11:18

  2. Graveyard - 17:27

  3. Windmill - 24:28 (This was a nightmare, must of tried graveyard 20 times had to go pull her out of the hole in the end, then I thought I had it paused when I first went through the door to the windmill and lost 30 seconds+ just sitting watching a guide 🤦‍♂️)

  4. Stone Pillar - 29:46 (Another hard one, but not as bad as graveyard)

  5. East Arena - 36:41

  6. East Arena - 39:58

  7. East Arena - 45:12

  8. Waterfall - 59:21 (Leaving, had to redo this one because I tried to jump with X for about a minute on the piston the first time 🤦‍♂️)

  9. Gondola - 1:01:52 (Maybe could have skipped this one)

  10. Water Tower - 1:05:08

  11. West Idol Stairs - 1:12:40 (Grabbed stick, should have lit back torches and depressed the big switched on the bottom level before saving)

  12. Main Gate - 1:23:05 (This was an absolute nightmare! I tried throwing the bomb, but it just wouldn't throw there [switched to lighting it with a stick], then all the guides got across the light bridge so easily, but the shadows swarmed me so much faster and I kept dying on it after like 8 minutes of repetitive 💩. Tried this probably 20+ times, too. This made me despise this game)

  13. Final (with watermelon) - ~1:59:00+ (Not exactly sure, used a chess timer and my pausing of it probably didn't match perfectly with me pausing the game to watch guides. This was probably the easiest leg, though, if you have 35+ minutes left it should be very doable. I grabbed the watermelon, too)


Thanks for the previous lists, really helped me out!

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Just finished the speedrun and got my platinum! The Graveyard section is definitely the most difficult to get correct, it’s very tight for time before Yorda will be taken. Don’t have a final time as I was on a second play through, I’d say I was very close to 2 hours! Also saving at every location.


This was including getting the shining sword and the watermelon ending. Managed the piston jump and waterwheel first try but I spend a bit of time in my first play through understanding both techniques! 


Old bridge 5:15

Crane 10:30

Main Gate 14:05

Graveyard 16:19

Windmill 23:38

Stone Pillar 30:24

East Arena (Arrival) 35:55

East Arena (Leave) 44:01

Waterfall (Arrival) 51:19

Waterfall (Leave) 57:58

Gondola 1:00:26

Water Tower 1:04:02

West Idol Stairs 1:11:40

Main Gate 1:24:17


My favourite section of the game is the last. I found myself so immersed in the silence I forgot I was on a speedrun and thankfully every move went flawlessly! Also the soundtrack for the last big shadow fight was perfect. Super proud of this platinum and really enjoyed ICO.


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ICO Run - not the best times but enough to get Castle Guide



  • Graveyard - 18:49
  • Windmill - 27:09
  • Stone Pillar - 33:57
  • East Arena - 39:26 arrival
  • East Arena - 47:55 departure
  • Waterfall - 1:00:57 departure - piston and water wheel jump on first attempt
  • Gondola - 1:03:44 
  • Water Tower - 1:07:11
  • West Idol Stairs - 1:15:55 on arrival
  • Main Gate - 1:26:14  


messed up on the gears once before exiting

the shadow fight and queen battle was flawless - as mentioned its doable but more than 2 mistakes and had to redo as the time was tight so no room for error.


I got the piston jump and water wheel jump on the first attempt in the waterfall area so that was crucial to keep the time close. The last save point is at the main gate - all the battles and the ending went with no issues.


I used the first video that Ellieeeeeaeeeeee posted.


Total time 1:59:23


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Save points:


Bridge - 00:04:53

Crane - 00:10:22

cheat-yard - 00:16:33

Windmill - 23:50

Stone Pillar - 00:29:10

East Arena (Entry) - 00:34:24

Crane, 2nd visit - 00:45:18

Forgot to save at the Arena so I took the next save on the way


Waterfall (Entry) - 00:50:49

Waterfall (Exit) - 00:57:57

The piston was no problem but that water wheel can go to hell.


Watertower - 01:03:29

West Idol Stairs - 1:11:12

Main Gate - 1:22:13

Lucky AI in the West Shrine, unlucky AI on the way back


I didn't use a timer at the end but it worked well. The shadows went almost perfectly and the Queen was just playing it safe while knowing the sword-locations. Even had time to eat the Watermelon with Yorda (her R stands for RNG)

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My times are:

  • Graveyard - 16:45
  • Windmill - 24:05
  • Stone Pillar - 30:28
  • East Arena - 36:40
  • Waterfall (exit) - 58:48
  • West Idel Stairs - 1:11:30
  • Main Gate - 1:21:38

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What a garbage game. Not just talking about how bad the game is per se, but the trophy didn't unlock even though my run was 1:57~.


I wish I had sh*t myself that day instead of buying that t*rd.


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@MMDE how to activate the 2 Controle option?

U just turn it on and you are in control of yorda?

I m on the beginning of the second playthrough


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@MMDE( no mattere what i do i can't unmark you man 😅)

old bridge 4:55

Crane 10:02

Main gate 14:17 

Windmill 21:38

Stone pillar 28:00

East Arena arrival 32:56

East arena leaving 40:08

Waterfall (arrival) 47:52

Waterfall (exit) 53:55

Gondola 56:23 

Water tower 59:56 

West idol tower 1:06:59

Main gate 1:17:19

Sandy beach 1:49:43 

Died for the queen 0.5 sec to get to the sword in the final blow 🙃

Sandy beach 1:47:53 

I redid the last save so i could get the trophy to not die on the game,i did a terrible 53 shadows fight and even so got this time

Overall is not hard to do the Speedrun is just rage inducing some parts and the game controls are broken in a lot of situations,for a "remaster" or wherever this should be looks exactly the same as ps2....

The genius here didn't know that NG+ should be "continue" on the first playthrough and i gonna need to do it again ....and i couldn't use the 2 player option,just realized when the the shinning wasn't shinning......😑


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My savepoint times

  • Old Bridge - 5:04
  • Crane - 10:10 (pre bomb and chandelier)
  • Crane - 12:05 (post bomb and chandelier)
  • Graveyard - 15:59
  • Windmill - 22:52
  • Stone Pillar - 29:03
  • East Arena - 34:53 (entrance)
  • East Arena - 42:29 (exit)
  • Waterfall - 56:10
  • Gondola - 58:52
  • Water Tower - 1:02:19
  • West Idol Stairs - 1:09:16
  • Main Gate - 1:20:04
  • Sandy Beach - 1:52:19

My worst time-loss was the water wheel, fell into the water about 4 times, but decided to just continue anyways, as i was sure i had a lot of time to spare, this was also my first playthrough of the game, so i didn't have to worry about the watermelon.


My first failure string of failures / attempts at learning the waterwheel i got the spiked club, so i didnt have to do a new playthrough or have to replay a segment for the trophy.


I also managed to get sewer skip, following the times in this thread was really helpful in gauging how try heavy i needed to be at certain parts.

At the Queen fight, i was extremely careful, positioning the pillars up to the top middle of the throne, only slashing the queen right after she delivers one of her attacks, and dragged around the pillars to get to the sword.

I used this video as a guide as well, A very good speedrun by a very charismatic guy that any newer players should be able to follow to easily get the under 2 hours trophy, if i can do it on my very first playthrough, so can you.


Now i can enjoy my much calmer second playthrough, where i can take it much slower, gather all the savepoints, watch the small environmental interactions with Yorda and enjoy the cutscenes.


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This speedrun trophy 'Castle Guide' drove me a little crazy with the dated game mechanics! So be warned, you may find it a bit frustrating. I had to take breaks lol


I used the Speedrun guide (6 parts) made by SanchPanda VTW. Very helpful for learning how to skip multiple shadow fights (which I think is the most critical thing for saving time).


Here are my times:

Graveyard 14:05

East Arena (Entry) 29:55 (got graveyard AND sewer skip)

Waterfall (Entry) 42:51

Waterfall (Exit) 48:40 (Piston 1st go, waterwheel, fell once)

Water Tower 53:52

West Idol Stairs (Entry) 1:00:03

Main Gate 1:09:39

Final time unknown (2nd playthrough) estimate ~1:42 (had no mistakes)

There is plenty of room for the sub 2hr if you're careful, watch the guides and replay a few checkpoints to better your time.


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Graveyard: 00:16:36

East Arena: 00:33:29

Waterfall: 00:47:49 (I went on to get the Shining Sword, which makes cutting future bridge ropes way harder! and failed the water wheel jump many times)

Gondola: 00:59:33

Water Tower: 01:02:48

West Idol Stairs: 01:10:22

Main Gate: 01:20:01

Beach: 01:56:00 (Including watermelon)


I made a few silly mistakes from Main Gate to Beach that resulted in restarts but otherwise this was mostly plain sailing. If you have anything short of unwavering affection for Ico, Shadow of the Colossus or The Last Guardian then these speedrun trophies are really going to test your patience; their very inclusion is so bizarre, seemingly at complete odds with the spirit and heart of the games. If you were planning on doing the speedrun on your first ever playthrough of the game, please don’t!




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