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NINJA GAIDEN 3. please read


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would anyone advise going for this platinum. i have 23 platinum trophies and would like a very hard platinum trophy to be added to my collection. if anyone has platinumed this game. some advice would be greatly appreciated. so theres no confusion. the exact name of this game is Ninja Gaiden 3 Razors edge w online pass

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I have platinum for NINJA GAIDEN 3 : RAZOR'S EDGE

If your going for the plat of this game I would suggest getting used to the controls. Learn to block, dash, and learn bosses attack patterns so that you don't mash buttons just to win. Also learn Steel on Bone on normal enemies to easily dispatch them. Your going to dedicate some time to this game if your eager to plat this. Especially leveling up the 'Unknown Ninja' online. But Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 is much HARDER to plat than this game just so you know.

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Sadly, all I have to say is that if you're not good at this kind of game then don't attempt to go for it. I am the best player at the game currently but I have a lot of difficulty trying to help incompetent partners. There's nothing I can personally say to you to help you improve, all I can say is that you must learn to dodge every boss... if you're going for 100% trophies, use the mentor trials where the boss is themed at the end, learn to dodge that boss so you can hold it while your partner kills the bosses for you. The only bosses that you really need to learn how to kill are the reapers (spiders) with any weapon, Regent of the mask with claws and Genshin with any weapon. They're simple enough for anyone to learn. Good luck and of course you can add me for help once you've trained a lot. But I often only help with DLC because it's mostly a waste of time to help with the base game trophies when you can skip base game trials to do DLC. 



I've plated this game about 4 years ago, then I've never played it again. Recently I've bought NG3 2 DLC packs, i wanna ask your help. I'm practicing almost everyday now and i know I'm getting better. I'll add you as my friend. 

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