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*Question* Easier way to take Screenshots?


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Well this may seem like a dumb question but I'm asking anyway...Everyone knows, you take a screenshot with the PS and start button. But sometimes games use the Start button as a function in the game. Like if I'm taking a screenshot of Akiba's trip for example...when I try pushing the Start and Ps button in sync there is always the chance of the start menu popping up over the shot I'm trying to take... :( I'm not very good a precision button pushing....so is there like an easier way to take screen shots? Because some of my shots are blocked by the games start screen when I push the start button...e_e

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I think that's the only way. I know how you feel though, for Modnation Racers: Road Trip boosting required downloaded peoples creations and the agreed-upon method was to screenshot them and then message the pictures. Sometimes, even when taking a successful shot, it would bring up the menu to report the user's behavior. Not a huge deal, but definitely an annoyance. 

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is there like an easier way to take screen shots?


If you hold the PS button, a menu will pop up after about 3 seconds, but if you hold the PS button and then press Start before that menu shows up then you'll cancel the Start command (like say, the pause screen won't show up).


Just don't press both buttons at the same time, hold PS button then press Start. It works every time for me.  :)

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