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Cross play Boosting does work in Ranked

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I tried it out earlier, and it does work. Though I admit that the matchmaking in ranked is a pain sometimes since it'll take a few tries before it automatically creates a room instead of joining one.

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Wow my game just glitched to crap and gave me all the trophies for online well thats over... ill be looking into how it got the glitch to happen it seemed to be because i transferred a save from the Xmas dlc over to the vita and it made my numbers go crazy..... hmm 



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I've done this too with the online boosting and have to admit it works well. Now the above glitch... I can't explain it but I had something opposite happen on my PS3 copy: it reset my numbers to 0 for all the online kills.


My Vita numbers were correct and I didn't experience any glitches at all (trophies popped normal) so I used that as my main kill system. Now I was logged in as my PSN on both systems (I never tried with a back-up PSN ID), so the glitches COULD occur if you double up on the same account.

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