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How Do You Play Episodic Games?


Episodic Games  

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  1. 1. How Do You Play Episodic Games?

    • Play each episode as it comes out
    • Wait for every episode and play as one full game

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So with Life is Strange recently released and more episodes of TTs Game of Thrones and TTs Tales from the Borderlands coming.


I was wondering how you play your episodic games, do you: Play each episode as it releases or wait for every episode to release and play it as one full game?





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It depends on how bad I want the game. The Wolf Among Us was a must buy. I LOVE Fables. One of my favourite comics. I enjoy GoT and Borderlands but I can wait for them to be released and enjoy them whenever. I guess it depends on my curiousity as well for the title

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I played through both The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us once all episodes were released. It doesn't really appeal to me to take long breaks in between games based heavily on the story. The Walking Dead S2 however I got in a sale, at that time only a couple of the episodes were released. I went ahead and played it, ended up not enjoying the game anywhere near as much as the first, the wait between episodes probably didn't help much.

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I'll play them with whatever input method is supposed to be used.


To answer seriously though, it varies. I purchased the first episode of Tales From The Borderlands because I really wanted to check it out. But with any other episodic game, like Game of Thrones for instance, I would wait until it has all been released and then play it so I voted for the second option.

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I buy the season pass and then play them as they come out as if they were an episode of my favourite show. I like having the whole series bought so that I can play it all as soon as it comes out. 
Having said that the only Tell-Tale game I've actually finished is CSI: Fatal Conspiracy, which was pretty good actually. I've never seen CSI and now I want to.

I have Back to the Future on Disc and Digital, but I've only got round to playing the first episode. I'll get around to finishing it one day!

I've not got the Walking Dead but maybe someday I'll get them and enjoy them. The same goes for The Wolf Among Us.

Game of Thrones is brilliant, just like the show, and I'm really looking forward to playing the episodes as they come out.

Tales From the Borderlands is also great, filled with the humour of the series, but with the Tell-Tale story telling.

Life is Strange looks good too. I did enjoy Remember Me, from what I played, so I'll probably buy that when the full complete edition comes out on the US Store. (Season Pass is only eps 2-6, but in UK store there's a complete edition with 1-6)


I'm also pretty psyched for Minecraft Story Mode! That should be interesting!


But yeah, I like to play them in instalments really. Breaks them up a bit so that they're easier to digest.

Like mashing up a banana for a baby!  

A big baby.

Who likes Tell-Tales games.

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Let's put it like this, the Borderlands and GoT was on sale the other week, and they were at an okay price, but I know they will be cheaper by the time you can actually play the entire game, so I didn't get them. I could even have got them with that additional 10% off, but I didn't...


When it comes to TT, I play them with my wife, and as such I play them when she got the time.

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I've always been curious just how financially viable this model is...although it obviously works enough or TT, among others following the format, wouldn't make games this way.  It's curious though, because there must be a great deal of gamers that do the same as myself and as some have already stated on here...we wait until all the episodes are released before playing it.  What this means for myself, is that it makes no sense to buy the season pass at launch nor any time shortly thereafter, and hence when all the episodes eventually due release it's likely that the pass has been on sale at one point or another.   I own, Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, Walking Dead seasons 1&2, The Wolf Among Us...I bought them all on sale, never paid full price once.


Borderlands & Game of Thrones have already been on sale, and I didn't pick them us this time (other things to spend my money on), but no doubt by the time they are fully released they'll have had yet another price drop...but had they released with all episodes on day one I'd likely be tempted to make a purchase...   Always found it an odd one.


As I said, I wait for all eps to be released before playing...for games that are so heavily story driven it loses something when I have to wait months (sometimes) for the next entry.

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I enjoy playing them one at a time, even waiting long periods if I must. Playing an episodic  game all in one go, kinda deflates the feeling for me. 

I want to be reeled in and then left waiting so my imagination can roam free on what might happen next, not just hey this happens.


I prefer a more authentic feeling and playing them/waiting for next episode gives me that. Waiting for all episodes and then going at it makes it just like every other game I play. 

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I wait for all episodes to come out then buy the disc version, my 1st episodic game was Telltale's TWD and while i do like the idea (sort of), i can't stand the fact that most of the time i couldn't remember what happened or which character was who, even though some of these games may have some flashback scenes, they didn't really help me in TWD.

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Play episode as it comes out... Probably because since most of these games strong point is plot... I play them ASAP to prevent being spoiled...

I actually don't mind waiting for months for the new episodes... It kinda became a pro to me rather than a con since it gives me time not to rush playing the next episode/chapter and makes me more appreciate/think thoroughly what just happened in last episode I played and torture my mind for days/months thinking what will happen next...

Also I think sale for season pass usually pops often now and then after the first episode... :3

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