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My Ps3 had died two weeks ago and now it is suddenly alive? What happened?


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Hey, I posted a thread about my old slim ps3 dying on me a couple weeks ago. I wasn't mistaken or anything, I plugged it up, unplugged it. Opened it up and fiddled around, it was dead as a turkey on thanksgiving. Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead.


Now today, I'm cleaning my room and shiz and I unplugged the power cord to my ps3 and I have dozen of random power cords (don't ask me why) or whatever so I believe I used a different one...anywho, I plug it in when I'm done cleaning and I see THAT WONDERFUL RED LIGHT COME ON AND I AM SUPER DUPER HAPPY!!!! but confused.


Would the power cord really make a difference? Could my old cord...could it have been exhausted and my ps3 just needed a new one to power it up? It doesn't make sense to me but I don't know so I'd like some answers on how my ps3 just came back from the dead. Would be nice so I'd know what to look for when it up and dies again.


Thanks in advance.  

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Your PS3 is actually part cat and related to this guy: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2015/01/28/bart-cat-crawls-back-from-grave-days-after-being-hit-by-car-in-tampa-florida/   thus, you are now down to 8 lives.


Actually, a faulty power cord could be at fault. It could have been as simple as it was loose and not plugged in, to the medium level that it's frayed or broken somewhere, to the advance where it was fried. If this new coed is working, it should be okie dokie for a while. Just to be safe, though make sure your cords aren't being trampled on and are tucked away and not being pulled or stretched. Also, invest in surge protectors if you don't have them, just to be careful in a power outage.


Either way, congrats on your revived Playstation!

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