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Ps4 Coop Crash Error Ce-34878-0


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So far the single player portion of this game is pretty decent and relatively bug free however for a select few of us the online portion is atrocious. This is just a notice to others that this is a common problem for some people (although no root cause has been determined as to who or why it happens).

When starting a co-op game some of you as quickly as 90 seconds of starting a session will experience the ps4 blue screen of death. This can occur regardless of joining or hosting the game session. Ringing in 2015 with more online disappointment.

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Update: The latest patch that went live a few days ago has still not fixed the co-op crash issue.

It seems its improved over the last few days, there's not even been a patch but I crashed over 20x since launch and havent the past two days of playing.

Just played a 4+ hour session with no crashes which was so nice

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