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Cross Region Online Passes; Am I Screwed?


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Hi all,
I've just started a new PSN account as all of the backlog of 0 percented games on my old account was driving me nuts. The first game that I played on the new account was Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational for the PS Vita. What I didn't realise though is that it is an NTSC card, the game is called Everybody's Golf here in the U.K. A couple of the trophies in the game are online, for which you need an online pass but the only pass in the store is for the PAL version of the game. If I buy it, will it work with the NTSC game I have, or if I buy an online pass code from the states, will it work with a PAL PSN account? I'm not aiming for a 100% on this account, I'm going to try and get it to and keep it above 85 - 90 percent but it kind of takes the wind out of the sales if the first game on my list is not completable.

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Ehr I don't think you will be able to, you could buy the code from a third party (if you find it) but even then the code would have to be redeemed on a psn NA account. This wouldn't matter on ps3 since you can have multiple accounts on a console and I do it all the time but nope on the vita.

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Why not simply hide your 0% games? There's no penalty here to do so as they don't count towards completion percentage. My trophy list is too long to view on PS4, PS3 and Vita, so i don't even bother.


Alternately, play games you're unsure about on an alt User account on your console. Don't like it, no problems.

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