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Seraphim and Cherubim Trophy- question


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I played as kinzie and got 2 hours then I was playing as gat for 2 hours and showed challenge is complete but for some odd reason I haven't got the trophy can anyone tell me whats the issue or if im missing something?


Note: it showed I was playing gat for 2 hours while playing torment fraud

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Trophy is probably bugged. It popped about an hour or so after I completed 2 hours for both characters. Started as Gat and played for about 2hrs 15mins, swapped to Kinzie for another 2 hours. Challenge popped but no trophy. Saints Row games are notoriously buggy, so it didn’t worry me. Sure enough, popped an hour later.


I must say that surprisingly the PS3 version runs so much better than the PS4 version. I’d experience crashes or freezes all the time on the PS4. But on the PS3, the only issue I’ve had was this one trophy popping late.

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