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Sony Announces Vita “Debut Pack” for Japan


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Sony Announces PlayStation Vita “Debut Pack” for Japan; Includes 16 Gb Memory Card and More


Sony Compter Entertainment Japan and Asia announced today the release of the PlayStation Vita Debut Pack, that will hit the Japanese shelves on February 19th for 19,980 yen ($169) plus taxes.


The bundle will include either a black PCH-1000 3G/Wi-Fi PS Vita  or two colors (red and black or blue and black) PCH-2000 PS Vita (Wi-Fi only), plus a 15 day voucher for PlatStation Plus, a charger (including USB cord and power cord), a protective pouch, and more importantly a 16 gigabyte memory card with a bunch of pre-installed software.


Pre-installed software includes Chain Chronicle V, Magica Wars: ZANBATSU and Monster Hunter Frontier G (including a free trial). On top of that, download codes for a God Eater 2; Rage Burst theme and  a few items for Phantasy Star Online 2 are also part of each bundle.


Below you can see the packaging and contents of each bundle.


  VitaDebutPack-3.jpg?eaa32f  VitaDebutPack-4.jpg?eaa32f


Source: http://www.dualshockers.com/2015/01/19/sony-announces-playstation-vita-debut-pack-for-japan-includes-16-gb-memory-card-and-more/


If this deal ever comes to the US, I don't think I could think of any reason -not- to buy it. A lower price, a bigger memory card, & pre-installed games, can it get any better than that?

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This won't come to West.

And even if it does, the games will be different. 

Most people don't even have any idea what Chain Chronicles or Magika Wars are... =D


If it does come, only MH G and God Eater 2 have any chance of actually being in the bundle.

If it does come, it will have some crappy AAA titles :/

Yeah, I know if it ever comes over-seas, it would have different games (like you said, I've never even heard of those games). The main thing I'm interested in is the 16GB card & the lower price tag, the case is a nice bonus too.


The Japanese get all the good stuff, No fair ! 



I know, if I knew the language, I'd move there myself! crying1-onion-head-emoticon.gif?12928624

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