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Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster "Will" Bonus Audio Drama


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First of all i was so happy after buying my Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster edition... Now that i've completed it, and check for the two Platinum, i got a question, that's been on my mind since summer, but now that i've signed to the forum i want to talk about it: Will there be a Final Fantasy X-3????  :blink: 


I really, really, hope so...  :wub:  <3 

I mean, i understand that FFX-2 as a fiasco (like, really, what the heck!?) and i understand that a FFX-3 would be basically make the events of FFX done for nothing...well it's Spira after all...the spiral never ends... But i don wanted it to end, and now that they put the audio drama in there, what was i supposed to think... no i, and probably other people, need a FFX-3 (but not like a FFX-2, please no)... I would love to relieve Spira with those carachters i love and new ones... and i want something new and fresh to...And now that the PS4 is out there... can u imagine the possibilities?

I wont aprooach the FFX-2.5 novella topic... i'll just pretend that thing don't exists.

So...What do you guys think???


The audio drama:


Would FFX-3 be a good thing? (by David D. Nelson)



FFX-2HD_Tidus_Audio_Drama.png              FFX-2HD_Yuna_Audio_Drama.png

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I never wanted a FF X-3 but after learning of the audio drama i want and don't want to see FF X-3 at the same time. The reason why i want to see FF X-3 is because that audio drama ruined FF X-2 ending and to be honest, the story is so horrible, that it seems it was taken from some fanfic. FF X-3 could fix that, but it also can make such a good game worse than what they did with the horrible audio drama.

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I doubt it will ever happen. In addition to that they've said that they won't, if they won't even continue the FFVII storyline that they started in games (the one started with Genesis in CC and DoC), I doubt they would bother continuing a story started in an audio drama.

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