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How to do mini-pogos?


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I can only do big jumps on the pogo and can't figure out how to do mini-jumps, making the "Look Ma, No Spats!" trophy (for entering the underground of the Amazon and exiting with only pogo) impossible... :(


EDIT: Ignore this, I got it. You have to let go of the pogo button for a split second in mid-air. The wording of the trophy description was very confusing, I thought it meant you could do what you want when you're underground but had to do a massive pogo jump to get out which obviously isn't possible... turned out to be the other way round. I also don't like the trophy grading on this game - I'm yet to start Hard and Extreme difficulty but in my opinion this particular trophy should have been at least a silver... but then again, seeing as it's Unca Scrooge I suppose we're lucky to get anything at all...

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