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:platinum: #101: Call of Duty: Ghosts


Earn all available Trophies for Call of Duty® Ghosts


Main game

It has been a while since I've played any Call of Duty so it was fun getting back to the franchise. The Campaign was to my surprise pretty easy. Veteran mode wasn't difficult. The mission in space was definitely my favorite one. Too bad the campaign was pretty short. Also they replaced zombie mode with alien mode (Extinction). If I had to compare zombie mode with Extinction I'd say zombie mode was way harder since you'll die within 2 hits, in Extinction you can take on multiple hits and still walk around like nothing happend. Anyways decent game, easy plat.



At first I didn't think the DLC for Call of Duty: Ghosts weren't going to be that bad, but I was wrong. This one took quite some effort to complete. Many playtroughes are needed and it was pretty challenging on some points. Luckily I had a good co-op partner that helped me out. :) 


:platinum: #102: Max Payne 3


Platinum Trophy 
Unlock All Max Payne 3 Trophies


Main game

And here I was.. thinking Aliens Vs Predators was crazy with no checkpoint during each level, then I played Dead Space 2 which was even crazier with only three opportunities to save your game. But Max Payne 3... Max Payne 3 wears the crown of craziness. In Max Payne 3 you have to beat the whole story with only one life. If you die or fail the objective you have to restart from scratch. I can see you thinking.. 'Hey Floriiss, why not backup your savefile then?'. Well that's the problem. The game doesn't save. You have to do it in one sitting. Also if a glitch occurs (Like no enemies spawn) or your ps3 freezes you're pretty much doomed. It has to be done in one go. Can you imagine dying at the very last level at the very last checkpoint? No? Well I do, since it had happened to me. Also my PS3 froze on Chapter 13, which was the Chapter before the last Chapter. Even with these kind of failures I never gave up. I was dedicated enough to try again and try again, until I got the plat. And what a relief it was when it finally popped! YEAH! Also getting the highest level in multiplayer was such a grind! To level up you could either play online or offline (Arcade mode) doing a specific chapter. The fastest way to level up was by replaying a specific chapter over and over again. Guess what? To get from level 0 to level 50 you have to replay chapter 4 part I a total of 620 times. 620 TIMES. That's a huge amount! I started doing this method when I was level 17, and by the time I reached level 20 I already knew everything that was being said in that Chapter. All dialogs and Quotes. Talking about Quotes, Max provided some awesome Quotes throughout the game. Things like 'I killed more cops than cholesterol' & 'It was Monday afternoon and I'd already been thrown out of a party, been to a strip club and got into a bar fight. This latest mid-life crisis was certainly ticking all the boxes.' which were really funny. The story was pretty awesome, just too bad I had to go through it so many times, I hate multiple playtroughes. The grinds in the game weren't that bad. By the time I finished my New York Minute run I had almost complete all of them. I'm really proud of achieving this one, it was one hell of a ride but I made it through. Any clue how I felt when I got the plat? Well.. this explains it pretty much.  




Most of the DLC trophies were too hard to be done legit, so luckily I found some boosting parters. What I liked the most about this DLC was Challenging mode. In Challenging mode you go through the story again but you can only continue by completing specific challenges. Challenges like; Make X amount of kills within this time, X kills by shoot dodge etc. Really enjoyable. 




Tale of Sword and Soul 
Unlock All the Trophies


Main game

First of all I'd like to say that this platinum image looks awesome  . Normally fighting games are pretty challenging, especially when going for the platinum, but SoulCalibur II (luckily) wasn't. Most mission were pretty easy, but some provided a challenge. First play trough on Weapon Master was literally a walk through the park. Second play trough was a bit harder, since missions got tougher. But even with harder challenges it's still very doable. My favorite character was Nightmare (He's the one on the platinum image aswel!  ). He had such an cheap technique against the AI which made me win almost every time. The deaths in this game are cheap aswel. I was often unlucky since I fell off the stages many times. What I disliked about this game was that the fights got repetitive (Especially in those dungeons). Buying every weapon was stupid. Not because I couldn't afford it, but because you had to buy each weapon one at a time, and there are a lot of weapons. All in all a decent game and easy platinum.


:platinum: #104: Darksiders II


Unlock Everything


Main game

Great game, just like the previous Darksider. The only negative part about this game is that it had many collectibles.. so collecting everything took quite some time. The hardest difficulty wasn't that difficult, until I reached Samael. First part was relative easy, but the second part I kept dying within 2-3 hits or so. At that point I left the place to collect the remaining collectibles, do all side-quests and re-arrange my skill tree (I never upgraded the right part of the skill tree.. and I must admit, summoning these ghosts to help you out in the battle is really useful). When I came back to Samael I was overpowered as hell. I killed him on my first try and after that I killed the end boss with ease. It's fun to see that a different technique can get you a whole lot further. Reaching level 30 was a bit of a grind since I had to do another half playtrough. Luckily this time I could just play on easy, which was... really easy  . It was a relief that you could play the Crucible on easy too. Completing 100 waves without dying wasn't hard, but a little bit time-consuming. When I reached that secret boss I was like.. wth? You serious? I killed him in like 5-10 seconds. Even though the Crucible was fun, it is pretty lame that it's needed for the platinum. I bought a new digital copy of Darksiders II, but it didn't include a crucible pass :/. Had to buy a new one in the store just for the three remaining trophies.. sigh. If I'd buy a physical copy of Darksiders II, I'd get the crucible pass with it, so why not with a new digital copy? Luckily I can afford it, but it is still lame that they didn't include it in the digital copy. And yes, I checked my downloaded list but it wasn't there  . Anyways.. great game and another plat to add to the list  


:platinum: #105: Hitman 2: Silent Assasin


Perfect Assassin 
Unlock all trophies


Main game

After the great succes of Absolution I couldn't resist playing another Hitman game. This game was actually pretty fun, at first. Getting Silent Assasin on the first five missions was a bit challenging, but still doable. I'm glad that there isn't a trophy related to getting all missions Silent Assasin, since that would be a lot harder. After mission five it got a lot easier since I could just shoot anybody, and since I'm pretty decent at shooters it was actually very easy to kill everyone instead of going in stealth  . So it went really smooth, until the final level, which was ridiculous! You start out with no weapons, then you have to get to your shed where your guns are, and most of them you won't even make it to your shed because you'll get killed. Inside the church there are multiple snipers that kill you with one shot and they are pretty fast. Even if you got full health they still kill you with one hit. And when you're lucky enough to get to the boss fight he does massive damage. The worst part of this was that I wanted to collect all guns, so I had to finish the level with the Custom rifle (It was the last gun I needed towards my collection). The Custom rifle is very inaccurate, and it still takes a couple of shot to kill the boss. Luckily after a couple tries I got it done. Collecting all weapons wasn't really hard, but it was dumb that you had to carry the weapon all the way through the end of the level. Normally soldiers have AK's but when you're dressed up as a soldier and wear a big ass sniper rifle that's very suspicious and they'll instantly attack you the moment they see you. Also the AI in this game and their spawn places are ridiculous. One time I went into a room where four ninja's were, doing nothing. Then I fail, restart and walk to that exact same room and literately NO ONE is there. Like wth. Also sometimes the AI doesn't care if I run with full speed past them and the next time I walk past them they instantly attack me. Like I said, very unpredictable. I'm curious to see if Contracts or Blood Money has this same issue, or if they actually improved it. Well only one way to find that out! Lets plat 'em both!    


:platinum: #106: Hitman: Contracts


Perfect Assassin 
Unlock all trophies


Main game

And yet another Hitman platinum! This one is for Contracts. At first I was very confused because after completing a mission I went straight to the next mission, thinking of where the hell my shed was. Turns out you could enter your 'shed' on the main menu. Also I was disappointed to see that you had to get a Silent Assassin rank on every mission, this makes it a lot harder. But luckily it actually was pretty easy. The game itself does still have some weird bugs and glitches, like your disguise getting blown without a reason (Mainly in mission 2). Also they should've made you run faster with the mini gun. I mean come on you're taking a mini gun through the whole level and when you're carrying the mini gun you're walking slower than a snail. And the sad part is that I died at the end of the level so I had to 'walk' through that level all the way again! Some negative sides of Hitman Contracts, but Contracts has also positive sides. I really liked they put in a easter egg. In mission 7 by the abandoned hotel rooms there's a really cool ghost that you can kill. I liked how they made the atmosphere creepy, where everything turns dark.   I'm wondering if Blood Money has any improvement since it's the last in the trilogy. Well like I once said before; Only one way to find out! Lets hunt that   down so we platted the whole Hitman trilogy!   


:platinum: #107: Dead Island Riptide


The Whole World Went Away 
Collect all other trophies


Main game

Easy and just as entertaining as the first Dead Island. The best part of this game is that you can play through the story in Co-op mode which makes this game a lot more fun.   What I really liked was that you could import your character from Dead Island. This way I was level 50 already at the start, so to get to level 70 didn't take that long. I really hate collectibles, but this game made it even worse. Wait, what? What's worse than collectibles?! Glitched collectibles   . Many people have reported that their collectibles were glitching, and so were mine. When I collected everything the trophy progress said 60/61 even though I had all 61 collectibles in my inventory. Had to make a new account and collect many collectibles again in the hope I'd finally get the 'missing' collectible. Took some time to get that done. Glad that's over with  


:platinum: #108: Hitman: Blood Money


Perfect Assassin 
Unlock all trophies


Main game

Out of the Trilogy this game must be my favorite. Mainly because the mechanics were way smoother than the previous Hitman games. Also they added the ability to climb over objects/walls which was really nice (Great use for shortcuts   ). Most missions were really cool, but the last mission (Requiem) was pure badass! When I completed the story on Professional mode I was surprised by the fact that you could heal yourself in missions by using painkillers. If only I knew that sooner.. could've saved me some replays, probably. (Not that I need painkillers, since I'm a Silent Assasin Duh  ). Anyways, my job is done here. Completed the whole Trilogy, yayy!   


:platinum: #109: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed


Ultimate All-Star 
Earn every Trophy in the game


Main game

Cars, boats and airplanes, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed got it all! This game was really fun. This game reminded me a bit of Mario Kart, which I used to play a lot when I was younger.  . Collecting every Star in World Tour was pretty easy. I completed most events on my first try, even on expert. Completing all Grand Prixes on Expert wasn't hard either. But then I was thinking why is this platinum is so rare? So far it hasn't been difficult at all. Well.. I'll find out sooner or later. And boy, I did! The hardest part about this game were the Time Trials. Beating ghosts on Expert gave me quite some trouble on some maps. These ghosts have no mercy. Besides Time Trials I had a lot of trouble getting the Triple Star License plate. It took me forever to get it. The weirdest part about this is that I've seen many people that had unlocked the Triple Star License, even though they made less progress than me. It really didn't make sense. Maybe it was a glitch, or maybe the game hated me for beating almost every expert ghost. Fair enough B) .



:platinum: #110: Far Cry Classic


Paradise Memoirs 
Unlock All Trophies in FarCry Classic.


Main game

Easy and really, really short. The time it took me to complete the campaign was less than 2 hours (I ended up with 1 hour and 47 minutes). Sadly the game contained a lot of glitches. Glitches like environment being invincible or getting a specific color (blue or red), which was really weird. The story-line was okay, didn't expect the ending though.


:platinum: #111: VANQUISH


Earn all available trophies in VANQUISH.


Main game

Woohoo it has been done! Let me start off with saying that his game is awesome. I really enjoyed this action-third-person-shooter. Definitely a lot of action is involved which is really cool. The story was decent, but a little bit on the short side. To my surprise the hardest difficulty in story mode was still pretty easy. Completing the game without dying was easy too, since you could just back out to the main menu whenever you died, instead of choosing continue which voided the trophy. The hardest part about this whole game are the challenges. The only challenges I really had trouble with were Challenge #4 and Challenge #6. Challenge #4 took me around one hour to beat but Challenge #6 took me a couple hours to beat. Glad to add another sweet UR to my collection!


:platinum: #112: South Park: The Stick of Truth


South Park™: The Stick of Truth™ Platinum Trophy 
Collected all South Park™: The Stick of Truth™ trophies.


Main game

Hilarious. I've seen quite a few episodes from South Park and it was really fun to see all these familiar faces in the game. Trophy wise pretty easy, but a lot of missable trophies which was pretty annoying. Loads and loads of farting trophies which was fun. If you're looking for an easy and entertaining game you should try this one! But remember folks. Never, ever, ever fart on someone's balls. 


:platinum: #113: DmC Devil May Cry


Platinum Trophy 
Collect all DmC Devil May Cry™ Trophies


Main game

Another sweet platinum in the bag! This one is for DmC Devil May Cry. Having played and platted the whole DMC trilogy it was weird to see the new Dante at first. I really had to get used to his new look, but to be honest it wasn't that bad. What surprised me the most was the fact that this one was quite easy. Dante Must Die mode didn't gave me any trouble. The only hard part about this road to platinum was to get SSS-rank on all missions on Nephilim. Almost every mission went smooth but two missions gave me some trouble. What I really liked was that you were able to combine so many attacks. Chaining up these combo's was awesome. The story was awesome too. Didn't expect that ending though! 



Vergil's Downfall tells the story of what happens to Vergil after the ending of DmC. I was always wondering what'd happen to Virgil but now I finally know. At first I really struggled with Virgil's moves, but after upgrading them I got really good at combining his attacks. You'd think that getting SSS-rank with Super Vergil would be hard to do but it luckily wasn't. Abusing his Spiral Sword attack does wonders . The only hard part was the Vergil boss fight on Hell and Hell. This is because you basically die in one hit and Vergil's attacks are fast and not so predictable.


:platinum: #114: Alice: Madness Returns


Platinum For All Other Trophies 
Platinum For All Other Trophies


Main game

Alice: Madness returns tells the story about a young girl named Alice who escapes reality by going to 'Wonderland'. In wonderland she tries to search for her lost memories. Fun action/platform game. The story is pretty interesting tbh. Story mode doesn't take too long though.. approx 15 hours or so. My favorite weapons were the kitchen knife (Very OP when fully upgraded) and the tea pot cannon (OP AS HELL! ). I also liked that the outfit of Alice constantly changed throughout the story. Some outfits made her look like a real badass. Trophies are pretty straightforward. There's a glitch that you can skip a full playtrough on the highest difficulty by going to a chapter and then start the last checkpoint of that chapter on the highest difficulty. I'm surprised they still haven't patched that. But hey.. you don't see me complaining. 



One of the worst DLC's I've ever played. The mechanics are absolutely horrendous. Sometimes it get stuck in action. For example when I'm walking straight forward and then I want to change my direction but Alice still keeps walking forward for like 3 seconds or so. Since the mechanics are so bad it's hard to make some jumps on the platforms. There are no checkpoints. When you die you have to start from your last save. This results in saving in each minute or so what makes it annoying. Really glad I'm done with this one. Never again.  


:platinum: #115: Super Meat Boy


Super Meat Boy! 
Unlock all other trophies


Main game

YEAH I DID IT! By far the hardest platinum trophy I’ve ever obtained! When I first started this game I had no clue how hard it was going to be. I must admit I really enjoyed this game. It’s a really fun, challenging platformer. Getting through all the levels was fun and challenging. Getting all warp zones was even more challenging. Some warp zones were though! Getting all bandages was also tough since some were really hard to get. But what makes this platinum so damn hard is the fact that you have to play through each chapter without dying. Each chapter contains 20 levels. So 20 levels in a row without dying. The problem is… you die so quickly in this game. One little mistake can screw up your run. At first I was thinking how the hell am I going to get this done? But as I kept playing I was getting better and better. Practice makes perfect. I put in a lot of hours to master each level and that’s how I got it done. Especially not dying on Rapture and Cotton Alley was beyond crazy. Have you seen those levels?! They’re freakin' hard man! I’m soooo proud that I finally got it done. I loved how people told me in the beginning when I was streaming: ’Say goodbye to your completion rate’. Or like in other words: ’You’ll never be able to achieve this plat’. Well.. do you have any clue who you’re talking to? No? You’re talking to the guy that never gives up no matter how hard the challenge may be. Pure dedication! YEAH! :yay:




:platinum: #116: Need for Speed: Rivals


Platinum Trophy 
Earn all Need for Speed™ Rivals Trophies


Main game

It's been a while since I've played a NFS so I was really looking forward to play another one. However this one didn't live up to my expectations, sadly. It's still a decent NFS but not as good as the others IMO. First of all you can't pause the game. Like seriously? It's really annoying. After each mission you have to drive to your hideout. Like why didn't they make an option to switch between missions in-game? Next to that it's glitchy too. At some points it doesn't register SP at all. Also sometimes it spawns vehicles out of nowhere. Like for example I'm driving with 400 km/h (250 mp/h) on a freeway with nothing before me, and suddenly out of nowhere a vehicle appears which makes me crash. Really annoying.


Normally the side of the Racers is my favorite part but in this game it wasn't. That's because racers didn't have that much vehicles to unlock which was stupid. Like no Bugatti, no Hennessy. Really?


The Cops on the other hand had all these amazing vehicles. That's why I enjoyed the Cop side more than the racers side.


Trophy-wise it's a pretty easy list. Getting 100 Gold medals wasn't a problem. I'm surprised you didn't have to get a gold medal for all missions. Getting to rank 60 for Cop and Racers was kind of a grind. To keep it short: Decent game, easy plat. Hopefully the next NFS I'm playing will be better 


:platinum: #117: Far Cry 2


Earn the highest honors


Main game

Another ultra rare to add to the collection! I really have mixed feelings about this game. It’s a decent game but it has a lot of flaws though. First of all the map in this game is huge! You’d think that you won’t come across many people since the map is so big, but the weird part is that you do. There is almost no way to just drive/walk peacefully since you’ll come across some enemies like every ten seconds which is really annoying! Worst part is that most of the time they’ll destroy your vehicle and you’ll have to repair it. And then ten second later it happens again. And again. Really annoying.


Many, many collectibles and missable trophies which took the fun out of it IMO. Luckily none of them did glitch on me. I just couldn’t see myself doing it all over again.


The multiplayer is a HUGE grindfest. You have to get every manual for every weapon which takes roughly 50-80 hours to do. Headshots don’t count as kills which doesn’t make sense at all. Worst part is that the servers are particularly unstable thus meaning losing progress is possible to happen. It happened to me a few times which was really annoying.


The story wasn’t so bad. I liked how buddies came to rescue you when you were in trouble and that they could actually die. It felt more real. I can see why this platinum is so rare. It takes some serious dedication to go throughout all of this. Especially when losing progress in the multiplayer section It;s really demotivating. But as long as you stay positive you’ll get through it . Really glad that I’m done with it! 


:platinum: #118: L.A. Noire


Platinum Trophy 
Collect all other trophies to unlock.


Main game

Awesome game. This one had so much in common with Mafia II, which is one of my favorite games on the PS3. I really enjoyed the story. I've seen a lot of people complaining about the collectibles in this game, but honestly, I didn't have any problems with them. Every time a street crime appeared I drove to it and completed it, so I didn't have to do them later on. Landmarks and the Filmreels weren't a problem thanks to fast travel!  The cars weren't a problem either tbh. When I was playing through the story I mostly got into any car I thought I haven't driven before. So after the story I already got like 70-80 out of 95 cars done. Clean-up didn't take too long . Trophy wise it's pretty easy. Easy and FUN 



At first I didn't even realise the DLC missions were there since there was no specific option to choose on the menu. But later on I realised they were put in between the story. The DLC missions were awesome. Even better than the origional missions. Favorite mission from the DLC was the 'Nicholson Electroplating' one. It was explodingly good, if ya know what I mean. :eyebrow:


:platinum: #119: Assasins Creed Rogue


Platinum Trophy 
Unlock all other trophies


Main game

Out of all the Assassin's Creed I've played this must be the easiest one. Probably the main reason of that is because they didn't include multiplayer, which was unfortunate. Don't get me wrong, I do think Assassin's Creed is more of a Single Player game, but I always enjoyed the Multiplayer part. I was surprised how the story went, I had never expected that. I'm glad that you were still able to sail with your own boat, and completing naval missions. I really enjoy these naval fights, since they can be challenging sometimes. But what I didn't like is the fact that you get cheats as a reward for completing challenges. I really dislike using cheats. And the worst part? They include trophies were you have to use cheats. Like, seriously? They actually encourage you to use cheats. Nevertheless still an enjoyable Assassin's Creed game.


:platinum: #120: Ninja Gaiden Σ2


Master of the Secret Arts 
Obtain all trophies.


Main game

Sooo this is supposed to be one of the hardest plats on PS3? Well I can tell you.. it is! This game was really, really challenging. When I started my first playtrough on Warrior (normal) I already got my ass kicked by most bosses. My Mentor (hard) play trough went pretty smooth (probably because I was used to the mechanics). But my Master Ninja playtrough?  Holy... I think I've never seen the Game Over screen so many times. Every enemy, YES EVERY enemy can insta-kill you. If you get grabbed it's Game Over. This difficulty is brutal and so unforgiving. Now you're probably thinking 'Damn can that get any worse?' The answer to that is YES!


Team Missions. Instead of just fighting one regular boss that can insta-kill you (which is already bad on it's own) they now decide that you have to fight against 3 bosses AT THE SAME TIME! These team mission are really difficult. Luckily I had a really good Co-op partner who helped me out with the team missions. His name is Sergen-The-Boss and he's a NGS2 veteran. Credits to him for getting me through the team missions!


This game is pure trial and error, a bit of luck and a loads of practice! Proud of achieving this one. Another awesome  to add to the collection!  


:platinum:#121: Resident Evil Revelations


Eye on the Trophy 

Obtain all trophies.


Main game

First off let me start with saying that platinum image is cool! Haha, alright, now on topic! Revelations wasn’t as good as RE5, but definitely better than RE6. As with most RE’s the story was enjoyable, but sadly it didn’t contain Co-op. Getting a total of 150 bonuses was a bit annoying and getting to level 50 and getting 10,000 kills was quite a grind, but luckily it wasn’t that bad. Looking forward to play RE:R2. Heard it was less grindy, which is definitely a positive thing 


:platinum:#122: LA Cops


Platinum Badge 

Only the best of the best earn the right to wear a platinum cop badge.


Main game

Only the best of the best earn the right to wear a platinum cop badge… really? The best of the best? Seems like it doesn’t take much to be the best of the best haha. This game was really easy and fun aswel. The auto-aim made this game a joke. You can literally walk in a room and mash the auto-aim and shoot button and everyone is dead. Nightmare difficulty disabled the auto-aim function, which made it a little bit more challenging, but despite that it was still very easy lmao. What surprised me the most is the amount of golden trophies this game has. Not complaining though.. I mean.. who doesn’t like golden trophies?! 




:platinum: #123: FUSE


Platinum Trophy 
Earn all trophies.


Main game

Fun, Unique, Superior and Excellent. I guess that's what FUSE stands for, right? This game was awesome! I really enjoy playing Co-op games, and this was one of the better ones I've played. Fuse is a game where teamwork is essential. You're quite dependent on your squad. Luckily this was no big deal since I've had the honour to play with such a great squad (Me, my brother and TheYuriG). It was a fun journey, with loads of action. The story was a bit on the short side, but still enjoyable. The Echolon mode was awesome! I think even more awesome than the story mode itself. In Echolon you fight twelve waves of enemies. Each wave it gets harder and harder. This mode provides pure action! If anyone is looking  for a good co-op game I recommend this game.


Last but definitely not least, I'd like to thank TheYuriG for helping me attain most of the trophies. We've been speedrunning through the game and thanks to him I've made it to #1 on the Fastest achiever list! :) 


:platinum: #124: Rocket League


Unlock All Trophies


Main game
Daaanggg this game was awesome!! So far this is probably my most favorite PS4 game. I enjoyed every second of it.

For those who are not familiar with Rocket League (Wait.. have you been laying underneath a rock?!) it's a game where you play football with cars! Being able to customize your own car was a really cool feauture. There were so much possibilities and choices. My favorite car was the Ripper. The Ripper itself looks badass and adding it with camo paint and cool stickers made it look even more badass. Here's how it looked like

4J4UeYZ.pngLooks intimidating, right?  

Trophy-wise it's a really easy list. I could've done it A LOT faster, but I decided to play most of the games online since it was so much fun! You know whats even more fun? The ending score after each match! Me and my brother were a great team. I think from all the online matches we've played, we've won around 80-90% of them. Here's just an example of an end score:


And after a lot of fun matches...    


Overall most of the DLC trophies were fast earned and were fun to attain. However, there was one trophy which was really luck based and took quite a while to achieve. I had a really hard time obtaining one of these certified items. It took quite some time before I finally had one. Luckily the requirement were wins of matches which made me level up my certified item pretty fast.  


:platinum: #125: Goat Simulator


All The Goat! 
Unlock all the Goat Trophies!


Main game

One of the easiest games I've ever played and the shortest game aswel. Even though it was so easy and short it was still fun. Trophy-wise it's ridiculously easy. So easy in fact, that when I wanted to unlock a specific trophy I had already unlocked it without noticing it. Dafuq.


The music on this game wasn't too bad, but after a while it got repititive and it started to annoy me. And what do you do on such moment? Exactly, you make your own music instead! Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you: Deadgoa7!



As I said before, the trophy list is really easy, but there was one trophy which was a bit annoying. Yes you know exactly what I'm talking about. It's the Infamous Flappy Goat! Even though this one is annoying it didn't take me too long. Probably around ten minutes or so. 


And after a massive playtime of approx 4 hours (Damn, talking about time-consuming) this  is mine!



:platinum: #126: Tales from the Borderlands


We Had Fun, Didn't We? 
Complete Tales From The Borderlands


Main game

Yes indeed, we had fun! Another great TellTale story. Since I've played both Borderlands and Borderlands 2 I saw some familiar faces in this tale, which was fun. What was even more fun was the story itself. Funny jokes, exciting scenes and so on. TellTale sure knows how to make a good story. Very enjoyable 


:platinum: #127: I am Bread


I Am Bread 
Obtain all other Trophies


Main game

This game might look like child's play at first, but never judge a book by it's cover. This is by far one of the hardest platinums I've ever obtained. The mechanics in this game are absolutely horrendous, but after practicing a lot I got better and better. The game provided five challenging chapters, each chapter using different food and having a different objective.


First off you have the Bread chapter, which was IMO the second hardest one. The objective? Getting your bread toasted. The catch? Doing it almost perfectly. Most levels were challenging, but doable. The one that really gave me struggle was level 3. This level took me three days to beat! THREE DAYS! Ofcourse I wasn't playing full-time, but definitely a lot of hours have been put in to beat it with the highest rank available.


Besides that you had the Bagel chapter, which was the easiest of them all. The goal was to complete the race as fast as possible going through different checkpoints. I really enjoyed this chapter.


Thirdly you had the Baguette chapter, which wasn't too bad. This was finally a chapter where you could get some redemption for all the rage! Smashing every object that comes in your way.


Furthermore you had the Zero Gravity zone, which wasn't too bad either once you got the hang of the mechanics. The goal was to fly to the toaster while having no gravity, which sounds like fun, but definitely isn't .


And last, but definitely not least: The Infamous Cheese hunt chapter! This was by far the hardest chapter of them all. In this game mode you had to collect five pieces of cheese scattered around the room. The problem was that you're playing as a cracker. You know how crackers are, right? They are very, very fragile. The goal was to collect the five pieces of cheese as fast as possible. Every level was challenging on its own, but the garden level was really, really, really hard. To be honest, I think I've done this level more times than I've done every level combined. 


Once again, it was a hell of a ride, but I've made it through! Really happy with this platinum.  




:platinum: #128: Game of Thrones


Lord of Ironrath 
Completed Season 1 of Game of Thrones.


Main game

So after the great succes of the previous TellTale game I just couldn't resist playing another one (almost) straight after. Even though I haven't watched the series I hadn't much trouble following the story. After a while you get used to the characters and stuff so yeah. Just like the previous TellTale games this game is full of epic, unexpected, beatiful and awesome moments. Yet again, TellTale sure knows how to deliver a good story. Really looking forward to the next season! 


:platinum: #129: Catherine


Cheers To You! 
Earn all other Trophies!


Main game

Haha, man I love these stories! Especially stories with different outcomes like this one. The story was really well written and I really enjoyed it. It was really cool to see that your actions could lead to different endings. Something similar to the Telltale games, however this one was way challenger of course 


At first I had a hard time with making a good path. Basically I was just pushing and pulling blocks without thinking.  But then I came accros some sheep that wanted to share techniques. The tips coming from the other sheep were really helpful. The key to succes was mastering these techniques. Moving blocks had to become your second nature.


After getting gold prizes on all hard stages I went straight to Babel mode. I was expecting pure hell, since mesmerizing wasn't an option. Why? The stages in Babel mode are randomized. So following a guide wasn't an option. Each game will be different. But even though this problem I didn't have much trouble with the stages. I've aced the first stage and for the last three I needed a few tries. I was expecting to put in hours and hours, but luckily that wasn't the case. 


On the other hand, the Rapunzel mini-game was pure hell! I wasn't expecting that at all! Yes, I know you have unlimited lives and stuff. But still, have you seen those puzzles? I had to use a guide for most of them, because they are insane. You really have to think outside the box cube. Get it?  . Even the puzzles on normal were hard, but then they decided that's not enough and put in 64 more puzzles which are even harder. I have no problems with a few, but playing a total of 128 is too much IMO. Like, really?


And so our journey has ended. Another awesome platinum to add to the collection!    


:platinum: #130: Table Top Racing: World Tour


TTR Legend! 
Unlock all Trophies


Main game

Guess who's back? That's right! After almost four months of not popping a single platinum trophy I've decided that it was time to get back into action again! And damn it feels good to be back! Table Top Racing was a decent racing game. I really enjoyed it in the first few hours. After a while it gets repetitive though. There are only five maps in the game and many of the same game modes. Not many cars nor many items to use. No backwards firing aswel which was unfortunate. Trophy-list is easy, but the drifting challenge was a bit challenging at first. Normally there was an exploit for that, but it got patched. So I had to do it the hard way. Not that it was that hard once you learned how to drift. Still took some time though.  




The fact that they've made new content for this game was quite a surprise at first. Just like the main game the content was decent, although I really, really, really hated these overtake races. It was so frustrating. Having to get past other cars, but all they do is get in your way. They were programmed to fuck with you basically. Super annoying. Both new maps were interesting at first, but after playing them several times it wasn't so special anymore. Hopefully they don't add more content because it was quite a chore to finish all these races.


:platinum: #131: Beyond: Two Souls


Collected all trophies!


Main game

Amazing. Simply amazing. I had been waiting for a long time to play this game. Was really excited when I first booted it up and I'm glad it didn't disappoint.


The story was really neat. At first it was a bit confusion though, since the story isn't told in a chronological way, but in the end it all became clear. Straight from the beginning this story was interesting and had my full attention. Seeing what Jodie is able to do with her special gift is really interesting. The process she was going through seemed tough and I felt a lot of sympathy for her.


I can understand why this game does have loads of mixed reviews though. There are people, including me, that love science-fiction and fantasy stories. That's one of the reasons I liked this game so much. On the other hand, there are people which prefer more realistic stories. I think thats one of the biggest reasons that this game has mixed reviews. 


:platinum: #132: ZOMBI


The Ultimate Survivor 
Earn every Trophy in the game


Main game

Not bad nor great. A decent survival game with some good and bad moments.


What I liked about this game was whenever you died you spawned as a new character. With his new character you had to search for your bag, which was on the previous character. On arrival the previous character, in which case is me, was either dead or turned into a zombie. I think this is a pretty neat concept and I've never seen it before. It was fun to see your previous character being a zombie  


However, they still made a pretty big mistake regarding this new survivor idea. All the characters in the game still talk to you as if you're the same person, which doesn't make sense obviously. You've spawned as a new character, so why do they still see you as the old character? Doesn't really make sense to me. 


Next to that there were a couple other flaws in the game which were quite annoying. First of all the sensitivity in this game was so damn slow. I've turned it up to a 100% but it still felt very slow. Secondly some parts of the game were just so annoying. I died a couple times due to friendly fire. Next to that there was a section where you have to get through the water surpassing some zombies. In such situation it's really important to protect yourself from zombies, right? My character on the other side doesn't think so. He cares more about his flower bag. When I walk through the water it automatically pulls out the bag and holds it above water to keep it dry, even though I'm getting chased by these zombies. Seems like my bag is more important than my life, apparently. And at that point I get stuck between zombies and die. Right.


Even though these flaws it still had its moments here and there. Especially the jump-scares in this game were right on point. That's also something that makes this game stand out from other zombie games, I guess. For example I rushed through some zombies and wanted to climb up a ladder. The next thing you know there plays an animation with a zombie pulling me off and climbing on top of me. I didn't expect that at all. Same as with when I was in a vent. Suddenly I get grabbed by a zombie and get pulled out. They really know how to scare the sht out of you sometimes  


Overall a decent game. Glad I'm done with it. Next challenge, please! 




:platinum: #133: Overwatch: Origins Edition


Overwatch Platinum Trophy 
Collect all other Overwatch trophies.


Main game

Cheers, Love! The Cavalry's Trophy Hunter is here!   


Overwatch is by far the best online multiplayer experience I've ever had. It's unique, fun and challenging. Especially playing with friends was really fun.


There are a lot of heroes to choose from and each has their own ability. I've played with numerous heroes and some were really nice to play with, like McGree or Genji. McGree's High Noon Ultimate is really awesome. Love how you could take out the whole enemy team with your Deadeye ability. Also Genji was really cool to play with. What I liked most was the deflect ability. It felt so damn good when you kill someone with their own weapon. Even though these heroes were really nice to play with, there is just one hero that I absoluty love and rocked. He's my all time favorite hero.. and that is..


My favorite hero is Reaper! His shotguns are really powerful and his Ultimate (Death Blossom) can devastate the whole enemy team in matter of seconds! Whenever I played as him I went into Beast Mode. The most kills I've ever had in one match was 80. Also my highest killstreak with him is 35. Thirtyfive kills without dying, crazy right? Either these guys I got matched up were really bad or I'm pretty good with reaper. Or both.




There are a few things I really liked about this game.


First of all you get credits for the damage you're dealing towards an enemy. Normally on FPS games when multiple people shoot an enemy then only one guy gets an assist. On Overwatch on the other hand, everyone that damages the enemy gets some credits, which is really cool.


Loot boxes. Damn these boxes are a nice addition to leveling up. Now you're not just aiming for a higher rank, but also to obtain these loot boxes! With these loot boxes you can obtain cool skins and stuff. So awesome. Especially getting a legendary item in your lootbox and you're like: Ooooooh my gaaawdd.  


The diversity this game offers. You might think that this game gets old after a while. A limited amount of heroes and maps to play. In fact it never gets old. Each and every game is different. Every time you fight against different teams/heroes and for some reason it always feels different than last time. Different opportunities, choices to make, etc.


Safely said: This is the Game of the Year for me. Even though I've grabbed this platinum I'll be playing this game a lot more just for fun. So for those who play this game regulary and need a good Reaper in their team > Hit me up. For those who don't own the game.. well.. the world can always use more heroes, am I right?  





Well.. well.. well.. What do we have here?  A new hero?! Awesome! Both trophies for Ana were really easy to obtain and I had fun playing as her


:platinum: #134: OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood


Academy Award 
Obtain all Trophies


Main game

OlliOlli2 was quite a tricky platinum (Get it? Because in this game you perform tricks.. and.. eh.. I'll let myself out. ). The hardest part of this platinum was getting used to the controlls. Getting to Titan's Sky on my Amateur wasn't a big deal, but from there on the required amount of points got higher, which ment I had to perform switches into my combo's. That was a big deal at first, since I've had done all previous levels without them. So at that point I had practice doing combo's with these switches. Took a while to get used to, but made it much and much easier to get the required amount of points.


So after I mastered the tricks and had the knowledge on how to get a high combo I was all set. Both Amateur and Pro playtroughes went really smooth. The challenges weren't too difficult. Most of them were easy, but some challenges provided a bit of a challenge. Especially performing stuns that I had never perform before could be a bit hard. I must admit though, that most challenges were pretty similair, which made it feel like it was more of a grind.


After completing all challenges for both Amateur and Pro I've unlocked RAD mode. In RAD mode you have to perform every combo, grind and landing perfectly. Sounds tough? Yes. Was it tough, tho? Not at all. By the time I reached RAD mode I almost did everything perfectly, so doing everything perfect in one level wasn't really hard. Most levels only took me a few tries to complete. Some were a bit harder though, but overall it was pretty damn easy. Fun game tho. 




:platinum: #135: Call of Duty: Black Ops III


Awarded when all other trophies have been unlocked.


Main game

Finally a Call of Duty that requires a bit more than just completing the story mode on Veteran and mopping up misc trophies. Not the best Call of Duty in the series, but definitely some improvement from the last couple games.


What I absolutely loved about this game was the Co-op feature. Playing the story with friends made it a lot more enjoyable, and also a lot more easy. Even Realistic mode was pretty easy thanks to Co-op mode, since now you can just revive eachother instead of getting insta-killed and have to start from last checkpoint. That's a huge adventage!


The hardest part of this platinum was getting the Personal Decorator trophy. To obtain this gem you have to earn a total of nine medals. These medals where nowhere easy to obtain. Some were grindy, while others were challenging. Getting all weapons, camos and attachments was quite the grind. Luckily, atleast for me, it went by pretty fast. Completing all Acollades for each mission also took quite some time. Most of them were easy, but some were really annoying. Especially when you fail one and after that moment there's a checkpoint. This forces you to start the mission from scratch which takes even more time. Next to that you had to complete different challenges. Luckily I've had completed most of them in the end, so doing the rest didn't take that long. The other challenges were pretty straight-forward. The hardest one was probably not dying on Veteran difficulty. Luckily due to my good Co-op partner that wasn't too much trouble though. 


The multiplayer was meh... Didn't really like it tbh. Back in the day I used to be really fond of the Multiplayer in COD, but now it was a bit over the top for me. Hopefully in the future it'll get back to the old school. 





I haven't played this DLC yet.


:platinum: #136: InFAMOUS: Second Son


Enjoy Your Powers 
Collect all trophies


Main game

Looking from where Infamous came from, and looking at where it is now, I can say it has improved a lot. The newer infamous games are great. The story was a bit short, but the ability of having all these awesome super powers definitely made up for that. Unlike First Light, you actually had a lot more powers to choose from. On one side I think this is a really cool feature. Now you can discover these powers and experiment with them. On the other side I'd love seeing that each person was tied to their power. This way Delson would depend way more on his friends, which would enhance their teamwork, and probably their friendship aswel. So yeah mixed feelings about that. Anyways, this game was a great experience! I'm looking forward to the next infamous!




:platinum: #137: Bioshock


Collected all other BioShock trophies


Main game

OH MY GOD!!! Alright, I'm gonna be honest about this. So I was checking my backlog the other day and just couldn't decide what to play. So I went with the first game on my list which was Bioshock. For some reason I wasn't expecting much. Bioshock is an old game after all. Jokes aside, I was hooked straight from the beginning. I've had a blast playing through this game and enjoyed every second of it. The atmosphere is just, amazing. I've had moments when I walked into a room and just stood there admiring the environment. Especially rooms with glass windows. I could spend minutes watching Rapture and looking into the abyss. This game is really immersive. For me this was one of my better game experiences, and now I'm all hyped to play the next Bioshock. Heck I might even start it straight away. 



Overall the DLC was short and fun. Just like the main game it provided a lot of enjoy. Although, most of the DLC, was a bit different than the main game.


The first two DLC's were focussed on puzzling, rather than fighting. To be honest, I enjoyed doing these puzzles and I hope they will focus on this aspect later on aswel. It's something different than what a FPS does, which makes it stand out, which is good imo.


The last DLC was fighting all around! This DLC was pretty challenging imo. Overall the trophies were not that difficulty, but one trophy was quite a pain. You had to complete the DLC within 15 minutes of time. Even though I did this one on my first try, it was still pretty tough. I barely made it. Finishend with 14 minutes and 57 seconds. Close call. Really glad I pulled that off first try. 


:platinum: #138: Coffin Dodgers


Collect all Coffin Dodgers trophies.


Main game
Was looking for a fun and easy game to blow off some steam. Coffin Dodgers was exactly what I needed. Game was hilarious. Altho after a while it got a bit repititive. The only downside was that you couldn't repeat any races after proceeding to the next one. Didnt know that at first so I had to restart my playtrough  . Luckily the races didn't take that long and I wasn't that far into the game, but still starting over is never fun. Playing as Death was fun aswel, since now you could a scythe instead of a normal melee weapon, which gave you a bigger adventage of winning a melee battle. Altho those melee battles (with exception on the beginning of the race) didn't happen that often, since most, if not all the time, I was always way ahead of the others.



:platinum: #139: Bioshock Infinite


Collected all other BioShock trophies


Main game

After completing Bioshock one I was really hooked to the franchise, so I just couldn't resist booting this bad boii up almost straight away. Did it live up to the Hype? Absolutely. Just like previous Bioshocks it was an amazing adventure all along. Just like it's precursors the atmosphere was just amazing! Altho this time it gave me a little bit of a different vibe. Not necessarily a bad thing, just different locations, different feelings. Still the whole environment is just so immersive. On previous Bioshock I could stand there looking and admiring things for minutes. On Infinite it was exactly the same. Standing there looking at all these awesome floating buildings, looking into the distance and just being amazed by the awesome environment. 


Sadly, every good thing has come to an end. So does the Bioshock series aswel. I had a blast playing through these games! Definitely one of the better FPS games I've played! 



Hands down one of the best DLC's I've ever played.


The Arena one was quite tedious tbh. Didn't really like it. Especially getting the blue ribbon's was annoying. Overall I don't really like Arena based game-modes (Takes me back to Borderlands 1's DLC, Moxxxi's Arena battles, yukkkk...). So yeah no Arena battles pls 


But DANG!! Burial At Sea was AMAZING. Probably did enjoy it even more than the main game itself. It's just.. the atmosphere man. Rapture is just awesome. Following the events which happend before Bioshock 1 was really interesting. By playing this DLC it all made a lot more sense now. Highly recommend anyone to play this amazing DLC if you're into the Bioshock story.


:platinum: #140: Furi


Platinum Trophy 
Collect all trophies


Main game

Pretty unique fast paced action game. It was nice to not having to worry about collectibles and such this time. It was fighting all the way, and I enjoyed it a lot. In the beginning it was a bit tough killing certain bosses, but after practicing for a while it was really easy. What surprised me the most was how easy it was to obtain a 'S' rank on both Furi and Furier difficulty. Got both first try and I messed up on some parts. So it was really forgiving when going for the S rank runs. All in all great game, entertaining and a decent challenge.


:platinum: #141: Saints Row: Gat out of Hell


Scorched Savior 
Collect all other Saints Row: Gat out of Hell trophies


Main game

This is my first time playing a Saints Row game and sadly I didn't enjoy it that much. The story was okay, but really short. It had a few fun moments here and there, but nothing special. If there's anything I dislike the most when going for a platinum, it's doing a cleanup. Guess what? After the story of SR all you do is a huge, HUGE cleanup. It's just side missions, challenges and collecting over a 1000, YES A 1000 COLLECTIBLES. Luckily those where displayed on the map, but still. Ughh.


Although, not everything was that bad. The gameplay was fun. Loved that you could travel really fast by using your super powers. Also the random shit that occured was fun sometimes (I'm talking about you Professor Genki). Weapons were extremely OP when maxed out. 


Honestly, I think this game is more suitable for people that want to just mess around. Nothing more and nothing less. Just having fun destroying everything. The road to platinum however was quite a chore and wasn't really a great experience. Glad I'm done with it though. Might have to think twice before starting any new Saints Row game. We'll see. 




:platinum: #142: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance


Obtain all Trophies.


Main game

First time I've ever played a Metal Gear game and I absolutely loved it! The story was decent, the gameplay was absolutely kicking ass and the music was amazing! 


The VR missions were surprisingly easy imo. I've heard from a lot of people that the VR missions were the difficult spike this game provided, but I had no problems with them. Most of the VR missions took me a few tries. Some VR missions were even completed on my first attempt! The only one I struggled a bit with, was VR #18. Even though that was the hardest, it still took like 1-2 hours at max. So it definitely wasn't as bad as I expected it to be.


The toughest part about this platinum was getting a 'S' rank on all mission on Revengeance Mode. I've made it a huge mistake that made it a million times harder than it actually was though. Everytime I started a new playtrough, I chose new game instead of continue. Figured that'd make sense since you're starting a new game. I expected that continue would just start up the final boss again (Most games do this). So when I started doing my S rank on Revengeance I absolutely got destroyed. It took me hours to just beat one level. After watching people see doing those S ranks I saw that they all had fully upgraded gear and unl. Jack the Ripper mode, which surprised me a lot. Then I realised there was a NG+! So after that I just did a speedrun on normal and started doing the S rank run with fully upgraded Gear. And boy, what a huge difference it was! To my surprise it was really, really easy attaining S ranks with upgraded Gear. The only struggle for me was doing the Monsoon fight without getting hit. Honestly, he wasn't even that tough. He just got extremely lucky. Literaly every time I got hit at the very, very end. It was quite frustrating, but felt so good once I had beaten him flawlessly.


All in all great experience. Definitly one of my more favorite games so far. Can't stop listening to the sound tracks too, they are really good. Mistrals theme is by far my favorite one. 


- still need to play this one -


:platinum: #143: Hitman GO


Agent 47 
Collect all trophies for Hitman GO: Definitive Edition.


Main game

Didn't really expect much from this 'simple' game, but it turned out to be quite fun. Most of the levels were easy, but some were pretty challenging to figure out.


One thing I absolutely loved about this game was the references they made to previous Hitman Games. Some levels were based on the levels from previous Hitman Games, so it was fun seeing those coming back. Brought back some memories about the previous games 


One thing I hated though was the camera-angle sometimes. For example, there's a clear road ahead. I'm pressing four times up, and on the third time it randomly switches to another camera angle. Then I instantly move to another directer, which result in getting killed sometimes or messing up the objectives.


Altogether it's a fun platinum. I've heard there's going to be a Lara Croft Go as well. When that one will be on sale, I'll probably pick it up.




:platinum: #144: Everybody's Gone To The Rapture


This Pattern is Mine 
You got them all. You got them all.


Main game

Definitely not what I expected it to be, sadly. For some reason I had really high expectations before I started playing this game. If there's anything I do love about games, it's games with a good story and that are immersive. After seeing the trailer I expected this game to live up to that, but it just didn't. The story was quite confusing, the walking was just horrible.. It was just too slow. And yes I'm aware that there is a run button, but I barely noticed the difference. Almost like it didn't do anything. The only good part about this game was the transitioning from day to night. When an event was active the atmosphere changed, and with that atmosphere it felt really magical and immersive. That's what I really liked. But these events have a really short timespan, so after that it turns back to the day setting, which I didn't find too interesting. Also there were a lot of collectibles. I really tried to get into this game. Did my very best trying to like it, but I just couldn't. Seems that walking simulator games aren't ment for me. I'd rather have fast paces badass action. Luckily this game didn't take too long. Can't image spending more than ten hours in this game lol. 


:platinum: #145: Surgeon Simulator


There Is Nothing More To Teach... 
Completed every achievement. Now go save lives!


Main Game

Surprisingly this platinum was a lot easier than I expected it to be. What surprised me even more is the amount of Ultra Rare trophies in this list, whilst they are quite easy to obtain. Most of them that is. Not complaining though, more UR's hooray. The controls in this game were kinda similar to I am Bread. Just some bad controls at first, but with practice you'll get the hang of it.


Most of the levels were actually pretty fun, but some were also quite annoying. Especially the Ambulance and Space levels were annoying. The Ambulance was annoying because when going for A++ you had to prevent the patient from blood loss as much as possible. Problem is the driver of the Ambulance is drunk or something because his driving style is the worst in history. He makes so many turns which results in all kind of objects flying into the patient. This means that the patient is losing hundreds of ml's of blood within seconds, making an A++ rank near impossible. There's definitely some luck involved in that one.


As for the space levels they were annoying as well. Most annoying part is when you want to grab one of the items and you accidentally push it away and you basically lost that item. To regular items it isn't too bad since there are quite a few of them, but the organs? Absolutely nightmare! Especially the kidney surgeon! Placing one kidney in the body, then trying to grab the other and accidentally pushing it away and it's gone. Gotta start the whole Surgeon again yukk.


Alien level was by far my most favorite one. Very simple and it's just cool having another theme/setting. Only disappointment was that its kinda glitched. Before starting the surgery the game tells you which surgery you have to perform, but once I put the right organs in it it doesn't do anything. Turns out I had to do another Surgery. Annoying.


Overall this platinum was a decent challenge. As mentioned above some levels were frustrating, but in the end it didn't take me that long to complete. Hopefully Bossa Studio's will make another game, because I've had a lot of fun with I am Bread and Surgeon Simulator. 




:platinum: #146: Resident Evil Revelations 2


The Never-Ending Nightmare
Unlock all trophies.


Main Game

Didn't really expect much from this since the first game was meh... it was alright, but not great either. This one however was a lot better! The main reason of that is the setting in my opinion. Resident Evil Revelations happened somewhere on a boat. This setting was during a forest/abandoned city. For me this made it more thrilling and a lot more interesting. The story was alright, altho the fact that one QTE in chapter 3 does determine the outcome of the story was a bit stupid in my opinion. At first I just mashed the shit out of these buttons and before the game stated 'You can change characters by triangle' I already killed the boss. Then later on I got the ending and was like wtf? This is the worst ending ever? Then it turned out you had a good and bad ending and I was like oooh.. right. It made a lot more sense with the good ending. 


To my surprise this platinum is even Ultra Rare. Difficulty wise it wasn't that bad. Got everything done first try, this included normal play trough, time attack and Invincible mode. The only tedious part was going for the medals, as it required you to do multiple play troughs of some chapters. Like I haven't done enough already after going through the story three damn times.. right. Luckily each play trough had a different challenge, which made it feel a bit less repetitive. 




:platinum: #147: Color Guardians


Win all trophies in the game!


Main Game

Even though this game was really simple it was also really fun. Really liked the look and feel of the game. The style was neat. What surprised me was the amount of collectibles you had to collect. The game offered a lot of collectibles, but turns out you only have to gather a few of them and you're already done, which is nice. The levels were super easy and didn't take long to complete. What I liked was that you could switch characters. That yellow guy was the most badass imo. Too bad all characters are similar when it comes down to their abilities. Would've been cool if every character has some sort of their own ability. Nevertheless great game and loads of fun.




:platinum: #148: The Deadly Tower of Monsters


Laundry list 
Complete all other missions


Main Game

I'm really glad I decided to give this game a chance. The first few minutes I didn't really enjoy it. In fact, I was planning to quit this game after the first few minutes. The graphics were okay, but the way the monsters moved was really weird. It felt like they were lagging all the time. Later on I realised this wasn't some kind of lagg, but it was more ment as stop motion, which made a lot more sense. The moment this game really caught my interest was when I started climbing this huge tower. Oh my god I wasn't expecting this tower to be that huge. It was really awesome to jump of the tower sometimes, just to experience this free falling. Furthermore the commentary on this game was hilarious. Definitely had a lot of fun while playing this game.




:platinum: #149: Virginia


I never made decisions. Things always came up and made them for me.


Main Game

Worst game I've player in years! Absolute nightmare. First of all the story was super confusing. Next to that the transitioning between scenes was absolutely horrible. One moment you're walking through a corridor, and the next second you're in another scene. Not even a black fading screen, just poof new scene. Then there was even one more thing which was even worse than the things mentioned above (Wait, is that even possible?). This game actually made me feel miserable, which I've never experienced before in my gaming career, sigh. I've did some research and it turns out that I'm not the only one that experienced this. Apparently this game uses motion blur and runs on a low frame rate, which can cause nausea. During my playtime I've felt miserable as well. Just really sucks, especially since a game has never made me sick before. I'm really glad that this game didn't take too long to complete, because I couldn't stand any more of it. Now let's get back to some quality games, shall we?!




:platinum: #150: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn


A Realm Restored 
Obtain all available FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn trophies.


Main Game

Finally after many hours my quest has come to an end. This is probably the first and last time that I'll go for an MMO platinum. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the Final Fantasy series, but FFXIV is definitely not what I expected it to be. There was just so much to do. There were millions of side quests and it never seemed to end lol. Furthermore the lack of voice-acting made it pretty plain in a lot of cutscenes/conversations. Next to those things there was also a lot of grinding involved. Hours after hours, days after days. It almost felt like I got sucked into this one episode of South Park where they had to grind on the weakest enemies for weeks/months to become stronger than the other guy.




Not everything about this game was bad though. One thing I absolutely adore about this game is the music. Fantastic music which created an awesome atmosphere all around.


Luckily, even with this massive content, the trophies weren't that bad. In fact, they were actually pretty easy to obtain. Most of them were just grindy, but not difficult at all. It could've been a lot worse. Imagine that there were trophies for obtaining all of the quests/side-quests, or reaching to level 60 in each of the classes. Now that'd take a long time.


Anyways, glad I'm done with it. The platinum image looks phenomenal and it's definitely an awesome platinum for my 150th Milestone. :) 




:platinum: #151: Dragon Ball Xenoverse


If You Show Me Your Courage 
Obtained all trophies!


Main Game
It's been a while since my latest Dragon Ball Z game so I was really excited to play this game. I'm glad it didn't disappoint. The game was pretty fun, although I must admit that I liked Battle of Z more than this one. The main reason of that is because this one had a lot more grinding and RNG involved. I think that I've been really lucky with the RNG though. When I was going for all of the skills I've obtained most of them on the first few attempts. Only two skills took a long time to obtain, but overall I'd say it went pretty smoothly. The character customization was one of my favorite features of this game. Also I liked looking at other characters because some of them were pretty badass! Although not as badass as mine B)


:platinum: #152: Tricky Towers


Grand master wizard 
Unlock all trophies.


Main Game

Didn't really expect much when I booted up this game, but it turned out to be pretty fun! Overall this game was pretty easy. Didn't have any trouble with the puzzle and the race modes, but the survival modes sometimes were a bit tricky. Get it? Because this game is called Tricky to-- Alright I'll let myself out lol:lol:.


The multiplayer was a lot of fun too! It was fun doing cups against other players and just having a little competition of who can get as fast to the finish line without your tower falling over. It was hilarious seeing other towers fall apart right before the finish line lol. Definitely recommend this game to anyone that is looking for a fun challenge.




:platinum: #153: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare


The End of War 
Earn all available trophies for Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare.


Main Game

Well that was... unexpected.:blink: After seeing so many bad reviews about this game I actually thought it was going to be a really bad game, but I really enjoyed it. It was nowhere as bad as people said it'd be. The campaign was awesome and the Exo Survival was pretty fun too. I'm not sure why people say this game was garbage? Maybe people just hate the COD franchise in general and label all their games as shit. Might as well just ignore future reviews and try it out regardless. :P 




:platinum: #154: Paladins


Champion of Champions 
Unlock all trophies in Paladins.


Main Game

Overall this game was pretty fun. Especially playing it with friends. I must admit though that this game has a lot in common with Overwatch. It was like playing Overwatch, but then a 'low-budget' version of it. The only problem I had with this game were the heroes. It's extremely unbalanced. Some heroes are absolutely shit, whilst others are extremely overpowered. Especially Sky. She dominates this whole game. That's why she was my favorite character, but still. She's extremely overpowered. At least balance the characters a bit.


Then again.. for a F2P game it was pretty fun. The platinum was easy as well. On to the next one I'd say!




:platinum: #155: Until Dawn


A Symphony of Horror Trophies 
You collected all Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies in Until Dawn


Main Game

I've been wanting to play this game since the day it came out. As a lot of people know I'm a huge fan of games with a good story. Especially games like the TellTale series, Beyond Two Souls and Heavy Rain are among my favorites. Sadly this beauty was never on a sale, until recently. I didn't hesitate at all and bought it straight away. I'm extremely satisfied with this whole experience and I'm really glad it didn't disappoint.


The story was really interesting and especially in the beginning it was really thrilling! The jump scares in this game were really clever. Most of them were really unpredictable. Not only were the jump scares unpredictable, but the story/plot as well. Some events that occurred left me speechless. Few times my mind was blown and all I could say was; What. The. Fu--.


I'm really glad that for once I decided to not focus on the trophies straight away. My first play trough was done without a guide and looking back to it I'm glad I haven't used a guide. For once I had the full experience and I really wanted everything to be spoiler free. Therefore my first play trough was extremely fun and I enjoyed every second of it. Cheers for making this awesome game/experience and hopefully there will be more of these games in the future.




:platinum: #156: Lumo


Ultimate Played The Game 
Wait, you got all the trophies? You didn't cheat, did you?


Main Game

I remember seeing some gameplay of this game a while ago. It looked pretty neat in the first place. So after it recently came to PS+ I felt eager to check it out. Turned out it was pretty fun (in the beginning that is...)


This game looks appealing. Gameplay wise it's a decent platformer, although sometimes it's hard to see where your character is located. I think it's better to watch your shadows, rather than looking at your character. The collectibles in this game were EXTREMELY well hidden. God. Finding them without a guide seems really tough. Luckily it didn't take too long to find all collectibles.


Collecting all the ducks without dying was the worst and to be fair it actually made me dislike this game. To be sure that I obtained that trophy I made sure to backup my save file. Every time death occurred I'd just delete my current save file and download my old save file with no deaths. The problem was that even though I was absolutely sure I did the right thing, it just wouldn't pop. After playing through half of the game three (!) times I finally managed to get it. It was really annoying and felt like such a chore.


To my surprise Old School mode was really easy. Maybe that's because I played through the game a few times before. (Thanks ducks!) Only the ice level was a bit annoying, but overall still pretty easy. So yeah just to close things off; easy and fun platformer, unless you have to run through it a million times just like me. *Looks at them ducks trophy.. ?"




:platinum: #157: Time Crisis: Razing Storm


Storm Razer 
Earn all trophies.


Main Game

This game was actually a lot more fun than I first expected. Didn't really expect much since it's such an old game, but for an old game it's pretty damn good. Arcade mode and Sentry mode were a decent challenge. Especially since I don't own a move controller which makes it significantly harder. But still doable with practice. Story mode was pretty fun, but extremely short imo. Multiplayer was just one big grind. Overall quite an enjoyable fun challenging platinum, except for the Multiplayer part. Luckily that's not included in the remaining two games on the disc, so I'm looking forward to play those :)


:platinum: #158: Atari Flashback Classics vol.2


Platinum trophy
Earn all trophies


Main Game

This game.. was alright, I guess? Most of the trophies were easy, but some were a pain in the ass. Especially Missile Command, achieving 50k score on Asteroids and Steller Track. Took a while to get those out of the way. I was actually surprised that there were so many mini games available on this game. There are a lot of mini games. A bit disappointing that there wasn't a trophy for each mini game. Would've given me more motivation to play them all. Oh well.. atleast I played the majority of them :P




:platinum: #159: Atari Flashback Classics vol.1


Platinum trophy
Earn all trophies


Main Game

The first game was a lot easier compared to Volume 2. Like A LOT easier. Overall pretty fun game modes. Only challenging part was clearing arcade tempest on level 81+ without dying. That game was really confusing at first. Luckily it doesn't take too long to understand it. Out of all mini games I think that I enjoyed the Millipide the most. Mainly because I could shoot a lot of stuff and destroy things :P




:platinum: #160: Raiden IV: OverKill


Obtained all trophies.


Main Game

At last.. this platinum is mine! I've underestimated this game so hard and got absolutely destroyed at first lmao. Most of the trophies are pretty easy and there are a lot of story related trophies. However, the remaining ones are pretty difficult to pull off. In particular the 1cc runs and the dual run.


The 1cc runs require you to complete the whole story (2 loops + secret endboss) without using a continue. That's really challenging at first. Luckily there's an exploit available that makes achieving this slightly easier. You just press start and see where the bullets come from then continue and press start again. I've seen a lot of people on the forums that say that this platinum isn't a big deal due to this exploit. In my opinion they are wrong. Even with this exploit it's still challenging. These 1cc runs take approx 2.5 hours and if you make one false move or lose concentration it's over basically. I also hate that the 1cc runs don't stack. Doing them four times is such a chore. I'm actually surprised that on later difficulties it went a lot smoother. Probably because I was used to the mechanics and exploit.


The Dual run was annoying to say at least. You had to clear the first loop without a continue. Seems easy at first, until you realize you have to control two ships at once, which is really frustrating. Being in control of one ship and dodging bullets is manageable, but two at the same time is bs. So many times I've died due to something stupid because one ship was moving to the left/ride just a bit further than the other ship (I synchronized them so it feels like moving one ship) and getting insta killed by a random bullet. Took a while to get that done, but glad it's done.. because now I've got another awesome plat to add to the collection! :D


:platinum: #161: Life Is Strange


What If? 
Unlock all other trophies from Life Is Strange™


Main Game

This game was a lot better than I first expected it to be. At first I was thinking meh, probably some lame ass lesbian story (Yes, I really thought Chloe and Max were lesbians at first LOL), but man this game was pretty damn neat. The music was pretty unique and story-wise it was really well done. I must admit I got really immersed into the story and had a lot of sympathy for what the characters where going through. Near the end it got a bit confusing though, since so much sht was going on. The hardest part about this game was definitely the last part. That decision to either save or endanger Chloe was really tough. Obviously I wanted to save her so bad, cuz I learned a lot about her.. Unfortunately I didn't do it.. It was really tough to make that decision, but let's be honest.. the whole city was gone and a lot of other innocent people died. The event of Chloe dying was bound to happen sooner or later, so with pain in the heart I went back to the past and restored it all. I'm sorry Chloe. That ending scene at the graveyard was sad. #FeelsBadMan



:platinum:#162: Killing Floor 2


Obtain all other trophies, and be an all around Zed slaying machine


Main Game

This game was okay. The first few hours it was pretty fun. Shooting some zombies with friends. But after a while it got a bit repetitive. One thing what I disliked was the amount of Bosses. Only two bosses in the game, so after a few times I was like okay I've already seen enough. Furthermore the grinding was way too much imo. Didn't thought it'd take that much time to reach 25, just felt like a numb grind. The online wasn't great either, since everyone was abusing the corner exploit which made them basically invulnerable. The shooting/action itself was fun and I liked the slow motion effect. Glad to scrap this one of the list.



:platinum:#163: Lost Planet 2


Snow Pirate Dominator 
For the one who has gotten everything.


Main Game

Well, well, well.. what a journey has this been. For the past weeks, if not months I've been playing Lost Planet 2 nearly on a daily base. The road to platinum wasn't easy and overall it took a lot of time, but it was all worth it and I'm really glad to add this platinum to the collection.

First of all, for a game that's been out for nearly eight years it's a pretty good game. The story was pretty fun and one thing I really liked was the co-op feature. Going through the story and killing bosses with your friends makes it a lot more enjoyable experience. Next to that It's pretty awesome how such an old game has so much features within the game. There are a lot of things you can do. There's a lot of emotes, items you can unlock to customize your character, lots of possibilities to fusion VS's and so on. All in all there's just so much to do that even after hundreds of hours of playing it still feels like you can learn/explore new things. 

The amount of grinding and planning everything is pretty insane. I've completed a lot of games that included grinding, but I don't think any game has ever came close to the amount of grinding in this game. There's just so much things to do and when you look at a list of like 400-500 Nom de Guerres it's really demotivating at first lol. Most of them are pretty easy, but some are plain stupid and really time-consuming.

Overall, difficulty-wise I'd say it's pretty easy. Most of the trophies take a lot of time, but aren't really difficult. However there's one Nom De Guerre that makes this game from easy to EXTREMELY difficult. This Nom requires you to achieve a World Record on one of the 50 missions. This requirement is pretty insane, especially when you come to think about it that this game is nearly eight years old, meaning the records have nearly been pushed to the max. Luckily I wasn't facing this huge challenge alone, but there's one special person who's been helping me through this journey from start to finish. I'd like to give a HUGE THANKS to Dennis-Nine-Five. Thanks to your actions you've made it possible for many people, including myself to achieve a world record on Lost Planet 2. If it wasn't for you I'd have to spend hundreds of hours on practicing a single mission to achieve a world record. I'm extremely grateful that you've shared your wisdom with us and provided strategies on how to beat the world record. You're the best dude!

So yeah, I guess that's all I have to say for now.. once again I'm extremely happy I can add this one to the collection. It was a really long journey, but thanks to my awesome friends I've made it through. I'm really fortunate with all the help and can't thank everyone enough. It has been a blast boys and I'd say on to the next one! #Peace

:platinum:#164: Rayman Legends


Win all trophies in the game!


Main Game

Not as good as I hoped it'd be, unfortunately. Don't get me wrong, I think Rayman is a pretty fun platformer, however I'm really disappointed in the fact that they basically are recycling old levels for more content. I mean, I've already went through Origins. I don't want to do that stuff again. Please. Just don't. Also the daily/weekly challenges were pretty boring. After a while it was constantly the same thing, over and over again. It wasn't really fun and it the worst part was that it took quite a while to reach that last rank.


If there's anything I did like about this game, then it's probably the end song of each of the paintings. Those were pretty fun. When your movement matches the beat/music. I really liked those. They should've done more of those tbh.


So yeah, I'll probably dissappoint a lot of people by saying all of this, but that's just how I felt about the game :P. As long as they stop recycling old levels and actually come with some new fresh content, then count me in. If not, then I might pass the next one. Take notes Ubisoft, aye? :P

:platinum:#165: Star Wars Battlefront


Platinum Trophy 
Collect all other STAR WARS™ Battlefront™ Trophies


Main Game

Even though I know nothing about the SW franchise, this game was huge fun! I think it has become one of my favorite games on the PS4 nowadays. The Multiplayer is extremely fun, especially whilst playing with friends. At first it was a bit confusing with all the heroes and how you'd had to play them, but once figuring out each of their attacks I started to get really good at them and had so much fun whilst playing them. They are extremely overpowered and it's awesome when you just walk into a corridor full of enemies and blast everyone to pieces. Hell yeah. I think Luke Skywalker is probably my favorite Hero. He's super fast and with one force push or attack he can destroy all enemies. :D

After playing the MP for a good amount of time I've started to experience more on the battlefield and noticed I'm extremely good with the air vehicles. This was quite a surprise for me, since usually I'm not that good with them in any other game (i.e. Battlefield). I started playing those vehicles more and more, until a point that I just was aiming to get into an air vehicle all of the time during a match. I didn't want to be on the battlefield anymore, but in the air! And surprisingly I did very well every time and nearly got first place on every map that contained air vehicles. Here's even a video from me taking down 2 ATAT's during the final attack phase of the walkers. It first seemed like we were going to lose, but thanks to those takedowns we won. Super clutch battle :D



Trophy-wise I'd say it's a fun challenge. The missions we're a bit disappointing. I wish there were more missions to play with friends. Would've been a lot more fun. But oh well, maybe they'll implement such thing in SWBF2. Who knows? I'm definitely looking forward to the next one though :D



:platinum:#166: Mamorukun Curse!


The Cursed! 
Collect all trophies.


Main Game

Out of all shmups I've played, I think this one is among my favorite ones. It was fun, cute and relatively easy. There was one mission which was pretty tough. If I remember correctly it was called: Evil Spirits of Nature. All of the levels were pretty simple, but the last stage in the dojo was really annoying on max difficulty. There was a section where you had to avoid some rolling balls in a corridor. Usually I died there like 1-2 times and most of the time I didn't even manage to get to the boss with full health.. and the boss itself was pretty challenging too. 


After I completed that I was like; ugh those remaining stages of Nowa and Fululu and going to be pretty tough too I reckon, but guess what? They were really easy. This surprised me a lot. Completed most of them the first try which was a pretty big relief. :D

All in all great game and fun challenge! Another shmup to add to the collection yay. 

:platinum:#167: Crash Bandicoot


The N. Trepid Crash Bandicoot! 
Collect all the Crash Bandicoot Trophies.


Main Game

Never played a Crash Bandicoot game, so when I saw the series got remastered I just couldn't resist buying it. There are a few good things about this game, but it also has some things that were disappointing to say at least.

First of all the lack of cutscenes was pretty disappointing. I was expecting a good story, but there were almost no cutscenes in this game. Only on the beginning and in the end. Furthermore there wasn't even an option to enable subtitles. I mean, really? We're living in 2017 and you'd expect that games have subtitles. It was pretty annoying, since sometimes during the cutscenes it was hard to hear the dialogue and together with the lack of cutscenes it was just pretty sad.

Luckily enough the gameplay made up a huge part of all the disappointment. The artwork/graphics in this game are incredible. It looks really smooth. It was fun playing the levels and surprisingly the hardest levels became actually my favorite ones. I really enjoyed going through the bridge level. It's probably one of my favorite levels in the game. It was a really fun challenge. Trophy-wise it's pretty straight forward and fun. I'm looking forward to play the remaining two Crash games :)



This level was pretty fun. Like I said before; I tend to like the challenging levels more. And this was a decent challenge. Took around an hour to complete. GG :)

:platinum:#168: The Order: 1886


The Grail 
Collect all Trophies


Main Game

By far one of the best games I've ever played on PS4. Period. The story was interesting, although sometimes it was a bit hard for me as a foreigner to understand the old english phrases during this game. The events during this game were shocking and I got really into this game. I must admit it's a bit short, but the events during this game made more than up for that. There's just something I find really awesome about this theme. It reminds me a bit of the movie Van Helsing, also with Werewolfs and Vampires. Although this game only has were wolfs, but you know what I mean :P.



:platinum:#169: Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back


The N. Credible Crash Bandicoot! 
Collect all the Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back trophies.


Main Game

The second game in the Crash Series and also pretty fun. Just like the previous game it was a bit disappointing to see that there were not as much cutscenes as I'd hope there'd be and once again no subtitles *sigh*. Game-play wise it was pretty fun and they even added a new slide attack which came in handy during the speedrun trials :D. Looking forward to play the next Crash and finish the series :)



:platinum:#170: Magicka 2

You Are The Special 
Get all other Trophies.


Main Game

So I've received a message from the boys the other day to play some magicka 2 with them and I was like yeah lets fking do this. As most people know I'm a huge fan of co-op games and this game was also very fun to play with friends. The time to platinum this game was pretty fast imo. We went really fast through the story and challenges. We even managed to get a World Record on one of the challenges which was pretty cool :D. So yeah, game is pretty fun with a couple of friends. Would recommend it to anyone that's looking for a fun co-op game.



:platinum:#171: Enter The Gungeon

Dat Plat 
Acquire All Other Trophies


Main Game

Dat Plat is finally mine yay! This actually took a lot longer than I expected it to be lol. I've had some trouble in the beginning with this game, mainly cuz top down shooters and shmups are the genres I consider myself the worst in. After some practice and studying I got better at it and eventually it went pretty smoothly. The learning curve in this game is quite big I'd say, since there are SOOOO many guns/weapons and to know each of their purposes can take a while.


After learning and experiencing a lot of this game it became pretty fun. I've actually became quite good at it and most of the bosses didn't even provide a challenge anymore. I've even managed to kill the Lich on my first try, which was pretty surprising.


One trophy that I was REALLY worried about, was finding the Black Market. Now I've been playing this game for more than 50+ hours and NEVER came across one black market. So I was thinking... with my luck (Yes, I have bad luck all of the time) I'll come across one but can't enter, because I lack either curse points or 100 shells. Guess what happened? During a run in the second chamber I finally came across one AND my prediction came true. I searched the whole dungeon for a cursed pot, but none were there.. and I was still 30 shells short.. I just couldn't believe what was happening. I was really furious at that point, but guess what happened then?! A MIRACLE HAPPENED. So after I cleared everything in the dungeon, including the boss I knew that there was no chance for me getting into the black market.. I was really disappointed and was absolutely frighted having to spend ANOTHER 50+ hours on playing this game before I'd find another Black Market gate and get another shot.. so what happened then? Oh well, all there was left was a green treasure chest.. but whatever my chances are over anyway.. *opens chest* AND GUESS WHAT WAS IN IT?! A FKING CHARMING HORN. HOLD UP. HOLD THE F UP. To even spawn such item was already rare, but in this occasions it was like a gift from god! With the charming horn I was able to steal from the shopkeeper and actually obtained cursed points to enter the black market. I've been hunting trophies for nearly the past decade, but I'll tell you this: I've never been so excited/happy to pop a bronze trophy lol. This was insane!! 



The robot felt quite powerful at first, since the magazine of his gun/hand is quite big and it felt like the enemies were dying faster. However, the opposite was proven once I actually tried to pick up health. Sadly the Robot couldn't take health cuz he only could take armor, so I think that made it a bit harder than regular heroes. Although it was pretty doable.


The bullet felt extremely OP at first, considering you can remove other bullets from the battlefield. Although upon losing health he becomes pretty useless, because he has no projectiles to fire. It's still one of my favorite heroes, because near the end I was doing really well with him and barely got hit, so he felt really OP. His alternative custom is amazing btw. Bunny ftw.

Daisuke Trials were pretty annoying tbh. It was fairly doable for the first three chambers, but on the 4th and 5th chamber it got pretty nasty. Having three of these modifiers active made it pretty tough to not get hit on a single room, so having to go through a lot of different rooms was annoying. The boss fights of the 4th chamber and the High Dragun were challenging too. Especially the Dragun, since the High Stress modifier was always there, meaning that if you ever got hit twice within a five seconds time spam, you'd be that. Even if you had a lot of hearts it'd not matter. Was pretty annoying, but after a couple of tries I finally pulled it off. GG


:platinum:#172: Crash Bandicoot: Warped


The N. Vincible Crash Bandicoot! 
Collect all the Crash Bandicoot: Warped trophies.


Main Game

-- to be written --


:platinum:#173: The Bunker


Platinum Trophy 
Acquire all trophies


Main Game

-- To be written --


:platinum:#174: DC Universe Online (PS4)


Winner Takes All 
Acquire all hero and villain trophies in the classic game


Main Game

-- To be written --


:platinum:#175: Late Shift


Platinum Trophy 
Acquire all trophies


Main Game

-- To be written --


:platinum:#176: Bound


Out of Bounds 
Collect all the trophies


Main Game

-- To be written --


:platinum:#177: DC Universe Online (PS3)


Winner Takes All 
Acquire all hero and villain trophies in the classic game


Main Game

-- To be written -


:platinum:#178: Crypt of the NecroDancer


Unlock all trophies


Main Game
Its over. It's finally over. The hardest platinum to date is finally mine. What a journey this has been.. unbelievable..


Nearly two years ago I completed Super Meat Boy and I really enjoyed the challenge of that game so I was looking for other games with similar difficulty, or even being more difficult. That's when I heard from this game.. Crypt of the NecroDancer. Without hesitation I booted up this game, only to find out I had opened Pandora's Box. The requirements for these trophies are absolutely insane. This is something on a whole different level in terms of difficulty. This game is extremely brutal, unforgiving and sometimes you're wondering whether or not this game is actually fair play.


Most of the trophies aren't that bad. Usually they are related to the characters in the game or are kill related. At first it takes a while to get used to their mechanics, but after more practice it gets doable. Now you're probably wondering, what makes this platinum so hardcore and illusive? Coda and Lowest is the answer to that.


Coda is the 10th character in the game. This character combines three characters into one. These are the following characters:

- Aria: Dies from losing her multiplier. This can be due to getting hit by an enemy, but also due to hitting a wrong wall or losing the beat. Usually when you skip beats on characters, it doesn't matter.. but on Aria she dies. So you need to keep moving.

- Bolt: The BPM of the songs are doubled. AKA double speed.

- Monk: You'll die when you pick up any gold. 


Okay, to get this in perspective.. Coda is a character where you can't even miss one single beat, cant get hit or hit wrong walls, to make it even worse the speed is doubled.. so you need to press a lot more and still hit everything perfectly on beat.. and to top it off you can't pick up any money or you'll die instantly. This combination is one of the most insane things I've ever witnessed in a video game.  It's extremely difficult. In fact, the developers weren't even sure in the beginning whether or not this character could actually be beaten; hence why there's 'probably impossible' displayed once you select Coda. Beating Coda took me 2 MONTHS of practicing almost every day. I'd say it took me around 300h+.



Seems brutal, right? Well guess what? They decided to add another brutal trophy to the list, in my opinion even worse than Coda. Wait, can this get even worse? Yes it sure can. It's called Lowest of the Low. At first I thought it wouldn't be as bad as Coda, because of the abscence of the extreme conditions. Turns out I was wrong. The problem with all char low % is the fact that you've got to clear all 9 characters in a row, back-to-back, without dying, without picking up any items or using any shrines. Basically you need to finish with your starting gear. This means that there is almost no place for error. One false move and you're dead. Since this run can take up to nearly three hours, its tough to make almost no mistakes during this time span. This one took me somewhere between 2.5-3 MONTHS of practice. Probably around somewhere around 400h+



All together I've spend over 800h+ on my way to the platinum. The amount of dedication need for this is absolutely brutal. I've experienced weeks, if not months upon failing over and over again.. an insane amount of disappointments and sometimes I was getting skeptical whether or not I was actually capable of pulling this off. This difficulty is something I've never experienced before and I've completed quite a few hard games. Games like Cloudberry Kingdom, I am Bread, Super Meat Boy etc are an absolute joke to this. This is by far my proudest achievement gaming wise and I'm really glad that after all this time I've never given up and finally my hard work has payed off. I just couldn't be happier. :)



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complete-icon.png #1: The Playroom



Main game

So I just bought a PS4 and was checking through all the different applications and saw this. So I clicked on it and boom a new trophy list had been added to my account (Thanks SONY   ). Trophies were easy and it was pretty fun, but the problem was that you needed a Playstation camera to get 100%, which I didn't have. So I had to buy one. Just for 100%. Well... maybe the cam will be useful for future games, but for now I don't use it.



The DLC was fun. What I enjoyed the most about it was the Ninja Bots. Almost felt like I was playing Temple Run  


complete-icon.png #2: The Walking Dead Season Two



Main game

After playing through TWD1 I knew this game would be awesome, and it sure was! Nothing more to say. Telltale did another fantastic job.


complete-icon.png #3: TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 PROLOGUE



Main game
Really easy trophy list. The game was alright.



complete-icon.png #4: inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood



Main game

I think I loved this PSN game more than Infamous 1. Really fun and luckily not so hard. The story was interesting.



complete-icon.png #5: The Swapper



Main game

This game was unique, and I mean that in a good way. The puzzles were actually challenging but fun. The collectables were really hidden. I can't imagine finding all collectibles without a guide. It's a shame there wasn't a trophy for completing the game.. but only for finding the collectibles.


complete-icon.png #6: DuckTales: Remastered



Main game

Alright, I really need to stop underestimating Disney games. It can be quite challenging to get all trophies for this game, since there's one mode (Extreme) mode which has no opportunity to save. If you run out of lives you got to start from scratch. Luckily a full playtrough takes roughly an hour.. which isn't that bad. The game itself is pretty fun. Especially the dialogues. (The accent was really fun). Bless me bagpipes! More trophies for me Trophy bin.   


complete-icon.png #7: Never Alone



Main game

Short & fun little game. Nothing too challenging, but some moments further on the game were a be a bit annoying. Luckily I didn't need a guide for every collectible since most collectibles were really easy to spot.   



Short, easy and fun.


complete-icon.png #8: The Unfinished Swan



Main game

This game was actually pretty fun. Some collectibles (especially in the dark level) were tricky, but most were easy to find. The hardest trophy was reaching the Watchtower with only using a maximum of 3 paint balls. Once you're confused, and didn't know where you were, you had to restart the level. Luckily after a couple tries I got it done. 


complete-icon.png #9: Race The Sun



Main game

I wanted a challenge and Race The Sun provided me one. It took quite a few attempts to get 5 million points but I did it! Also clearing regions 1-4 in Apocalypse was tough. Leveling up was great since you could use upgrades that were really useful. Anyone that is looking for a challenge I recommend this game to you.  


complete-icon.png #10: Cloudberry Kingdom



Main game

So I was looking on the store the other day for some neat sales, and then I noticed this bad boy being on sale. So I figured why not going for another ridiculously hard game? And did it live up to the expectation? Absolutely! What made this game so hard was definitely the story mode. Overall the story levels aren't that bad, but there's one chapter called the 'Masochist' and by the name of that you can probably already guess how hard these levels are going to be. Really challenging. Each level took quite some time to complete, but the ones that were ridiculously hard were both level 319 and 320, which happens to be the last levels before completing the chapter. Took a lot of practice to get through those. If I remember correctly I've spend two weeks on each level. Really glad that I can add this one to my collection 


complete-icon.png #11: Journey



Main game

What an unique Journey this was! A great fun short experience. This game was really immersive and had overall good graphics and smooth gameplay. The co-op feature in this game was really awesome. Being able to follow the journey with a companion was something special. For some reason I both liked and disliked that those companions were chosen at random. Having a mysterious companion shared some kind of mysterious bond and it was cool sharing an experience with someone you don't know who it is. On the other hand it made the co-op trophies pretty frustrating, since some companions left in the middle of the level, while for a trophy you had to follow most of the story with the same companion. Luckily it didn't take me too much effort to get this done. 

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:hidden: :bronze: :silver: :gold: :platinum: Backlog :platinum: :gold: :silver: :bronze: :hidden:


Purchased Games
Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X-2

Soul Caliber V

Grand Theft Auto: IV
Demon's souls
GOW Ascension

Tomb Raider

Ratchet & Clank 1
Ratchet & Clank 2
Ratchet & Clank 3
Far Cry 4

Killzone Shadowfall


Sonic Generations
Sonic Unleashed

Hotline Miami
Hotline Miami 2

Just Cause 2

Alien: Isolation

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

The Legend of Korra

Wolfenstein New Order

Wolfenstein Old Blood
GTA San Andreas
GTA Vice City


Dragon Age Inquisition

Gravity Rush

Riptide GP2

Riptide GP: Renegade

Mirrors Edge Catalyst

Mass Effect I

Mass Effect II

Mass Effect III

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Trine Trilogy

Evil Within


Shadow Warrior




Trials Fusion


PS+ Games


Rebel Galaxy



Bionic command

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments

Rogue Legacy



Guacamelee STCE



Lords of the Fallen

Resident Evil

Transformers Devastation

Dirt 3 (NTS: Something with DLC being delisted. Might scrap this)

Letter Quest Remastered

Stories: The Path of Destinies

Invincible Inc.

Nom Nom Galaxy

Yakuza 4

Yakuza 5

Day of the Tentacle

This War of Mine

The Swindle

Titan Souls

LitteBigPlanet 3
Not a Hero


Under night in birth exe: Late
Earth Defense Force 2025

Drawn to Death

Alien Rage

10 sec Ninja
Curse 'N Chaos

Lovers in a dangerous spacetime


Tales from the Borderlands (You sure u wanna stack this, brah? lel)

Laser Disco Defenders

Port Royal 3

Blood Knights


Abyss Odyssey

WRC5: World Rally Championship

Neon Chrome

Spy Chameleon

That's you!

Tokyo Jungle

Just Cause 3

AC Freedom Cry
Super Motherload
Child of Light


Truck Racer
Handball 16
We are Doomed


Sky Force


Hustle Kings

Monster Jam Battlegrounds


MGS V: Phantom Pain
Worms BattleGrounds


R-Type Dimensions
Rag Doll Kung Fu
Dungeon Punks
Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (VR)
Darksiders II def edition Ps4
Kung Fu Panda

Wanted Corp.

batman telltale

Deus Ex

Starblood Arena

Mandatory happiness

the book of unwritten tales 2

sacred 3
Mugen Souls Z
Exile's End
Grand Kingdom 2x

Legend of Kay

Mighty No 9

Claire: Extend Cut

Bombing Busters


Ratchet and Clank




This section is dedicated to the people that helped me out on certain games. 


- Thanks to your actions you've made it possible for many people, including myself to achieve a world record on Lost Planet 2. If it wasn't for you I'd have to spend hundreds of hours on practicing a single mission to achieve a world record. I'm extremely grateful that you've helped me out. You're the best dude.



- A ghost luring in the shadows. Thank you for helping me out with the DLC of Call of Duty Ghosts! 


- Provided me with useful information about how to complete various game modes and obtain certain trophies on both Atari Vol 1 & 2. Cheers dude!



- An A class Master Ninja! I'd like to thank you for helping me out with the team missions on Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. It was truly amazing seeing you play.


- A walking encyclopedia when it comes down to FFXIV. Thank you for providing me with a lot of useful information on how to attain certain trophies the quickest and easy way! Appreciate it!



- Helped me slay them zombies on Dead Island.

- Boosting partner for Far Cry 2. We've come a long road, but we made it through!

- Played a HUGE part in my FUSE platinum. Thanks to him I'm the fastest achiever for the FUSE platinum. We've played a lot of Echolon together and we were a really great team. Thank you so much dude!



- Partner in crime. My partner for most co-op games and I truly couldn't wish for a better partner. You're definitely more skilled than the regular gamer and it's always fun to play by your side. 

Hall of Fame

First  :platinum:/100% achievers list
- Atari Flashback Classics Vol.2 (
:gold:#2) - LINK

- Atari Flashback Classics Vol.1 (#6) - LINK

- Crypt of the NecroDancer (#6) - LINK

- I am Bread (#6) - LINK
- Cloudberry Kingdom (#14) - LINK

- Raiden IV: Overkill (#15) - LINK

- DC Universe Online (#15) - LINK
- Super Meat Boy (#17) - LINK

- DC Universe Online (#36) - LINK

- Time Crisis: Razing Storm (#44) - LINK




Fastest :platinum:/100% achievers list
- FUSE (:platinum:#1) - LINK

- Atari Flashback Classics Vol.2 (:platinum:#1) - LINK

- Atari Flashback Classics Vol.1 (:gold:#2) - LINK

- DC Universe Online PS3 (#4) - LINK
- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1 (#5) - LINK

- Crypt of the NecroDancer (#6) - LINK

- DC Universe Online PS4 (#6) - LINK

- I am Bread (#7) - LINK
- Cloudberry Kingdom (#8) - LINK

- Tricky Towers (#8) - LINK

- Raiden IV: Overkill (#9) - LINK

- Time Crisis: Razing Storm (#12) - LINK

Lost Planet 2 (#15) - LINK
- Sonic & All-Star Racing Transformed (#17) - LINK
- Coffin Dodgers (#21) - LINK
- Max Payne 3 (#21) - LINK

- Bound (#25) - LINK
- Army of Two: The Devils Cartel  (#28) - LINK

- Super Meat Boy (#29) - LINK
- Surgeon Simulator (#40) - LINK

- Mamorukun Curse (#42) - LINK


Personal Top 5 Proudest Platinum trophies:

  1. 1Sc03fdb.png Crypt of the NecroDancer

  2. 1S6ea563.png Super Meat Boy

  3. 1S5dbf83.png I am Bread

  4. 1Sf0fa9a.png Battlefield: Bad Company

  5. 1S63111c.png Mortal Kombat

Personal Proudest 100%:

  1. 4Sa0cf7a.png Cloudberry Kingdom



Goals for 2017:

220 :platinum:
100% Completion rate


Thankyou for looking at my Checklist  :)! If you got any questions, recommendations, or just want to talk about a specific Platinum then feel free to comment!     :lol:

- Oh, and by the way English is not my first Language. So if you see any misspelled words, or false grammar please tell me about it, so I can change it     ;).

Edited by Floriiss
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Woohoo, I got to be the first one to post here :D. Looks like we now share the prestigious title of 'most post in a checklist on the first page' B).


Awesome! :D.

Hello, nice checklist! You have some really neat platinums :) Nice descriptions too, however I've spotted 2 typos on them, 1st is Dead Space 2 I think you mean thought (not taught) and Far Cry 3 should be as, not a

Thanks for the kind words and spotting the typos leo, will change it :)

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Great checklist, nicely lay out and some very very nice platinums you have there.


Keep up the hard work, maybe I'll be able to catch up with you one day. ;)

As i already said to you Floriiss, Brilliant work and keep up the awesome work!


I'm waiting to see that big ol' #100.  :highfive:


Thanks both! :)


Do you even collect?



That's hilarious  xD

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