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Yesterday I was level 12, 11, 11.
had heaps of items, weapons, blue prints I was about 26% of the way through the game.
I saved by sleeping and turned the game off.

I woke up this morning to find I am level 1 across the board, no items no blue prints nothing. 
Mission progress, challenges, safe houses have all been kept though just my character wiped.
Apparently according to what I can find online its a glitch across all platforms that if you use sleeping to save then turn the game off you lose everything.
A work around is to talk to an NPC or go running somewhere and trigger an auto save.
Alternatively if you have cloud saving you should reload that to see if that works, unfortunately my PS+ save upload decided to upload everything but dying light.
But if I can help at least one person avoid this game breaking bug, I'll be a happy man. 

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Anyway the patch is coming, but I don't know how soon. Weird how people were saying "who cares? " about rain breaching through the walls, funny ain't it? The game has game breaking bugs and people just want to point it out. 

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This reminds me of Dead Island when i lost my 30/40+ hour playthroughs about 3 times! I still don't know how i lost them to this day an that put me off buying this game! For the OP, good of you to share an i hope this helps other people too!

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I don't get it why always when the new good game comes out, it will have game breaking glitches, blue screen shit, online problems, errors and all that shit! I was just about to get this game but when i read this, i will wait for the patch if that even will fix those problems! Btw, is this game even out at europe yet since it shows that it's available at 27.2 at many stores?

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This is why I always wait for some sort of checkpoint, preferably changing location via elevator or something, before quitting out of the game.

Can't say I've ever just shut the console off or close the application; I always make sure that I hit "Options", and then "Quit", and shut off after seeing the Main Menu.

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