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HI Everyone


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Hi everybody  :wave:


I didn't know there was a topic for introductions so I apologize for the time it took me to write there.

I'm from Portugal but want to live in the UK soon, I found out about PSNProfiles only a week ago.

I own a ps3 and I'm a trophy hunter.

My favourite game on PS3 is Tomb Raider and GOW. 


Peace out!  :ps:

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Welcome. Enjoy your stay friend. Always nice to see new members to this growing community.


Heres a tip though: If theres one thing I've learned, you'll have fun on this forum as long as you don't:


A. Talk smack 'bout the PS vita. (I've learned my lesson I swear) :S


and B. be nice to others.   <3

Happy hunting. :lol:

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Welcome to the forums, new friend. I am sort of in the same spot as you are, in which I never really made an introduction section. (Correction, that is my About Me)


Concerning the games, I have never played them, sadly. Even though many praise them as great, I never particularly took much interest in them. There are lots around here who do love those series, however. I do hope you are enjoying your time spent here, as I have seen you a lot around here the past few days.

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