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I just played through. During story mode, going to kill Zeus; a few dudes popped out saying they were going to kill Nikandreos and claim the bounty. Killed them and trophy popped. So I guess technically they aren't in Acropolis but right after it. At least thats how I got it anyways.

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Courtesy of playstationtrophies.org User JFryes



In the mid-level area of the Acropolis is a man named Fotis. If you talk to him, he gives you a Trapdoor Key. Use that key on the floor immediately to the left of the Market door. Once inside, you will be ambushed. Kill the attackers, and then go back and kill Fotis. He will drop a note. Once you have picked up the note, go back to the Olympian Gates. On the stairs at the right-hand side, you will be ambushed again. The trophy unlocks when you kill these attackers.

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