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How to Organize PSN friends in Groups


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So actually there's still not a way to do this?  Google search just leads me to a dozen other message boards with people wishing for the feature (for the past several years).  :blink:


Is there any quick way to sort friends based on who has what game in common?  Going to 'Compare Trophies' for every friend is way too slow to be practical.  :hmm:


Or maybe they could idiot-proof things a little and have games do a check so you can't send an invite to a person that doesn't have that game in their trophy log.  I for one am sick of invites for Call of Duty--I'm tellin you people I DO NOT PLAY CALL OF DUTY. :facepalm: No offense.

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I'm pretty sure the only way to sort/organize your friends is either by name or by their current status (online/offline/away)


And just as you said, if you search for such feature there will be many threads requesting Sony the same thing, so they have yet to implement it on their system I suppose. :huh:

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