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What's your excuse for not being able to play all the time?


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Let's see...


  • University, it will not be over by itself.
  • Work, Being a Yaoi manga writer isn't that time consuming, but i rather do my share of extra work in my bed, so obviously....Finished = Zzz
  • My Boyfriend, Sister and brothers, i've noticed that i'm having less and less time with them thanks to alot of reasons, so trying to fix that.
  • Being on this site.....Listening to Music while on this site is just.....Yummy.
  • Eating, Yes, Eating gets it's own lotsa-time.
  • Sleeping, I love sleeping, Sleeping is like playing, but with more benefits, as i'm part of the game :3
  • Anime/Manga, i came to the decision of watching/reading twice a week, ending those two days quickly...
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Mainly College, I have been getting just 4-6 hours for gaming per week in the past few months. I also have a habit of reading a lot of books, 'ya know.. comics, novels etc. Plus Movies and TV Shows take up some of my time as well. Hope I will get a lot more gaming time after my finals get over this month end :D

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  • University (especially this year)
  • Trying to find an internship
  • Going to the gym
  • Work
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Writing guides
  • Spending time on this site
  • Spending time with my pet

Because of all that my gaming time has been reduced to 3 hours a week (if I'm lucky).


 I'm the opposite of the question: I actually use gaming all the time as an excuse as to why I can't do other things xD

LOL, I used to say "I'm going to work on my English" or "I'm going to study for my English test" and play games (in English mind you).

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- My jobs (I have 2 part-time jobs, so don't think I'm especially hardworking.)

- YouTube, Netflix

- Housework (not especially obsessive but even basics seem to take up plenty of time)

- Girlfriend

- Crushing anxiety about wasting my time that prevents me from relaxing long enough to stay immersed.

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My best excuse would be that I lost both my hands last month in a boating accident.



Real reasons would be....


I work an insane amount of hours (Luckily I like my job and I get paid well so it's all good)

The wife (She's not into gaming but a part from this one flaw, she's awesome)

Bored of PS3 and haven't got round to buying a PS4 yet (Will buy one next week actually)

I have loads of other interests besides gaming.


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I work bucket loads, that's my real problem, most of the time I'm on here is during my breaks or when I've got some time to just sit down.

  • Work
  • More work
  • Followed by work because I work in a 24 hour plant
  • Call in work
  • Gym
  • Maybe a little more work

If I didn't work I would be able to clear up my backlog pretty quickly and I would also be able to focus on my other passions boxing and the gym.




Mainly this goofy little bugger. 



The wifey and work take a lot of my time up as well. Friends needing me to work on their damn vehicles eats up some of my free time too.




That his first day of school Parker, looks like one of them shots :D

1) University

2) family, girfriend

3) Gym

4) Eating, i have to grow  ^_^

That's one thing I left out, I eat so much freaking food, that it would dam take up at least 2 hours a day.

Class, social life, and sometimes I just don't feel like playing anything, lol.

Yeah I get that same feeling sometimes too I just come home and just die a little.
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