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PSA: Possible Fix for Glitched "It's All in the Writing"


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This was pointed out/found out by Shuklar on PST.org.



I have two separate saves I've played, in one I collected 34/67 collectibles, the other, I have 33/67 and I got the collectible trophy. It seems your overall profile has data and counted it cumulatively.

If someone has 67/67 and is glitched, maybe try a new game in a new save, and see if you get the trophy upon picking up your first few collectibles.

If you have collected all the collectibles and the trophy glitched on you, start a new save in the second save slot. Skip through all the convos and get to where you can leave the tower. Grab a couple collectibles and it should pop the trophy for you. This has worked for me and a couple others now.

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Just saw this post on another forum, I'll try to do this next.




I have 66/67 collectibles on my 1st save slot.

Just got the trophy when I collected 4 collectibles on my 2nd save slot (New Game, not NG+).

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it also works with safe zones and quarantine zones glitch. maybe someone could try this method on side quests? complete about 10-15 of it with new save..

Someone already did, I think.

He still didn't get it because the trophy itself is broken on all systems, not just glitched.

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