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Twitch Livestreaming Dying Light


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Hey there, so as the title says i'm talking about livestreaming dying Light. I have done it for a while and has been great fun especially while trying to grow an audience although i mainly just enjoy playing for people. 

Cutting to the chase i was wondering if anyone would like to do the co-op portion of the game/trophies with me to livestream? 


What it involves:
- Adding me as a friend (No blank friend requests)
- Joining a party with me on ps4 and enabling your voice to be broadcast on my stream though party settings

- Join me on dying light and create a fun stream together! (Headset preferred obviously)



if you're interested Add me: DanGreen95

Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/nerdulon/c/6039135 

(P.S. Other online games welcome such as Far Cry 4 and Little Big Planet 3, The Last Of Us (All ps4 versions) 

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