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Auto Message Reading

Satoshi Ookami

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Couldn't think of better thread name xD


I'm sure many of you have the same problem, PS3 for some reason does not synchronize read messages if you read them on Vita/PS4 so sometimes when you don't use PS3 for a while you have crapload of unread messages and you can only read one by one which is pretty annoying...


Does anyone know if PS3 somehow supports Read All Messages or the Auto Message Reading?

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No, everybody has this trouble and it is worse if you own all 3 platforms... it really needs to be updated to do so though.

I see, thanks Shana, I thought someone already mentioned it, just wanted to be sure.



Dont know how it is named in english or any other language, but..


Messages => Incoming =>  :triangle:  => Delete => Yes

Oh, delete all messages... good idea.



Which brings me to... why in the hell can Sony implement Delete All Message but cannot implement Read All Messages... heh.

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