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Hello, newbie here!


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Well, not quite a newbie but I haven't played on a Playstation since the good old days of SOCOM.

Anyway, after a few years of xboxing, I've decided to give the PS4 a go. All setup, PSN set up (took what seems like forever!), headset set up and I've got a couple of games here just to test out the PS4 (minecraft, the last of us, the wolf among us, the order on preorder, child of light, madden)

Anyway, I'm 35 so if you're a gamer who screams obscenities down the microphone, we probably won't be best buddies but I'm desperately looking for some buddies as I've 'defected' according to my friends from Xbox.

Looking for some good COOP play and any sports fans who want to hook up on PS4.



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Cheers! Hope to have many years of good play and making some friends on here.

So I should have gone with the Wii U then?!

Thanks for the welcome!

Nah unless you like the Nintendo exclusives the most out of any other games.

It's complete fucking garbage for third party games.. they're arrogant as fuck and very unwelcoming when it comes to third parties so they don't deserve your money unless you really want Mario, Zelda and Bayonetta lol. 


Plus the wii u is a last gen console.. so yeah fuck that. The Ps4 is slightly better than the xb1 but they're both pretty mediocre tech wise, pc gaming is the shit if you can afford it. ;)


And my pleasure dude. 

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I have a PC which needs updating really. I buy into all these MMORPGs like WOW and then I spent a fortune on TESO.

I play them for a few weeks, then have a couple of days away from home and when I come back, I've no inclination to return to the game.

I'm thinking it's my age and I'm too old for this now!

Plus I have an addiction to the FM series so there really isn't enough time in the day.

But I'm gonna give100% to the PS4.

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