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misable trophies?


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Hey just wondering if there are any misable trophies on dying light? If I progress to far with the story am I unable to get certain notes or battle jounels? I no everyone's having trouble with the side quest trophy and some are having trouble with other glitched trophies, but hopefully a future patch will resolve that. I'm just woried about going past a point of no return in the story and not being able to get a collectable and would like to no if there is such a situation?

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there is no missable trophies only glitched ones. but i recomended join every random event you can find in your walkthrough of main story (i'm talking about saving hostages from rais men and saving survivors from zombies) because looking for those events aftergame is a huge pain. 

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The trophy for acquiring all safe zones, Quarantine zones and text collectibles are glitched, Only some people have earned them. Completing all Side missions trophy is simply unattainable because the devs fucked up and removed a side quest from the game but forgot to remove the coding for the trophy.

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