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Boss help (Spoilers)


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Am at the heaven dungeon boss (not the mini one, the real one). I've tried it a few times and am not getting close to beating him. I got past halfway last battle and at a point where he took naoto to his side, but Naoto did nothing for the couple of turns at the boss's side then it said she broke free of his control or something.


I have been using:

Me (Obviously) Lv 59

Yukiko Lv 58

Kanji Lv 60

Naoto Lv 58


I've always used Yukiko since I got her, her magic is very strong and she is great for healing and fire attacks. Kanji's extreme strength and endurance has been very helpful and I've been using him since I got him. I have only used Naoto for this dungeon since I just got her.


Rise is Lv 60



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Heaven boss usually has an ability which causes one attack element to be effective for a short period of time, if you use that element you can do lots of damage against him but he can also do the same to you.


Not sure if you have access to this yet but if you can fuse the Trumpeter one of his skills called Debilitate is fantastic for bosses. Power Charge and Mind Charge are also good

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Uh you are just a bit under level I think, by then I am usually level 65, basically use elemental skills and whenever he loses control of a party member Rise will say a skill which is he especially weak to, this is crucial to winning the battle (usually the main skill of the controlled party member). Nothing else to say really, powering up your spells with mind charge can be helpful but it doesnt really matter as long as you listen to Rise and using Yukiko to keep everyone healthy.

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