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Globetrotter trophy


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Im trying to unlock all the stadiums but I cant win the Amsterdam cup on silver which unlock the Amsterdam stadium.. For this trophy you need to win in every stadium.. But if I play on bronze I already play on the Amsterdam stadium.. If I win the bronze cup will count the win on the Amsterdam stadium for the trophy even If i dont unlock it?

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You don't need to unlock stadiums.

Just win a match on it.

The only stadium you need to unlock is Messi's stadium (the last tournament in Phase 4)

And if you have problems with higher difficulty, just abuse the glitch =) Start tournament on Hard, return to main menu, set to Beginner and you will be able to play on easy but game will think of it as hard.

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This trophy is glitched. I won on literally EVERY venue in the game. I finished the World Tour, won every tournament, I played all the venues not featured in World Tour, won on Messi's stadium. This is frustrating and total bullshit.

And what about those 3-4 additional venues that aren't part of the World Tour?

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 to play in Placa De Catalunya for unlocking it.

That's Messi Stadium. He explicitly mentioned he did that one.




I won on them as well. I actually went through the whole list of venues, won on each one in "Hit the Streets" and still it wont pop.

Weird. I definitely agree that these "play and win on all stadiums" tend to be glitched but I had no problems unlocking it.

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