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"use cant use"


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I haven't completed main campaign (84%) yet as I'm concentrating now on side quests but there is a building in the slums close to the beach and it has an exclamation mark which is a door on one of the middle floors but wen I go there it says use, can't use. Is this glitched or will it unlock later in the campaign, does any one else have this issue? I'm totally mythed by it???

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I assume when you say you go there that you mean you've entered the building and you get the "use, no use" prompt when you approach the door. When you open the map and hover the cursor over the exclamation point, what does the text read? I don't think that same quest has popped up for me since I'm only 38% done with the story and ~55-65% done overall, but I'll keep an eye out for it to see if I have the same problem.

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