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What keeps you going in order to get a difficult Platinum?



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  1. 1. What keeps you going?

    • Friends
    • Forum people
    • Self motivation
    • It's hard to get so it's more radical
    • Because it feels like you finally finished the game
    • Bragging Rights

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I don't have any motivation, I just like gaming. If it's fun for me to keep on going, the platinum will come naturally.

That being said, I like to finish a project before going on to the next, which usually means getting platinum or 100% on a smaller game. And if I lose interest enough I'll move on to the next game regardless platinum.

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To be honest, it's a slight combination of all of those reasons. But I tend find more fulfillment if it's a "hard" platinum in a franchise I like. Another reason is, if I see a friend or acquaintance with the Platinum of a game I'm playing. I'll secretly play the game until, I'm as good, or better than said person, I see with the platinum. Then engage a conversation with them about various things and slowly direct the conversation towards Platinums. Then BOOP! "I got the Platinum faster than you! NA NA NA NA NA NAAA! I'm so good at a game that we both played. BETTER THAN YOU!"


I don't really have many "difficult" Platinums though. But seeing a Platinum pop in general is a very satisfying feeling.


One of the most satisfying Platinums I have is 'CoD: Black Ops II.' The reason was I love that game, the difficulty deterred me at first (challenges.) But as I slowly got trophies over time. I noticed I needed a few for the Plat and decided to go for it. Knowing the rarity. It was an extremely satisfying and happy feeling.

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I plat games because I'm a platinum-whore. Getting a plat for a game that I really enjoy makes the platinum more meaningful for me, and I tend to go after them more and get them quicker than others. For example, I have the platinum for Wanted Weapons of Fate, but damn I really enjoyed the shit out of that game with all that curve-bullet, fucktastic fun.


But yeah, an ultra-rare is definitely somewhat prestigious, as obviously not many people have it in the gaming community.


I keep playing a game to its fullest extent only because I want to. If I slack off a game (I'm looking at you Thief >.>), then I'll just eventually get back around to it xD

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If I dont get all trophies of any game I played,I feel as if I still dont complete the game. My motive to get 100% all games trophies are definitely not for bragging right or show off since it is useless. My games collection is pretty limited.I could afford only 1 game per month so trying to compete against people with more than 100 platinums is definitely impossible. So I satisfy myself by getting 100% completion rate.

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