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Bandai Namco teases "Ray Gigant"


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So Bandai has created a new website for an unknown game that's set to be revealed in 7days(Feb. 25th 2015)?



It's not yet known either for what console it'll release, but it appears to be perhaps Code named “RayGigant”.

For me as silly as it sounds makes me wonder if it could mean:

Ray I GG(Go Go) ant

But who know, guess well have to wait @ best till Feb 25th.


Update: This week's issue of Dengeki PlayStation reveals a fair amount about the game.

Bandai Namco & Experience will be working together on this PS Vita dungeon RPG set to release this summer in Japan.


the game takes place in June 20XX, during which the Earth is on the brink of destruction by a giant monster known as “Gigant,” and three heroes must rise to the occasion to defeat him. The game is broken up into chapters that take place across three different settings.


The three heroes are named:

1.Kazuya Tenpu (voiced by Atsushi Abe)

2. Nil Phineas (voiced by Yoshino Nanjo)

3. Gail Griffin (voiced by Wataru Hatano)


Your party is fixed at three members, and the battle system camera is set behind the party, unlike any Experience-developed dungeon RPG before it.

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Just adding a little more information:


We’ve gotten a look at Experience and Bandai Namco’s newly revealed dungeon RPG, Ray Gigant.

Featured above, you can view the debut trailer at the 2015-bound game on Playstation Vita. The game is described as a “story dungeon roleplaying game,” and you can find the official details below, courtesy of Bandai Namco:


ray-gigant-02-26-15-12-100x100.jpg ray-gigant-02-26-15-6-100x100.jpg ray-gigant-02-26-15-5-100x100.jpg ray-gigant-02-26-15-4-100x100.jpg
ray-gigant-02-26-15-3-100x100.jpg ray-gigant-02-26-15-2-100x100.jpg ray-gigant-02-26-15-15-100x100.jpg ray-gigant-02-26-15-17-100x100.jpg
ray-gigant-02-26-15-9-100x100.jpg ray-gigant-02-26-15-8-100x100.jpg ray-gigant-02-26-15-14-100x100.jpg ray-gigant-02-26-15-10-100x100.jpg

Story Prologue

In the near future, circa June 20XX, every city is overrun with giant monsters known only as Gigants. Each country fights the monsters with their own respective military forces, to no avail. In Tokyo, however, a boy named Ichiya Amakaze is able to defeat a Gigant himself.

His method of defeating the monster is using the technique “Yorigami.” Following his saving of the city, his powers get out of control and he loses consciousness. In the end, another young man hauls him off to a safety zone.

Three Protagonists


The story within Ray Gigant unfolds via three chapters from the perspective of the above three heroes.

  • Ichiya Amakaze (voiced by Atsushi Abe) – A 15 year-old Japanese boy (175cm tall) A normal and typical high schooler raised in the suburbs with his family, he finds something awakening within himself when Tokyo is destroyed.
  • Kyle Griffin (voiced by Wataru Hatano) – A 17 year-old British boy (180cm tall) Born into a regal family, he is very intelligent. Due to the neglect of his mother, he ended up having an emotional complex.
  • Nil Phineas (voiced by Yoshino Nanjo) – A 16 year-old girl of curious (see: unknown) nationality (165cm tall). She is quite naive and simple, although she is trained in Gigant fighting. She fights regularly to keep back the Gigants, as well as protect the islands of the Caribbean against them.

Your Comrades


ray-gigant-02-26-15-16-212x300.jpg ray-gigant-02-26-15-13-212x300.jpg

Each chapter will have two comrades accompanying that chapter’s protagonist. These are the comrades of Ichiya Amakaze.

  • Mana Isano (voiced by Rumi Okubo) – She’s a friendly and caring girl, and a childhood friend of Ichiya since grade school. They both go to a Tokyo junior high school together.
  • Miwa Kazuomi (voiced by Takuya Eguchi) – He’s described as serious young man that you can depend on. He’s against Ichiya in the beginning, but after discovering his true strength and weaknesses, they become true friends.



ray-gigant-02-26-15-18-100x100.jpg ray-gigant-02-26-15-19-100x100.jpg ray-gigant-02-26-15-20-100x100.jpg ray-gigant-02-26-15-21-100x100.jpg

These are the primary antagonists in the game, the monsters that Ichiya and friends are tasked with fighting. Each of these monsters are designed after a kind of ancient god. Gigants can range in size, style, and even design entirely.


ray-gigant-02-26-15-27-100x100.jpg ray-gigant-02-26-15-26-100x100.jpg ray-gigant-02-26-15-25-100x100.jpg ray-gigant-02-26-15-24-100x100.jpg
ray-gigant-02-26-15-23-100x100.jpg ray-gigant-02-26-15-22-100x100.jpg

Further details weren’t confirmed, but we do know the game is coming some time this summer in Japan.  Story courtsey of NicheGamer.net

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