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Xbox360 Console?


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I am really confused here. I didn't know where else to post this. I am trying to sell my Xbox360, when I check on music magpie to find out what it says is a price, it asks me for the model of xbox that I have and I don't know which I have. I do not have the box for it.


It asks me if it's an:

  • Xbox360 Arcade
  • Xbox360 Core
  • Xbox360 E 250gb
  • Xbox 360 E 4gb
  • Xbox 360 E 500gb


Below this is a list of "Elite" xbox360 and different memories, I know it's not an elite, that's the black one but if those are elite, what does the ones with "E" stand for?


There are also premium ones listed below the elites with different memories, is it a premium?


It is white, the disk space has a silver front and I have a 120GB harddrive.





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I don't see an option for Premium 120GB. I don't think the xbox has built in memory, when I take the HDD out, all the storage is  the 64MB memory card.

You said you have a 120gb hard drive with the console, the built in space is irrelevant, If the faceplate of the disk drive is silver and comes with more than 20gb hdd the console is premium/pro.

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