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Sony Sucks


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he actually did change my email 11 times. then by entering my email he got my date of birth and all that shit

First off, I feel like you're making some numbers up.

It's simple change your email, then password to something ridiculously complicated. Write it down and still have Sony go through their six month protocol. I'm telling you that's the best way to handle the situation, unless you start fresh.

You are obviously not telling us something, because there is no humanly possible way for the same person to hack you 7 times without you giving your information to someone or making your password "ABC123"

EDIT: your password looks OK, but a #$%, or & would make it better.

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im gonna put an example of one of my pw. #caxedahhaleshu98301#

Im not trying to insult but i think the other sony (usa, uk etc) is better than the spanish one, there not even spanish people that answer the phone there either latino or arabs

I've called multiple time and always had good service, I even called yesterday because I'm pretty sure my PS4 has a broken reader and they were good. Maybe I've just been lucky.


Anyway this is probably your fault as it is pretty unbelievable to get hacked 7 times with different mails and passwords everytime.

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6 or 7 times hacked with changing password and email? There must be a lot more to this. This is done by 1 guy(which its hard to see how they can even track that) this guy is hacking both email and psn. Not a whole lot at fault on Sony from the looks of it. Only way is maybe you log in over the web and that hacker is a keylogger or you posted your information. I don't see another way someone can get their account hacked this many times

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You would have to be pretty dumb to get hacked 7 times. If any customer support person saw that as well as it being from the same dude in Germany it makes the both of you look suspect.

Account security is your responsibility, not Sony's. If you cant keep control of your own account and fail to do so 7 times, then you need to either stop account sharing or educate yourself a little more on PSN account security.

The first thing people tend to do in these situations is blame everyone else but themselves. If your account security is that important to you (as it should be) then man up and handle it.

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Actually yes. It's called a horribly simplistic password. Which the OP obviously keeps using if he's been hacked 7 times.


That's not hacking, that's called cracking. Cracking really isn't that hard, and you can do it rather efficiently if you know how. I've done it to a site that no longer exist, rather successful. We're talking 1000+ users, where 100+ were paying members. One of the best tricks are to actually hack, exploit some kind of security hole, to a related or similar site, and get useful data from them. There are things like themed combo lists which are super useful. If you also somehow can get the member list offline, you can do a lot of the work offline, so even the max x amount of bad attempts per hour doesn't work all that well with a big enough network.


I got no idea how they could do it 7 times to you, but obviously they couldn't just do it to anyone. In this case, I'm going to guess they had access to your e-mail account or something??? :o

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