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How to beat the dealer[Dungeon Master trophy]?


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It seems that QTE for reflecting the projectile is bugged ATM - pressing triangle button freeze the character in place making him a sitting duck for the fireball

However, more than 10 ppl have already registered this trophy as obtained, so maybe I'm missing something

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Luck is the key here I think. There are no cards or gear that improve the QTE success. It is way too difficult though and there is a lot of back and forth with the developers on the Steam forums.

basically the devs didn't get the chance to fully test the last dungeon and the dealer encounter. They will probably nerf it in the next patch.

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well, luck is not the key - game's just bugged to the top


QTE problem - during the Dealer battle you have to press triangle to reflect projectil back to the dealer; sometimes after pressing triangle hero just crouch in place doing nothing and gets one-shotted with the projectile

Lizards problem - while bandits, skeletons and rats leaders take 4-6 hits to die(with 35 dmg weapon and cumulative dmg cap equipped), lizards easily take 42(unbroken chain) and don't die; even totem can take around 20 hits


right now I have "saved" a game on a dealer battle and trying to beat it constantly - no luck after 6 attempts so far

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