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OlliOlli 2 may be a March 2015 PS Plus game.


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I, for one, hope It's not a Vita title. The Vita hasn't really gotten anything all that great these past months.

Of course, I'm likely in the minority here as are most Vita gamers. I'm in a thread for a rumored game for Plus and I've already found the expected "I wantz moar AAA games". It's sad to know that makes or breaks a game for a lot of you.

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Well, considering so much mystery: 

We were all expecting March's free PlayStation Plus games to be announced today, but it seems like Sony's not quite ready to reveal its hand just yet. Writing on the PlayStation Blog, put upon SCEE staffer Fred Dutton explained that the organisation's still finalising some last minute details. "Sorry to keep you waiting, folks," the ever approachable employee apologised. "You'll have it as soon as possible."

When asked what's taking so long, the scribe continued that there's plenty of activity going on behind-the-scenes. "There are lots of moving parts – contracts to be signed, etc," he told a curious fan on Twitter. "We do our best to get you the news as soon as we can." If you figured that the firm was leaving things until the last minute, though, that's apparently not the case. "Arrangements are months in the making,"

I think maybe you can be right and one day one game will be in the list (as Apotheon last month).

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