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Dishonored vs Deus Ex Human Revolution


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I've played Deus Ex a lot more and I like it.  It's definitely very similar except the supernatural element is switched to sci-fi.  I got Tomb Raider and Dishonored at the same time and just plat'd Tomb Raider so I'll go back to Dishonored.  My only real complaint is the first person (Deus Ex is too).  I don't know why but I just can't stand first person.  If you don't mind that then definitely check them both out.  Both good games, similar upgrading systems for skills, similar choices of stealth/fight through missions.

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I think it will partially depend on what you like as a genre; assuming you like First-person games.


As has been said before, they are very simiar but the settings are different - one being more futuristic, and the other more Victorian in nature with a Supernatural element.


Obviously the stories are different but they are both excellent.


I love them both but personally prefer Deus Ex: HR due to the futurism, the intriguing story, and the soundtrack. I would totally recommend it for you.

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I'm gonna go with the other side of the argument. Dishonored. They are both stellar games with multiple ways to complete an objective. I go with Dishonored though because I like to play stealth. It is possible to play all of Dishonored without a fire fight. Deus ex however leaves you at a huge disadvantage when u hit the bosses. If Ur build is stealth, u are almost left powerless and this is the most frustrating thing by far. It is controller throwing unfair.

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Despite what anyone says, they are both great games.

They are very similiar, although the biggest difference is their setting and story.


There're a lot of similarities, including:

- choices to influence the game

- choice to play and vary between ghost, predator or assault

- First person

- different approaches to a situation, problem


I enjoyed both games a lot, playing them multiple times.

Both games suprised me in similar ways.


For example:

Both games were able to put me in an area that took a lot of effort to move through unnoticed (as I prefer to play a ghost), only to discover that by moving a box (Deus Ex) or jumping on a ledge (Dishonored) would have shown me a way to easily avoid all the effort. 


Both games motivated me to save my game a great many times, only to reload an old file when I end up regretting spending a certain skill-point or regretting using that weapon so soon.


I think I prefer DIshonored because of the story and setting.


However I did enjoy a few vital difference between games.

I did enjoy that Deus Ex provided an openworld-type game where you could freeroam and do a load of sidequests.


If Dishonored II would ever be made, I would like an openworld Thief-Deus Ex experience within.

Imagine the ability to visit all areas at all time and see how your actions influence Dunwall, example seeing the entire city getting flooded with infected, more patrols, ... Perhaps some sewage system for a type of fast travel.




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