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Difficult or easy platinum?


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It's not very difficult. A little time consuming but not difficult. One tip I have is that you don't lose your collectibles when you die or quit to the main menu. What I ended up doing was starting a room with all my matches, going over every inch of it until I didn't have any more and then I'd quit and continue. All the collectibles I picked up were still there and I wasn't going to run out of light. Makes it a lot less frustrating.

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I prefer rating each game individually than making a scale.

Example, Lego games can be very time consuming to get the platinum, but they are never hard at all, mostly because when you get 100% game completion you already have 80% of the trophies and all that is left very basic stuff (like in Lego Marvel, you get a trophy for turning Mr. Fantastic into a cup (or was it a teapot?), something you never have to do to complete the game).

White Night for me was on the hard side, not because of the difficulty, but because if you missed something you were forced to restart the whole game to get it. It took me 7 playthroughs to find all the collectibles.

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