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PS3 Randomly Shuts Off while games


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It all started when I was playing WATCH_DOGS... The game would start up and by the time it reaches the main menu, my ps3 would just black out. I thought nothing of it because it only did it a few times when I was playing and I also thought maybe the fault was on my end due to maybe being the power outlet spazzing out or something. 


So after I platinum'd WATCH_DOGS, I totally disregarded this black out issue cuz I thought that the game was doing it. Until I started playing Mirror's Edge (first level & BOOM... black out). I thought, "Ok, maybe EA & Ubisoft games are the only ones doing this to my system). Then it was Thief, then it was littlebigplanet and so on. It was only when I went over to my friend's house and we played PS Battle Royale (then BOOM.... Black out),  did I finally realize it was probably THE SYSTEM's fault, cuz we used HIS power outlet  (I think...Im not entirely sure thu). 


I should mention this, you see, when it blacks out I mean it just randomly shuts off - no light, no nothing. Now when it's in that state, I would press the power button and first it would show the red light... I know, weird. Then I would press it again for the green light to show up. Aaaaand everytime I have to do the recovery restore thingy  -_-


So guys (anybody pls), does anyone know what the REAL problem behind this is... and if there's any way I can fix this issue. I would hate to think that the PS3 is "dying", I mean it's been doing fine for so long, and I've kept it well maintained...so I just hope its something I can fix.


Please & Thank You






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If the system isn't dying, then it's likely overheating. Make sure the system is always in a completely open space. If it's pressed up against a wall, or inside of an entertainment center, it's more likely to overheat.


However, my first PS3 started doing this right before it died. I know it sucks, but that's more than likely what it is.

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Keep in mind that the PS3, unlike Xbox systems, has an internal power supply.  If your system appears to perform more or less normally outside of the random shut offs, its possible that the PSU is to blame.  There's a lot of steps you can take before replacing the entire PS3, if this is the case.  For starters, you can test the PSU with a multi-meter.  If it is dead, you can replace it cheaper than the entire PS3.  Also, to reduce heat, some people externalize their PSUs (which is janky looking, I've never done it, and its very possibly a red herring of a 'fix', so you might wanna do your own research before trying anything that crazy).  I also don't recommend opening up your unit unless you already know what you're doing.


Of course, if by chance you are under warranty, let Sony deal with it.  Opening your PS3 will void the warranty.  Also, before opening up a PS3, you can always do the quick visual/audible inspection consisting of 'does the fan turn on when you turn on your PS3'.  If not, then you have a place to start (also the PS3 will be much hotter to the touch than it should be, if overheating is to blame).  This was a more common thing with old fat ps3s, but I don't recall you mentioning which model you had, so this may apply to you.


But I do want to reiterate that opening a PS3, especially if you've never done it before, can do more harm than good.  It's never fun trying to take the initiative to fix the problem yourself, just to accidentally kill your system in the process.

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I have teared apart and fixed a dozen of Playstation 3:s of different models, and to me this definitely sounds like a problem with the power supply unit (PSU). That is the only thing that can "kill" your PS3 without a warning of any kind.


If you know something about screws and electronics you can replace it yourself.

Here are instructions for PS3 fat https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/PlayStation+3+Power+Supply+Replacement/3483

and slim https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/PlayStation+3+Slim+Power+Supply+Replacement/3225

There is no guide for super slim.


In some cases you can even fix the PSU itself. There are guides on Youtube for this. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=ps3+slim+power+supply+fix

Look for the corresponding model for your PSU. 


Remember that you void your warranty by disassembling it. If you still have warranty that is.

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