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A little question about Beginner mode and Secret Episode...

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So apparently I heard that you cannot unlock the Secret Episode and Secret Ending on Beginner mode. But when I choose the difficulty there was a sign under Beginner: "The secret movie is EXTREMLY HARD to unlock in this mode". Does that mean there is a way to unlock it? If it requires 100% Reports completion, then I'm almost done with it, so I would be really glad if you could actually do this on Beginner. I'm on Ventus (my favorite character) if it matters.

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You weren't able to in the other version of the game, so as far as I know, you shouldn't be able to.  They may have changed it so that if you do 100% of the reports with all three characters, you can unlock it though.


However, if you're going for the plat, you'll automatically unlock it on your Critical playthrough no matter what.

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The secret episode IS NOT unlock able on beginner. No matter what you do. In the beginning when you choose difficulty and the game says "The secret movie is extremely hard to unlock" it is referring to Blank Points. The secret movie entitled Blank Points can be unlocked but that is different from the secret episode and the movie that is associated with it.

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