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READ! IMPORTANT! Professor Portal and Hugs


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To everyone trying to get these two trophies or starting to play the game, please read this

During months people had problems trying to connect and getting these two trophies. After a lot of testing and Steam not giving us a straight answer, a solution has finally been found.

These are the things everyone should be aware of:

1. PS3-PS3 does not work: The only way to connect is by doing PS3-PC. (CORRECTION!:You can connect PS3 to PS3. Look to Elyther post below for an explanation)

2. PS3 Retail Code: USE IT ON YOUR MAIN STEAM ACCOUNT LINKED TO YOUR PS3 ACCOUNT. This is the most important thing. The reason for this is that if you don't, Steam won't recognise you have the game, so every time you try to connect, you won't be able. This will leave you no choice but to buy the game again on PC and link it to your main account. To those that bought the digital version on PS3 I'm not so sure how it works (haven't done any testing). If your retail copy doesn't come with the code to download the game on PC, then you will have to buy the game again on PC.

3. Family Sharing: If you have the game on PC, you can create a secondary account and use family sharing to connect to your main account on PS3. This way you can get both trophies by yourself in case you don't have anyone to connect to.

Hope this solves the issue to a lot of people.

Huge thanks to users second_god, Elyther, Cyphernova139.

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Just a little correction, PS3-PS3 works as long as BOTH ACCOUNTS have validated Portal 2 steam libraries (meaning the PSNs are attached to steam accounts with Portal 2 available to play on the PC). This is how I was connecting to Cypher yesterday.


We were both on PS3 but only the accounts that had the "Code" (Me) or a separately purchased Portal 2 PC version (Cypher), were able to connect. As soon as we started using alt accounts without the code/family sharing/separately bought PC versions, we were no longer able to connect. (ex: my alt account on PS3 that was not connected to a steam account and had no code/family sharing could not connect to Cypher's main. And vise versa). 


Family sharing is also valid between PS3-PS3 as long as, again, the PSNs you are trying to connect are attached to valid steam libraries. (ex: my second alt account was connected to a second steam account. I shared my Main steam Portal library with this second account and we were able to connect my alt with Cypher's main on PS3)


I've done separate testing, and PC-PS3 connecting was also only valid if the PSN I was trying to connect to had a validated Portal 2 version on steam.


Hope that helps!

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Very informative! Would have been good to know a few months ago!


In regards to people with digital version, you don't get a download code for Portal 2 on Steam, but I managed to connect to players on Steam anyway. Sadly, I wasn't able to connect to players on PS3, so gaming sessions always failed. But I did manage to connect to a second PS3 on the same network and to my secondary steam account.



Log into steam on your PS3 on the account you want the trophies for.
Log into steam on your PC on a secondary account that has portal and has never played before OR

Log into steam on a secondary PS3 with Portal 2 installed that is connected to the same network as PS3 number one.


You should be able to connect this way. At least I was able to a few months ago, I connected to my housemate on steam, my secondary steam account and played through Portal 2 initiation with a new account the second PS3, adding them as a friend.


Hopefully this clears up everything for digital users. (It's pretty much the same, without the free Portal 2 (which is pretty cheap anyway)).

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To those that bought the digital version on PS3 I'm not so sure how it works (haven't done any testing). If your retail copy doesn't come with the code to download the game on PC, then you will have to buy the game again on PC.


I have the PS3 digital version, and used it throughout all of the testing with Elyther, and hugs with other players now.


Essentially the PSN digital version is the same as having the retail disc version without redeeming the included code, since no code is given in a digital purchase. Kinda sucks for us who purchased this version after a PSN flash sale back in October.


As AVicentela stated, "If your retail copy doesn't come with the code to download the game on PC, then you will have to buy the game again on PC."

Works the same for the digital version.



Huge thanks to users second_god, Elyther, Cyphernova139.


You're welcome!





Make sure you have the PC version of the game, available to the steam account linked to the PSN you wish the unlock trophies on, AND the partner you connect to has the PC version available to their steam/PSN account as well. I have run into a couple players already who missed this fact and (unsurprisingly) the connection dropped. Lol.

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If you don't have either the PS3 or PC version of Portal 2 and want the version that you can buy just once and play online, get the retail PS3 version (brand new if possible, if it's used you take a chance with the code).


Inside the case will be a code to redeem in the Steam client on PC, and it will give you the PC version for free. Make sure to redeem it only on the Steam account you linked to your PSN! (aka the Steam account you signed in with in-game)




Other scenarios:


If you already purchased the digital PSN version


Have a PS3 retail disc without a working code:

You will need to buy the PC version from your Steam client. This workaround sucks but seems to be the only reliable connection method for the online servers.


If you:

Already have the PC version of Portal 2 on your Steam account


Have available from another account through Family Sharing:

Buy whatever PS3 version you choose, link your Steam account and PSN (Sign in to Steam in-game on PS3), (if sharing) request and grant sharing from Steam account with Portal 2, and get started online!



Remember that in addition to you having the PC version of the game the player you connect to must also have the PC version of Portal 2 available to their Steam in order to connect and play online on PS3! Some people do miss this fact...

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1. I get retail new version;

2. Boot the game and link my Steam account there;

3. Redeem code within the retail version in the same Steam accout

4. PROFIT???!!!!


That's it?




And, if I download digital version on my account from my friend's account and buy PC version on Steam, would I be able to connect?

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Yep, your 4 steps there are correct for the retail version.


Also downloading the PSN version from your friend's account onto your system works the same as I outlined in previous post: You will need to purchase the PC version onto the Steam account you use in-game.

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I can confirm now that if you don't own voucher for Portal 2 on pc you'll have to buy it..


My ps3 account was linked to Steam and i was keeping getting disconnections from the game.. Bought the pc version yesterday and right after Portal 2 appeared on my Steam library. Then i tried to connect online and it finally worked!!


There's also a Steam summer sale: (here's portal link)


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Since I'm a steam noob and only created an account for this game's platinum, can anyone explain the 'family sharing' account thing?

Am I right in thinking I can:

  1. Create a new Steam account (Account #2)
  2. Use family sharing to link it to my main Steam account (Account #1)
  3. Account #2 now effectively 'owns' Portal 2 and can download/play it on PC
  4. Account #1 can now play co-op from PS3 with Account #2 on PC

Does this now mean I can get 'Professor Portal' solo, playing on Account #1 (finished co-op) on my PS3 and Account #2 (no progress) on PC?

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Yes you are correct, but with one catch:

Once your Main account (acc #1 on PS3) signs into steam/portal 2, your alternate account has 5 minutes before it is booted offline since you main account is playing the same game at the same time. This is how Family sharing works :(

Better be fast, and remember that there is an unskipabble cutscene...

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I see, thanks for the clarification. So it's probably gonna be tough to get through it in 5 minutes if I have to control both Atlas and P-Body.

If I got a friend to also family share the game to a new second account, I could connect to that and circumvent the 5 minute time limit issue, could I not?

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Yes, if you have your friend's Steam account Family share to your alternate account (Acc #2) instead of using your Steam (Acc #1) to share, this would be considered 2 different copies of the game online, and therefore no timelimit.


...The whole timelimit issue comes from trying to use the same copy of the game simultaneously in two places...


I've heard of people doing the trophy in the 5 minute timelimit, but I believe that would require practice of the course and 2 actual human players. The cutscene is about 45 seconds long IIRC, plus you have the initial setup of selecting favorite animal/periodic table element, with the game progress timed to Glados's dialogue, that will slow down your speed run. It's easier to use a different account to family share.

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Hi there, I'm having trouble connecting with people for co-op and was wondering if someone could help?


I have my Portal 2 PS3 connected to my Steam account.


I have my Steam running on my PC with Portal 2 on the games library.


But I can't seem to connect to other players? After inviting and the other player accepts, then it begins to start, then says "The other player has disconnected".


Do we need to be both PS3 and Steam friends?


Is there anyone would would be willing to test this with me? Or assist in anyway?


Not sure what else to do or try.


The first time I tried Portal 2 co-op, I managed to connect with a completed stranger via Steam. We played the entire first level without any issues.


But then tried to connect with few people via PS3 from a gaming session and it did not want to work.


Any ideas?

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The symptom "waits.. gets disconnected" you describe is usually the sign of someone didnt have the PC copy of Portal 2 - so the server kicks you.

I would like some more detail about your scenario...


What players have you tried connecting to? Randoms? Game sessions? Just friends on your friends list? People who have read this thread / know the PC copy workaround described here?


When does it kick you out after which of these points in the loading screen:

1) Immediately after invite accepted, after 1 blue dot is shown on the bottom right of screen... and stays there.

2) The loading screen shows blueprints of Atlas or P-body, bottom right of screen says "Waiting on other player".


Usually 1 & 2 means someone doesn't have the PC copy, and 2 can sometimes mean that someone needs to reboot their PS3 and restart the game / re-sign in. I've had to do that a couple times, only usually if the PS3 had been playing a different game during the current session.

In all the testing and playing co-op online with others I've done (I did the entirety of the co-op trophies online), the loading screen never has issues, except for point 2 above, if both players have a PC copy on their Steam. If either one is missing a copy these loading screen disconnections occur.


Being friends really only helps with sending invites - from what I see you can't send an invite to a non-friend.


To check:

- Your Steam account the PS3's PSN is linked to has Portal 2 on it? You did log into the correct Steam account the first time right?


- The other people on your game session ALSO followed these instructions posted here on this thread - namely they have Portal 2 for the PC on their Steam that the PSN in use is linked to. People will miss this thinking since the other player has the PC copy they can play. Nope - Both players need to have a PC copy available to their Steam account in use. With game sessions you never know if players have thought this far ahead lol.


Send me a friend request and we can try testing your setup out.

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Thank you for replying CypherNova139.


The players I have tried to connect to are from a gaming session. We've both added each other to our friends list (even added each other on Steam too). I've referred others to this thread to make sure they have all the requirements.


1 & 2 are exactly what is happening.


If the other player invites me and I accept, then 1 happens.


If I invited another player and they accept, then 2 happens.


I have confirmed on the PC and my Steam library that I have Portal 2 in my library. And I am also signed into Steam on Portal 2 via the PS3 (I can see my Steam friends in the list). As well as I am signed into Steam on the PC as well (not sure if this is required?) 


I am logged into the correct Steam account that has Portal 2 in the library (I only have one Steam account).


I have asked the other players to confirm that they have all the requirements mentioned above and come here to read this thread.


The other players I have tried to play with are : RoCARC / Glowbugg / Gosaguro / Dual1995 / Killer_Unicorn12


When I first tried to play co-op yesterday, I tried to connect to a random player and I was hooked up with someone from Steam and it worked for most of the level (until he disconnected from the session or we lost our connection?). So I don't think the issue is on my side?


Unless it is the connection between two people on opposite sides of the country. I have found this to be an issue sometimes when I was trying to do the PixelJunk Shooter 2 MP trophies, that even though we were both searching for game match at the same time, neither one of us would be connected to each other.


Thank you for helping me out. I've sent you a friend request and we can try test it out if you have some time?


Ideally I am looking for someone who has not played the co-op before so that we can play through it together and try get all the online trophies if possible.

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I managed to connect to one friend yesterday - Killer_Unicorn12


I will try connecting again with Dual1995.


I confirmed with RoCARC that he did not have the game loaded in Steam and has now loaded it, so I will try again with him.


Yes, my connection is NAT Type 2.


The only two people that I still had issues with was : Glowbugg & Gosaguro.


Let me know when you have time to test with me?


Thank you.

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A couple months ago Steam took down those links iirc, guess they are done with ps3. Just log in to the steam client on PC using the username and password set for the second account via in-game in portal 2 on PS3.

Alternatively if that doesn't work create the account on PC first then link to ps3, or just use the PC version to play on with the second account, and use the ps3 with your main to get the trophy.

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