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Yeah I saw the platinum also. I didn't expect a platinum so that's a welcome addition. also 51 trophies is like what you get for a full $60 game.. it's real cool to treat DLC like this.. 


If Nightmare is anything like Uber difficulty, then it should be a pretty easy one, too.


So is Nightmare a new difficulty unlocked after beating it on Uber? I saw the trophies but didn't see anything in the menus or anything that said nightmare when I was playing a little bit ago.

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Nightmares are playable classic-Wolfenstein-episodes in every level (like the one in TNO) which can be started on a bed with the zzz-symbol. It's not a new difficulty-level and I don't think that difficulty does matter, as long as you complete them once.


thanks. I was pretty sure Uber was the hardest difficulty. I only played for about an hour and 30 minutes last night.

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