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What was your favorite moment in Metal Gear Solid 4?

Remilia Scarlet

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My favorite scene in Metal Gear Solid 4:


-Raiden sits up on the dialysis table-


Raiden: It was never going to work out for me. It even rained on the day I was born.


Snake: You've got it all wrong. You were the lightning in that rain.You can still shine through the darkness.


Raiden: The lightning...


Snake: Raiden...Look at me.


-Raiden gingerly turns to face Snake, who turns around to remove his burn gauze from his face-


Snake: Do you see this? I have no future. In a few months, I'm going to be a weapon of mass destruction. You... You have a family.


-Raiden jumps up and grabs Snake-


Raiden: I have no family! I... Have nothing....


-Raiden falls to his knees as Snake holds on to him-


Raiden: I have always been alone. Always...


Snake: Raiden...


-Sunny walks over to Raiden and turns him onto his back-


Raiden: Don't leave me here... alone.


Snake: This is my fight. My destiny.


This is such an emotional scene. It highlights the insecurities we all have and feel in a time of crisis and great emotional turmoil. The impact this scene has is huge. I commend Kojima Productions for the work and care that went into creating this scene.


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- getting the Young Snake mask

- returning to Shadow Moses Island

- returning to the hangar where you fought REX

- REX vs RAY

- smoking cutscenes

- some of the easter eggs like the crop circle and the Hind D wreckage for example

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Most of the ending. Especially the "Debriefing" scene. The parts with Raiden were also cool, but my favorite moment was this



It's really awesome watching Raiden in that game knowing how badass he becomes in Rising.

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I have two.


One, on a serious note, was when I managed to put aside an entire (Sun)day and play through the entire thing in one sitting minus food et al.  Got to the end and Old Snake started playing, and I started crying.  I was particularly depressed at the time and the emotions of the end of the game coming thick and fast and the undertones just ripped me apart.


Two, on a more upbeat note, is showing my then girlfriend the guinea pigs (her favourite animal was as such), aiming the gun at them and shooting at them much to her protestations.  I can't remember whether I killed any, but her reaction, then and ongoing, would make you believe I'd killed real ones.

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