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Race the sun video guides, challenge tips


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Peppy Hare would be proud.




(But seriously, thanks for the vid. Gonna try this one later.)


To clarify you need to do the 20 barrel rolls when the challenge comes up, you beat challenges to compete levels. Also don't do apocalypse mode till you're a lot better at the game its stupidly hard lol.

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Second video added for only making left turns, sorry i'm flicking between games lol.


How do we unlock apocalypse mode? And i'm on the barrel roll challenge now, so thanks for this one!

You have to level up to level 11.

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Holy hell, I did the barrel roll one, then I got to the left turn one like WTHeck? You're on it man, thank you!

At level 17 you get the power turning mod I wouldn't attempt apocalypse mode before that, I stil haven't beaten one region of that i think i just need to get better at the game lol.

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Sounds good, Isn't there a trophy relating to apocalypse mode? And I think i'm only at 10 right now, so I've got a ways to go x)

Yeah the trophy is to beat 4 regions in apocalypse mode I'm certain that will be the hardest trophy in the game unless, there's like a callenge for beating 6 in apocalypse mode or something lol.


You get some useful unlocks though that make a huge difference so no point in wasting time on it at the moment, and just focus on the challenges. I'd go as far as to say unless you're on a perfect run, if you beat a couple of the challenges just crash.

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You're right, never thought to much about that, but that seems like a better way to expedite the process. If you just play to do the challenges, most of everything else comes to you without even putting much effort into them 

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Guys the Cirrus Trophy is uploaded and ready for use, hopefully it helps I really think jumping doesn't work unless you're really lucky you get way more height off blimps and also if you use jumps you usually pass the clud by the time you reach the correct height.


I played this on Kongregate earlier today.... for like 3 hours.....

Its a fun and addictive game

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