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Last orb spider cave missing?

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So I've been through every area and collected every orb, or I thought I did, and then realised I was only at 1999/2000. At first I didn't think it would be bad or extremely difficult to find until I tried looking for it. I've checked every orb location in spider cave that I know, I've even looked on YouTube but nothing has helped me find this last damn orb. I'm not going to cry glitch or anything just because I haven't found it yet but it's getting really annoying and I'm inches off the platinum. If anyone has had the same problem or any ideas on where it might be answers would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks. Cryax

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Gosh... That Spider Cave. *shudders*


When I played through the game, I used this wiki to find them all. Follow these steps (obviously you're only looking for that 1 orb) and you should find it.


At a guess though, it might be hiding in that dark cave at the back where you have to hit the crystals to provide some light.

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that was the last orb i got. I don't remember where it was though so you could question why i even decided to share this. All i know is that it isn't missable. it is in there somewhere. I remember it being in the first big tall room, but i don't know where exactly.

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